"Love conquers all."
That's the saying, isn't it? Yet, if love is to conquer all, then why are there bad people in the world? Were they never loved before? Not by family, nor by friends? Why is it, then, that some people, abandoned by both friends and family, still find love?
Obviously, love does not pick and choose; it is found. It is found by those who seek it - knowingly or not - and captured by those who are worthy of it, because though seekers may find it, many do not actually receive or give it.
So, in the end, love is the greatest conqueror. Those who are without it go mad and leave this world, one way or another; those with it live happier lives - most of them.
This is merely a single conquest out of many in the world that starts happy and ends happy.
But along the middle, there is definitely something other than happiness.

Hello. I'm RueXi Yang, more commonly known as Roxi. I'm fifteen years old, a should-be sophomore, but I'm actually a junior - skipped kindergarten, see. But I do well enough at school - the English or "language arts" is easy, the history type subject is simple, and I get by in the math and science areas, though I could probably do better.
Despite being the youngest junior, I've got a pretty big group of friends. I don't get bullied, and I'm acquainted with just about everyone in school - freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Don't actually know how it happened, but one day I woke up, went to school, and everyone was saying hi to me. Well, almost everyone. But I guess I have to blame myself, really. I mean, it was my choice to go out during the weekend and get sky blue streaks in my dark hair. But I didn't know that dying your hair equaled instant popularity - if you can call it "popular."
The thing is, I may know everyone and have lots of friend, but I don't have anyone close enough to me to call them my best friend. And that's the one thing I really want. Just one person. One person to to spill all my secrets to, to laugh with, to joke with, to talk with - to be with, whenever. Preferably a girl - I often find myself in awkward situations with guys, for some reason. They just make everything weird.
You see, I've never had a best friend. Never. I don't know why. It's like there's an invisible shield that keeps people from getting too close and I hate it. Just one best friend, is all I'm asking for. It doesn't even need to be a girl, just someone.
Is that really so hard a wish to grant?

Hey. My name's Zakku Itou, but everyone just calls me Zakke. I'm sixteen, almost seventeen, and I'm a junior. I'm also kinda the track star at school. I didn't mean for it to happen. I joined track because I love to run and I wanted to stay at school longer. You see, my family problems had just started up and I couldn't handle it so I stayed away from home as much as I could. I put all my energy towards track and - what do you know - I became our school's fastest sprinter. My newfound popularity popped up immediately as my achievement spread throughout school - we've got so many gossipers that everyone knew my name the day after I set the record.
School's pretty easy - I kinda just breeze through it. But at home...everything's just a mess. Not literally, but emotionally.
Through times like these, all I want, all I need, is someone to confide in. I've got some pretty close friends, but none that I trust enough with my problems. If I could just find that one person who would see me for me, and not for my track stardom, and listen to me, I'd be happy. Of course, I'd listen to everything they have to say too.
Isn't there anyone out there who just needs a friend?

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