So today we have officially put it to an end.

From now on you'd just be a random friend.

They're right- an ex is an ex for a certain reason.

I was so tired of our never ending winter season.

Now my heart won't race like it is a bullet train.

Now you won't look at me and drive me insane.

You asked me today "what does he do?"

Well to begin with, he's anything but you.

Hmm, the difference between you and him?

He trusts me no matter how the situations seem.

He makes my stone heart melt like it's ice-cream.

He doesn't hurt me so much that I want to scream.

To put it simply: he means the world to me,

With him, it's a happier world that I can see.

He makes me feel like I'm a part of this universe.

With him, I don't even realize that I have old scars!

It's hard to believe that we're only beginning!

With him, even when I lose, I feel I'm winning.

What can I say? He's always there.

It's unbelievable how much he cares.

With every second every passing day,

With every mesmerizing word he says

A bit of magic touches the core of my heart.

He seems so close even when he's far apart.

He makes me smile, he makes me laugh.

He makes me wonder if this is love.

He makes me fall so hard and so fast.

He makes me believe that we will last.

With him, my mind is free from doubts.

I don't have to scream, don't have to shout.

We can silently sort our differences out.

He never blames me for anything.

He's given my life a new meaning.

With him, I can always be myself.

He's my pillar of support, my one-touch help.

He made me feed myself after years of starving.

When I feel sad, my lips are constantly curving

Up as soon as his name pops into my head.

Actually, his thoughts never leave, never fade.

When I am down, he gives me hope.

When times are tough, he helps me cope.

I don't know for sure yet if this is love.

But he sure is a gift from the Heavens above.

He's just so sweet.

Whatever I say, he gets it.

He's such a big dork.

But it seems to work

Because I love how he

Always speaks with me.

I can easily tease him all

I want, we still won't fall.

And even when we fight,

I just know it'd be alright.

He makes me feel so comfortable.

He makes me believe we are stable.

He's just so amazing in every way.

He makes a girl like me want to stay.

I promised myself no more dream castles.

But I day dream of a future, of a fairy tail.

We are so damn freaking imperfect,

People would say we're a shipwreck.

Anyone and everyone would disapprove.

Nobody would get how we fall into groove.

But I don't care what anyone would say.

I'm falling for him more and more every day.

This is real life, not a sappy movie.

I can't say along the lines of "you complete me".

If it was, I would have called us two

Pieces of a puzzle fitting like they're glued.

He's the one program that my system can't abort.

He raises me up; he's my pillar of constant support.

Looking back, it's amazing how things can change

In less than a month, this is so uncanny, so strange.

I want this poetry to be my very best.

But all the things that I feel in my chest

Are making me feel kind of sort of dizzy

And want to say things which are cheesy.

I want to admit how I have happy tears in my eyes,

How I'm not afraid that we'd have to say goodbye.

He means so much to me; I want to let him know.

But I don't have words; I'll just have to let it show.

I want this feeling to take over me, I want it to grow.

I want him with me forever, I don't ever want to let go.

Okay, now, seriously.

I can't describe how I feel, it's beyond me.

I just know I have never been this happy.

Or grinned all day for no reason, felt so sappy.

I've never felt a connection this strong.

Please tell me nothing would go wrong?

I don't ever wanna wake up from this dream.

And THAT'S the difference between you and him.