I stared at him intently, wondering if he'll look back at me. I've been doing this everyday for the past two months. Just staring. He caught me a few times but he didn't say anything, so I continued.

He used to be a close friend of mine, emphasize on used to. And we haven't talked in months, so here I am now, wishing everything can go back to the way it was; if it weren't for my stupidity, he'd actually be mine. But no, I had to mess it all up and make him ignore me. It's our break time and he's in the other side of the classroom; reading. One of the things I love about him, though he used to annoy me to no end, he's really gentle and he loved me.

"Yo! What'cha doing?" Patricia popped in, she looked in the direction I've been staring. "Doin' the usual I see."

"Don't scare me like that!" I jumped, "Are you gonna kill me or something?"

"Well, if you just talk to him like you used to, instead of staring at him like you're out to rape him; that's just creeping him out." she said, ignoring my outburst.

"I know, I'm just scared."

"Honey, being scared won't get you anywhere." she looked at the blackboard, then to me, smiling. "Well well well, looks like your chance is here, both of you are on cleaning duty for today. Good luck!" she then left.

After school came, and everyone in class has left, except for me and Andy. He's still reading the book he was holding from a while ago, must be an interesting book to keep an idiot like him reading. Yes, he's an idiot, but I love him. He's still not standing up to clean, Ugh! is he gonna let me do everything? so I let go of the broom I'm holding, sat down three seats behind him and stared.

I think he knows I'm staring, he just won't look. So working up the courage, I called his name, "Andy..." I whispered. I hope he heard me.

A grunt.

I giggled, This is interesting. I stood up, then walked to the seat beside his and sat down. "Hey." I called out.

"What?" he replied, annoyed.

Breathe in, breathe out. "Umm, what'd you do if I pinched you?" I randomly asked.

He looked at me with a weird expression for a moment before looking back at his book. "I'd.. pinch you back." he answered hesitantly.

"I see," I thought for a moment before asking, "What'd you do if I punched you?"

He didn't look at me anymore, nor was he hesitant in answering, "I'd punch you back." and before I could say anything else, he added, "Even if you're a girl." He knows me too well. Taking in a deep breath, readying myself for what I'm about to ask him, I stood up grabbed my bag and sat back down, this time to a seat behind him.

I looked out the window, my heart beating fast, I clasped my hands in my lap before sighing. Then I asked, "What'd you do if I love you?" I fidgeted. Blood rising up to my face, I probably look like a tomato now.

His book landed on the floor with a thud, he turned to face me, staring at me as if I was crazy, he was like that for a couple of minutes before looking down, drumming on the desk and mumbling, "I.. I-I'd.. love you back.."

I smiled, "Good." then I stood up, and walked to the door. As I got there, I said, "Because I do love you."