The Headmaster



The Fist Susan 'Sue' Waterflower Bell Story

I sat there upon the wooden bench that sat along the wall. My hands where folded and sat in my lap. My head hung low and my face was flushed from the enbasessment of being scolded in front of the whole class before being sent out.

I breathed a deep breath as the wooden door to the head masters office slowly creaked open. In the doorway appeared a fellow student his face flushed with color his face stained with tears. His arms where crossed the chest as if he was holding onto himself for support. The master was known for being heavy handed with the paddle when it came to boys.

He slowly lowered his head so his eyes where looking down at the highly polished oak floorboards. Before long the headmaster appeared and in a blink of a eye he placed his large hands upon the shaking boys shoulder and lead him toward another wooden bench. As gently as possible and possibly showing the only act of comforted he would to any rule break he slowly eased the boy down wooden bench.

The boy throw back his head and sniffed as his sore bottom came into contact with the hard wooden bench. Above his head hung a sign and above and written in fancy curving script where engraved letters. The letters spelled out two words. Two words that would chill any student, Be they man or women a powerful football player or donkey anime fan to the bone. The words where simple yet the message cut one like a warm knife cuts through butter. Punishment Bench..

Soon the boy was sniffing up a storm. The headmaster turned around on his heel and looked at us. His hard coal back eyes made several students whimper and cower down at his gaze. Others like I simply stood up a little straighter and prayed that my turn would be quick, because I knew it would be painful.

"Next Student Please." He cried in his booming voice.

A student next to lowered her head and started crying as she slowly stood up. Her thin body was shaking like a leaf in a autumn breeze. Like he could sense her fear he walked up too and placed his massive arms around her thin shaking shoulders. Slowly he lead her into the room. The wooden door slowly closed and finally a metallic clink sealed her fate.

I was next, next there was no were to run, no where to hide. There was no escaping my fate. I was doomed and there was nothing to do, I looked up at the old school clock that hung above the wooden door. Slowly the big hour hand crept along his circlet path. Quickly the smaller minute hand ticked off each small raised dot that stood for one minute.

Six minute.

What a fool I had been, I had all the time in the word to finish that homework. It was my own doing that had landed me in this spot that I now found myself in.

Five minutes.

This was not my thought, if my mother had not given me Isabella's extra chores, then I would have had plenty of time to finish the damn homework sheet. Burnt hem all to hell how I hate there very guts.

Four minutes

Mother gave my Isabella chores because she was down sick. Its not here thought no it is. If she had worn a coat in that rainstorm she would not have come down with the cold. And I would not have had to pick up her slack.

Three Minutes.

I picked up her chores because of the extra cashed I was promised. Is two thousand yen worth a sore bottom. Is it damn is it.

Two minutes.

I'm doomed there is nothing I can do. Lord I doomed curse my lazy habits curse them all. Ravens will burn my soul and peck at my bones.

One minute

There is nothing I can do

The wooden door slowly opened and in the doorway appeared the young women. She hung her head low her hands where folded in front of her and a look of enbasessment shown clearly across her face. She too slowly made her way toward the old wooden bench. This one sat down upon it without any help from the head master.

The boy looked up and almost like it was expected from him he placed his thin arm around her shoulder and drew her closer to him. They could have been boyfriend and girlfriend or sister and brother or best friends. Or the boy could have been doing what he felt was right.

The girl placed her head upon his shoulder and looked into his eyes and slowly blinked. The human soul can do the most cruel acts sometimes and sometimes the soul can perform such heat warming acts that it makes one wonder where the cruelty comes from.

A few seconds passed before the head master appeared in the doorway. With the hard measured steps of a former solider he walked into the hallway. "Next Student Please." He cried toward us.

I slowly stood up and moved a few lose strains of hair behind my ear. I lifted my head toward his face and slowly I closed my eyes as I gave the mental order for my feet to move forward. I would keep them shut the whole time.

Once inside the dreaded room the sight that greeted my was a strange one. The room was almost peaceful. Upon the wall hung several pictures. There was picture that really caught my eye and that was of a group of soldiers All where dressed in there formal uniform's all of them looked like there faces had been carved from stone but there eyes where filled with a playful boldness.

"Your father is in that picture." Said a voice from behind me. I could tell by the tone and pitch that it belonged to the headmaster. A sudden chill ran down my back. "Susan Waterflower Bell, I have been expecting you for a while. Tell me my dear girl did it ever happen to cross your mind that maybe brattling off to a teacher was not the best idea in the word." He added. In something of a pondering tone of voice.

A sudden chill ran down the spine of my back. Turning around on one heel I found myself looking eye to eye with the dreaded headmaster. Then it hit me, his eyes where not the cold like ice sapphire blue that I had been expecting. They where more peaceful ones that looked like they belonged to a man whom wanted to seek out peace and understand and not one that would thrash a student at a drop of the hat for stepping out a line going to lunch.

"You know my father?" I said backing up a little.

"Yes your father and I severed in the Nappon-Prussia War together. The 12th Kyoto I think. We where battle buddies." He said with a small smile.. "And this might come as a shock to you but I'm also your god father my dear." He placing his big strong hands upon my thin shoulders.

"So Susan, you thought it would be a good idea to brat off to your teacher about a late homework assailment. I'm sure your father and mother taught you better than that." He said his tone of voice was a scolding tone of voice you could tell that by the pitch. But there was a softness too it.

"Well it seemed like she was being unfair so.." I shifted my eyes downward.

"Susan, she might have scolded you for forgetting your homework but she was far from being unfair. I'm going to tell you this, you are in middle school now young lady. The carefree days of elementary school have been put behind you. You are too old for such childish acts like this." He said wagging a thick figure toward me.

I only nodded at this.

"And unlike elementary school we do not take you across are laps. I'm mighty afraid you will have to support yourself this time. Now please talk hold of your ankles." He said patting my shoulder. He walked behind his desk and reached into one of the drawers

I signed and gently rolled my shoulders. I bent down and took hold of my ankles. I looked through my legs and the view that greeted me was one of well horror and fear. The headmaster held within his hand a light wooden paddle with what appeared air holes drilled into it .

"Susan this being your first official paddling I will only give you three strokes. But take my warning to heart young lady for ever visit from this day forward you will have one stroke added. Do you understand me." He said lift my skirt with the edge of the paddle.

"Consider yourself lucky Susan, If you had been sent to the school nurse then you will getting a spanking on the bare bottom." He quickly added as he placed the wooden paddle upon my backside.

I took a deep breath as the paddle was placed upon my backside. Within the second the surface of the wooden paddle came into contact with my bottom and a flood of sting spread across the surface of my bottom. A shrill scream of pain and surprise escaped my lips.

Two more seconds seemed to drag by before again another sharp swat came into connected with my bottom once more a flood of sting seemed to roll across the surface of my panty clad bottom. Once again a shrill scream of pain

Two more second passed and once more a sharp wave of sting rolled across my bottom like a wave rolls across the surface of the ocean. Once more the same shrill scream of pain filled the room this time though this time a dam broke, one that was holding back a reservoir of salty tears.

For several seconds these salty tears poured from my eyes and down my cheeks. They blurred my vision and caused me to cling to my ankles.

"Susan please stand." The headmaster said toward me. I slowly stood up and then without a word he drew me into a hug. The hug was a strange one, there was a warmth about it. He wrapped his strong arms around my body and gave me a tight squeeze.

"Some things never change my dear. While some teachers do not give there students a hug after a spanking I've always found out that hugging a student after one eases ill feeling. And that's a good thing ill feeling lead to mistrust and that can ruin a school system." He whispered into my ear.

"Do you hug ever all the students." I whispered back kind of enjoying the hug.

"Every one. it's the reason why we are in the shape we are in. Children are gems you guys needed to be treated like gems and not like cattle on its way to the slaughter house." He whispered back.

"Do you spank gems." I said smiling as I broke way from him.

"Nope but you polish them don't ya." He said answering my question with a crooked smile.

"Now go make something of your self. I want to pin the Student Honor Medal upon your sailor Fuku you hear me. I had the honor of pinning it upon Isabella and I will have the honor of pinning it upon you." He said opening the door for me.

"Oh five minutes on the bench." He said pointing toward the wooden bench. "Next Student Please.." He called out.

Slowly I took a seat upon the hard wooden bench. A soft hiss escaped my lips as my stinging bottom came into contact with my hard wooden sitting surface. I lifted my eyes a little and shifted them around hopping none of my friends would see me, the bench also severed as second form of punishment, the second form was simple yet effective, for whom ever was spotted on the bench sat on a sore bottom. And that was like hanging a Neon sign above your head that read. 'I was a brat and I had my tail swatted for it.' Only the sign was not written in brightly colored glowing tubes that formed letters but only plain block text.

The five minutes seemed to drag forever one by one, students whom passed by the office would stop and whisper something under the cover of there raised hands, this will be followed by a loud giggle and then they will giggle even more if you blushed. It was only human nature to think they where talking about you, I mean I had done it too.

Finally the five minutes where up and I was free to go, there a strange feeling that comes over one that's just been spanked a feeling mixed with forgiveness and meekness. One feels forgiven of crime they commented at the price of there bottom and one feels meek because they know that there not the biggest and meanest on the block which more often than not is the root cause of them being spanked.

Now with such a feeling heavy about me I slowly made my way toward my next period and thankfully my last.

Slowly but surely I made my way down the wide title paved corridors of are school. My footsteps seem to eco. Teach step I took the feeling of meekness and forgiveness slowly gave way to a feeling to a warm feeling that seemed to surround my heart. I can only compare this feeling to how ones skin feels after sitting in the sun for several minutes on a bright sunny day. This feeling must have been love, because as my mother would often tell me after a spanking you know after she hugged me and fixed my clothing she would slowly whisper into my ears and in a soft tone of voice theses words would be formed.

'Love often stings, just remember that the only reason we spank you is because we truly care about you. If we did not care about you my daughter why would we take the time to gently correct you when you where wrong."

The End