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"Mommy, its hot!" Jennie fidgeted in the chair as Melanie finished taming her waves into spiral curls.

"One more, then it's perfect." She smiled in the mirror as she wrapped the final section of hair around the curling iron. Will walked into the bathroom and sat on the side of the tub watching. He was twelve now and had grown recently so that he came up to Melanie's shoulder. Usually he'd be shut up in his room with a video game, but he had a soft spot for his baby sister. Even though she was seven, and hated being called a baby, Will was still protective of her.

"One more pin and I think you're all ready." Melanie told Jennie who started bouncing in the seat as her mother fixed the last curl. She stood and looked in the full length mirror, turning this way and that to admire her new dress.

The material shimmered in the light and flowed with every move of her tiny body. It was of course a light shade of mint green, because Jennie had adopted her daddy's favorite color as her own. With her hair curled and pinned up and a rare occurrence of being allowed to wear some of mommy's make up, she felt like a princess!

"Oh mommy! It's all so pretty!" She squealed twirling again and loving that her skirt poofed out.

"You look nice Jennie." Will smiled and stood up coming behind her. "Almost perfect." He hugged her from behind, talking to her reflection.

She pouted. "How come I'm not perfect?" She asked.

He shrugged and said in an off hand way, "Well I guess if you had a necklace you would be."

"But I don't have any necklaces." Jennie looked worried, and her lower lip wobbled.

"You sure about that?" He asked and reached into his pocket pulling out a silver chain with a small oblong piece of wood hanging on it. It had been sanded smooth and carved into the flat surface were the words 'Li'l Sis.'

Melanie let out a soft 'oh' and felt tears spring to her eyes at the gesture of affection. She watched as Will hooked the clip around Jennie's neck and kissed her forehead. "Have fun with Daddy tonight ok?" He asked.

She hugged him super tight and nodded smiling a gleaming smile.

On his way out of the bathroom he passed Melanie, who grabbed him in a hug, mussing his curls.

"Jeeze mom, calm down, you're crying on me." He chuckled.

"You are such a good big brother." She whispered to him before she let go.

Jennie skipped up and took her hand leading her down to the kitchen where Ryan sat, dressed in a suit with a tie that matched Jennie's dress. She wasted no time in showing off Will's present, and he smiled knowingly to Melanie.

"I see that knife is coming in handy." He commented over Jennie's hand. Will still kept precious hold of the pocket knife he'd been given all those years ago before he'd known Ryan. "Ready to go princess?" He asked Jennie. She bounced along next to him as they headed to the car.

The gym of Jennie's elementary school had been decorated to look like a princess castle with sliver balloons and streamers covering the walls. Her first father/daughter dance was looking to be a huge success.

Ryan watched as she raced around the room greeting all her friends and shyly waving to the father's she hadn't met. He wandered over to the snack table and snagged two plastic teacups of punch before following her into a crowd of people.

She raced through the people dodging in and out with an ease that made him envious as he slowly waded through the crowd. Being rather tall helped him keep an eye on her, not that she needed it, she seemed confident out among her peers.

"Uncle Ryan!" A voice behind him made him turn. He smiled warmly as Lizzie ran up and hugged him. She wore a blue dress and had her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"Hey sweetie, you look beautiful!" He beamed down at her. As he suspected, Lauren and Steve weren't far behind. Lauren wore a purple version of the dress Lizzie had on and wore her hair straight and long. Even at seven years old, all three girls were beautiful, and many a conversation between Ryan and Steve had turned to worries about the future.

Jennie found her way back to them and the girls spent a good ten minutes comparing outfits and squealing at Jennie's necklace. Then the music started and the girls hurried off to dance.

Thankful that this didn't require their participation, Ryan and Steve settled at a table in the corner with a few cups of punch.

"They're really excited to be here tonight." Steve said of his girls. "Jack was just glad to have the house to himself tonight. " He laughed.

"Will's been like that too, always in his room, but he did make that necklace for Jennie all on his own." Ryan smiled. "I just had to take him to buy the chain."

"Lauren wants to get her ears pierced." Steve rolled his eyes. "I don't see the appeal. Wait till she's older, ten or twelve, and see if she still wants it, but no, LeighAnn says why not?" Obviously he was not in agreement on this issue.

"Be thankful it's just her ears, not her nose or anywhere else!" Ryan laughed.

The music faded out and the DJ came on the speakers. "Ok let's get all those dad's out there with their little girls, we're gonna slow it down for ya'll." He flipped a switch and a new song started playing.

"Look a the two of you dancing that way, lost in the moment in each other's face." I loved her first by Heartland.

Ryan nodded to Steve and walked up to Jennie who was still dancing with Lauren and Lizzie. He tapped her shoulder and held out a hand. "Want to dance?"

Jennie giggled and took his hands following him to a corner where they'd have room. She smiled up at him unsure how to slow dance. He grinned and lifted her so that her feet were on his toes, and started rocking back and fourth. By this time the chorus of the song had started.

"I loved her first, I held her first, and a place in my heart will always be hers, I prayed that she'd find you someday, but it's still hard to give her away, I loved her first." He sang along.

"Daddy, who's he talking to?" She asked, "The guy in the song, who's he telling?"

"The boy that's gonna marry his baby girl." Ryan explained.

"Oh," She didn't say anything for a few minutes until the song ended. "Daddy, does that mean that he has to stop loving her because she's getting married? Cuz if it does I don't wanna get married!"

He picked her up and continued dancing with her on his hip. "No sweet pea. It doesn't mean that. Just cuz some one else loves you doesn't mean I have to stop. And I won't. Ever." She rested her cheek on his shoulder.

"Me either." She sighed.

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