It was not you or the world that took me, but by death him self. Slow as the setting sun and black as space, for we see not what is but what is wanted to be seen. For go with a love so cold time stops. But only time do see what time do tell for even in the darkest night there is still light. For on are we my religion to seek a truth the we so regret it to be. Their by day by night I lie on my back looking up at the sky only to still see you standing there for me to see, as if it where just a memories. For only a day wished to be stood next to you once more. But hear at this point time is not our friend, but it can only tell when we might see each there again. All that knows for this past is it was not time to be on the same path but only for it to be crossed. But for now feeling dead as death can be you'll live as memories. So good-bye till ...well some day when we meet again. Well if that day ever comes, but this heart will not subside from you.
The light of the angles fades by the blackness of death. For the heart knows not what love is any more. Know that apiece lies with the light the is no more strength to fight back. For the cloud of death is black as the night sky, making the heart grow cold. For an angle no not by what the eyes see and the mind thinks but by the depth of the heart know it to be true. For knowing that it can't go back it confesses it sins of a broken proems it slowly dies. Knowing grate danger is upon the light in the distant sky it does not rest. But the light wants not more of what was and could be for it is a passed memory and nothing more at this point in time. A heart watches the light fade by the blackness of death for soon to be no more.