Call of the Wild: Part One

Warnings: Rated M for lots of kinky sex. In this story, there is BSDM, rape, and drugging, as well as FURRIES (anthro). So if you don't like then turn back now. If you do…then enjoy the yiff.

When Jessica awoke, she knew something was very, very wrong. The last thing she remembered was meeting some guy at a rave…a green and black wolf with sexy seductive eyes. He'd made his move on her, coy and flattering, and something about the way the bass had been pounding, and the lights flashing off his fur…she'd been hypnotized by him and his subtle flirting. With a jolt of revelation, she realized what had happened. He'd bought her a drink. She'd taken one sip, but after what he'd put in it, she was out cold.

But now she was awake.

Awake and, as she found out the second she tried to move, hopelessly bound. Cold metal chains bit into her skin and pulled her dark grey fur as she attempted to free herself. It was very dark wherever he had taken her, and though she knew it was futile, she called out – "Is anybody there?"

Suddenly, the lights came on. She looked around, her green eyes wide with fright. Her heart pounded, and it almost skipped a beat when she spotted him…her abductor.

Seth leaned against the wall of his basement with relaxed grace. His ears were forward, alert and at ease. From head to toe he was pure wolf—obvious by the coiled power hidden in him. He was confidant, cocky almost…but his brilliant green eyes were just as striking as she remembered. His muzzle curled into a suggestive grin, and he took a step towards Jessica—his prey. His eyes looked her up and down, taking in what was definitely an enticing sight. Seth wasn't bad looking himself…but the young she-wolf he'd captured…she was a prize.

She was stripped almost naked, in just her lacey black and pink bra and panties, and he'd made it quite impossible for her to get away…not to mention that she was in a most vulnerable position. A hard leather collar around her neck was fastened to the wall with a chain, and she was face down on his bed. Her wrists were attached by chains to the bed posts, and her tail was locked in a vice grip of chains that fastened it to the ceiling, forcing her to be bent over on her knees with her supple ass in the air. Her ankles were strapped to the bed.

The sight alone was enough to make him salivate.

Jessica was so afraid. She knew what this stranger intended to do to her, but as hard as she wanted to believe it, that wasn't why she was so afraid…her own mind scared her. She wanted to fight him—this was rape after all…but for some reason, looking into his eyes…watching every slow step he took towards her…

"Ah, my little prey. I recognize that look in your eyes. You're afraid. Don't be…when I'm done with you, you'll be howling for more. I know your type, trust me. I'll give you exactly what you want-" He drew back and smacked her ass hard, leaving a stinging red mark on her skin, "because you want a killer fucking, don't you?"

"N-no, please, just let me go…" she begged, whimpering.

"Oh, stop your mewling. You're no kitten. No…that's why you're just like me. You're 100% wolf, none of that wolf on fox on dog trash lineage. Me and you…we're feral. The call of the wild sings in our blood! …Embrace it."

He took his claws and raked them viciously down the back of her thighs, tearing her skin and catching her fur. She yelped, but she had definitely felt something…his touch didn't so much scare her anymore, but had other effects. But she'd never admit it…yet.

He climbed behind her on the bed and without warning sunk his fangs into the sensitive spot at the base of her tail. His paws gripped her hips like iron and he moved his muzzle forward, biting and snapping at her bra strap. Her perfect round breasts spilled out free and he wasted no time before licking and nipping at her tits.

"S-stop!" She struggled against the bonds that held her, pulling as hard as she could. He procured a leash and wrapped it around her throat, pulling back tightly until her whimpers were cut off abruptly by blocked airways.

"Embrace the wild, baby." He whispered in her ear, and that was all it took. She broke, and when he finally let her breathe, she moaned. Everything he had done to her…she found herself very much aroused, heat building in certain areas of interest. Biting around the base of her tail again, he ripped off her panties with his teeth. She was so horny that his breath on her cunt nearly made her groan in anticipation.

"Please…tell me your name."

He smirked at her request, and didn't immediately reply, extending his long canine tongue and licking around her entrance. He nipped at her perineum and gave her one long, teasingly slow lick, pushing his tongue inside of her body…flicking the tip of it over her clit, then pulling back. She moaned, panting, very wet by now—and not just because of his tongue.

"I'll only tell you my name if you promise that you'll be screaming it later." He growled.


He sighed. "It's Seth. Remember it, cause I'll give you the best fucking you'll ever get."

With that, he pushed his tongue deep into her, again and again, caressing her clit with every stroke. She was moaning and panting and dripping wet, completely lost in his motions.

But by this time, he could stand it no longer. His member was so swollen he thought he might cum himself…all he wanted to do was fuck that slender little body so hard that he tore her open…

With no warning to her whatsoever, he freed his throbbing cock. Then, with every bit of strength he could muster, he slammed himself into her. All the way in, in one go; he let out a howl and went as hard as he possibly could. She screamed, her paws clawing at the bedsheets, hips working in time with his. Lost in the sex, all she wanted was to have him so deep inside her that it hurt.

"Haaahh…please…let me go…" She moaned breathily, "I wanna ride you…"

He smirked crookedly. "Fine…I'll let you go." He undid the restraints, still fucking her good and rough, but once she was free, he didn't let her up. Instead, he flipped her over quickly to get better access, the pounded her harder, deeper, faster than before. With her back to the mattress he could fuck her so much easier…

Her body felt so amazing around him, all tight and slick. As her climax drew closer, muscles within her began working around him, ripping from him a groan of pleasure that faded into a breathless, wanton howl. Her erratic moans and whines filled the air as he filled her completely, striking her g-spot and rubbing her clit with every frantic thrust. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pounded her viciously into the mattress.

"Ahhhh…Seth…please, I'm going to…"

He panted and growled, biting down hard on her neck. She clawed down his back responding with a sharp nip to his ear. He was so close to cumming that his vision was fading to white…their hips moved in unison with a lusting, reckless abandon, and with one final, brutal thrust, she came. Pleasure ripped it's was through her in a tearing wave, and as it did, she let outa glorious howl of utmost ecstasy. She contracted around him, and as if that wasn't enough, her vocalizations were more than enough to send him over the edge. His built-up tension was released, exploding from him as he came violently, deep within her abused body. As he came, he bit harder, drawing blood that he could taste. It only heightened his own pleasure, and he moaned a low howl of indescribable release.

Spent beyond measure after pushing himself to the limit, he collapsed beside her, both their breathings coming in ragged, breathless gasps. Her legs shook, and a fulfilling, abused ache radiated from her nether regions. Her mind was still reeling from how very, very good everything had felt…

They lay there for a few minutes, and she found that her drug addled mind was dragging her back towards sleep. She was so tired…so worn out…the blackness was calling…

But just as she fell asleep, she saw him draw a few things from beneath the bed…

A knife…a vibrator…a rope…and a whip…

The darkness swallowed her. But asleep or not…there was no way he was done with her. She was his new favorite toy…one he knew he would play with until she was torn to shreds.

-End Part One-

Author note: Part two will be up shortly. Please review, I love feedback. :3 As for the names, she is named Jessica because it's very girly, and he is named Seth after the Egyptian god.