The potant sea air stings my face more, the closer I come to the shore. Salt fills my mind as I deeply inhale the smell I've missed for a while. Dark blue and white waves crash down and wet the bottom of my feet.

I crouch down and let the tips of my fingers linger in the white foam.

I step back to kick my red flip-flops off, but I step back forward again to ease into the stickey water.

Deciding that it was too cold, I clumsily unfold a lawn chair, and hope nobody saw me try. But hey, you always have someone staring at you at the wrong times. Perfect.

After fighting with the chair, I decide to provokitivly lean back and watch waves come and go benieth my chair.


Almost out of thin air, the humming of a rollar coaster going up scares me out of my relaxing stupor. I follow the tracks with my eyes, and realize that the fifty story drop, collides into the water. But I suck it up, ans stay put, perhaps out of lazyness.

The metal clacking stops, and screams dominate the air. Everone stops to examine the almost randomly falling carts.

I squeeze my eyes shut, and the crash blows my hair back.

And everything is still.

I open my eyes and water floods around and above me, soaking everything within fourty feet. Except me.

I reach down any way, and plunge my fist deep into the water.


My alarm clock franticly beeps and my eyes snap open, enveloping my sight in spring green paint.

I roll over on my side and attempt to slip back into my peaceful slumber. But, today was to be busy for me. So I muster some degree of courage and slump to the floor before pulling out my laptop, and inertaining myself for the next half our.

I sigh and grab my favorite pencil and an empty notebook, and almost pour my heart out on the small lines, with frail looking letters.