'Follow Your Dreams.' This phrase has been echoing in my mind ever since the day he saved me. It was the day my parents abandoned me in the rain and I was left with nothing 3 years ago. I walked around aimlessly for days with no food or water, when I suddenly collapsed; I was 13 at the time. He came up to me, cared for me for about a month, and always told me to reach for my dreams even though it seems impossible. I can tell he was still young, around a few years older than me. After that month, he left me, uttering these words, 'Though Life may seem uncertain, always follow your dreams.' After that I never saw him again.

After the night he left me, I lived in the same apartment he gave me, and vowed that I would find him. It's been 3 years and I'm already 16. I got in this prestigious school after signing up for a scholarship during elementary. I thought that maybe I should start looking for him in this school since I've seen him wear the uniform from here. I tried asking people about him, but since I knew nothing about him, not even his name, no one actually got to answer it properly. Well, since this is an expensive school and I am a poor person, I have no choice but to be the one picked on by the school's idol. But there's this senior, he always, no matter what, saves me from the stuck up idol. I used to think he was him but when I tried asking him he said he knew nothing of the sort. I doubted that. I always hang out with him, and he always kept me company until the idol would come and drag him off to lunch all the while saying bad things to me. I still keep thinking that that guy was 'Him', but he keeps denying it saying, 'he's probably just around the corner'.

Though most people avoid me in this school, there's this girl, the daughter of the owner of a huge hotel company that always hangs out with me. Even though her other friends turned their back on her because of me, she still stuck beside me, until now. I told her about all my experiences about living alone and having to take 5 jobs in a week, and also about him. She thought it was cute how he saved me, but she also thought it was dumb when he left me. She's a really funny person, though she's rich and you'd think she'd be stuck up, she's a really honest, brave and outgoing girl. Once, she met the idol, right when he was making fun of me. The really weird thing was, when she shouted at him how I live alone and 'work my ass off to look for some idiot that ran away from me after taking care of me' his eyes went wide and he gave me this weird, shocked, nostalgic look then took off. Having seen it too, she told me that maybe he was 'Him'.

After that happening, he never bothered me again. I tried looking for him to ask him if he really is the guy that left me. But I never found him. I tried asking people that knew him since his friends won't tell me, but they said that they didn't know, and that he just disappeared. So after school I roamed around the park near my apartment, contemplating on how things turned out, until the senior that always saved me from him came up to me and told me, 'He left. He's leaving tonight on a 10 o'clock flight to Boston.' I was shocked. That confirmed it. He was him, the guy I've been looking for 3 years now, the guy that saved me from starving to death by the curb. He's the guy I loved 3 years ago, and vowed to look for. After hearing this, he told me to follow him, and that he'll drive me to the airport. It was 7 PM; the travel to the airport by car is 2 hours. I asked him how he knew this; he told me that he told him about him taking care of a young girl abandoned in the streets and how in a month he fell in love with that girl. Unfortunately, when we reached the highway, the traffic was heavy. The cars barely moved. It was already 9 PM. He then opened my door and told me to get off. He said it would be better to run there. I did as I was told; my heart was pounding so fast. I ran as fast as I can, all the while thinking that the guy I was looking for was right in front of me all this time. I thought of how stupid I was for not realizing it. When I reached the airport it was around 9:35 PM. I ran straight to the boarding gates, security following right behind me, shouting. I couldn't hear what they were saying, I feel like the world is going in slow motion. When I reached the gate my friend told me to go to, they were already boarding.

I searched for him frantically, my whole body shaking from exhaustion and anxiousness. Tears started forming in my eyes; until I spotted him giving his boarding pass to the stewardess. I called out his name. 'He' didn't hear me. I tried it again, still nothing. I couldn't go pass the line, and I saw him go in. It was over, my Dream was over. That was until I heard someone say, 'Why are you calling me? I'm right behind you, idiot.' I turned around and saw him. he didn't go in. It was another person that went in. Then 'He' told me that my friend called him last minute saying that I was coming to stop him. So all my running was for nothing. Then he snapped me out of my embarrassment and asked me 'Why?' I realized what he meant.

I simply answered, 'Because you told me to Follow my Dreams.'

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