The school almost fell. The football team climbed it. Everyone almost told on them. They jumped off the school. In one second, the universe was destroyed! Back again! Now there are 11 into 121 football players. Get ready to work football team.

The next day, which was Saturday, player #55 woke up at 5:30 AM. In 25 minutes 55 seconds he picked up the phone and dialed 801-451-7751. That was player #66's number. When the other person picked up, #55 said "Is #66 there?" It must have been his dad. #66's dad said, "There is no #56 at this number." #55 heard the other phone say, "Was that 56 or 66?" It sounded like the mother of 66.

Sunday: Looks like it's time for me to go postal! That is what #4 said when he woke up. He always wakes up early. It's 4:04:04 AM. He walked to the post office. It was time to mail the schedule for next school year to the other 10 players. What he didn't know was that there were 110 new players. He really didn't feel like going to his mailbox. The mailbox was 16 steps away from his front door. The post office was only 8 steps away from the door.

On Monday, player #69 got home from school and went to the store with his parents. While they were in aisle four, player 69 bumped into the coffee machine. Some beans spilled and player 4 was in aisle 3 on the other side of it. He said, "Looks like cleanup on aisle four!" Player #4 likes to say that things 'look like' something else. #69's dad was a bit tired from work that day so he ate the coffee beans off of the floor.

On Tuesday, #15 started for school. On the way, he saw the school field's grass gone. He was afraid that the team would have to play in the dirt. So two hours later at recess, he went out and the grass was back. There was a new team of 110 people putting sod on the field. These people came with the restoration of the universe. All of the football team was on the playground for all of the recess time. Nobody else was allowed on the grass.

When Wednesday came, player #28 went to school. The grass was back to normal. At recess the team went out to the field and played a game. They couldn't finish it because their recess was not long enough for a full game. #28 got a touchdown, and nobody else got another one. He felt good about this. When they got back to class, #28 was told by his teacher that he would get a reward in the lunch recess.

On Thursday, the player #76 was eating breakfast and he got a prize in the box. It was a new football jersey. It however said #76 so he was fine with that. After finishing his cheerios he drank some milk which made him lose his birthday! At school, his teacher noticed. He hoped that he would not have to repeat this school year. He would find out later. There is no drink to gain a birthday so he was nervous for the rest of the school year.

Friday came and player #85 had a good plan after school. He was about to go to the airport. This trip would take him to New Jersey. It's not like he was going to get a new jersey like #76 did the day before. He arrived at the airport and went on the level escalator. After he got in the plane, he ate food. He liked the pretzels. When he got to New Jersey, it was so crowded that he thought that the universe would be destroyed like a week before.

On the Saturday following, player #49 walked to his school and wanted to try it again. He was going to try to climb the school! This time, he went into the basement and there was a ladder that went from there to the roof. He started to climb it when he realized that there was no light on. He found a flashlight on the wall and used it. After climbing to the roof, sure enough, there was the new football team. That was the team with 110 players.

Next Sunday, player #91 went to his church and sat down. He realized that there was a jersey that said 16 under his seat. He took it home after church and put it on upside down. That's when he saw the 91. His parents saw him wearing that jersey upside down and they were so mad at him that he was in time out for 16 minutes. He was lucky that it wasn't 91 minutes. At the end of it, he returned to the church and put it under the same seat.

The following Monday, school started up again. #118 had a big lunch packed. Before school, his mom took him to the store. This was not the store that some teammates were in the last Monday. He got a sandwich (the second biggest sandwich I have ever seen) and a bottle of Mountain Dew (two liters). He had to eat it in 30 minutes or he would miss recess. Well, he ate the sandwich, but after the soda, he threw up in the urinal. What a terrible waste!

Tuesday: the day of the big game. #66 was the quarterback. He threw the ball and it went about 255 feet. The other school's team went to pick it up. Their quarterback ran back 210 feet to the 15 yard line. After being tackled, #4 ran back and kicked the ball for a touchdown! The other team stole it and they got only two points. The home team was ahead four. It happened for another hour and the home team still won, 69 to 55. Ha!

Wednesday: The universe was destroyed again! Back at last! Everything except for the guest team was saved. They were in space and they went to the moon. There they played better because of the low gravity.