She stared blankly at nothing in particular. The swing slowly swaying with the wind. The cold night breeze calming her battered soul. Her beat up body. Looks like she'll be spending the night in the park again.

Everything had been perfect for her. She was part of a rich family, loving parents, and a bright future. It's sad how only one incident can bring everything crashing down.

Her world turned upside down when her father died. Their company went bankrupt leaving them in debt and fending for themselves; her mother and her. It was okay at first, her mom still had a job, they found an apartment. That was until her mother found someone; her stepdad. They got married, everything was fine for the first few months, until they became lower in debt, and her stepdad started molesting her. It all happened when she was 9 years old. Now she's 17, working while supporting herself for her school; but nothing has changed. She still lived with her mom and stepdad. Danny, her stepdad, constantly touching her in private areas when her mom's not home, making her leave and not come back until her Mom's home. Sheila, her mom, beating her up whenever she came home from work, blaming her for their current prediction.

She sighed. The Sun was rising up already, she's gonna have to wait until Sheila and Danny left before she can go home to get her stuff for school, it was a Friday after all.

The bell rang.

She was late again. Her teachers have been asking her why, she doesn't answer, she was never good at lying. Going up to the main office, getting her late slip, she trudged to her homeroom, music.

Unaware, she had a set of striking brown eyes looking at her.

"Jake, I don't get why you like her, do you even see what's she's wearing? A huge shirt and baggy jeans. Hazel eyes, but wearing huge glasses, brown hair cut unevenly till her shoulders. No class." a blonde haired boy asked behind the guy with brown eyes. "But since you do like her, try talking to her, instead of staring at her like you're bound to do something." he laughed.

"Shut up, Brad." he said, aside from the brown eyes, he had long black hair that reached up to the nape of his neck and tanned skin like gold. "I don't like her, I'm just really curious about her. I mean, she cone late to school everyday, and once I saw a big black bruise on her arm."

"She could've tripped on something?"

"I think it's more than that." he exclaimed, getting lost in thought. "I'll talk to her after school today." he declared, walking away. They skipped first period and were heading out to get an early lunch. Brad smirked, he knew his best friend. He doesn't take interest in any girl, no matter how pretty or appealing they were. So the school's loser, Andrea, seemed to have gained his attention. He followed him, intent on watching how this would turn out.

"Alright, I'm right with you, dude."

Music was her only escape. Everyday, after school and without fail, she stays in her school's music room to play the piano. It was the only thing her father had left her; the gift of playing the piano.

She started off with an A, then a G chord and as if her hands were possessed, notes started flowing, creating soft languid music. She created her own music, her own escape. She was happy as long as she played, and once the song stops, her fantasy of having her own world vanishes like a short song fading to the distance. Unaware, she was being watched once again. Soft footsteps slowly approaching her as her song finishes.

"Keep playing."

She jumped, slamming the piano cover down, the sound echoing in the sudden tense room. She couldn't move, she couldn't talk. She was afraid. Seeming to notice this, Jake made the first move.

He chuckled softly, trying to ease the tension. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." he said, "Why are you here? Shouldn't you go home by now?" He slowly approached her. She backed away, scared of him.

Basically, she was scared of the whole male population, she can never trust them, she was scared to trust them.

He stopped, "Look, I know it's weird to suddenly be approached by me, and I understand, but I kinda have some questions," he explained, "and if possible, I'd like you to answer them."

She was panicking, unable to hear whatever he was saying. She bolted out of the room, leaving her things behind.

"Wait! Andrea!" he shouted, running after her, but losing her along the way. "Who are you?" he wondered, standing in front of the school.

He went back inside to the music room, picking up the things she left and headed home, contemplating on how he was gonna find Andrea since it was the weekend.

The next day was a hassle for both Brad and Jake. It was 8 in the morning when Jake dragged Brad to go looking for Andrea's house, and by searching through her things at 10 they were in front of Andrea's house. The door swung open.

"...And what can I do for you boys?" a lady with platinum blonde hair and very thick make-up asked.

"Well... might you be Andrea's mom?" Jake asked.

"...Yes," she prolonged, "and you are...?"

"We're her friends." Brad interrupted from the stuttering pair, "She left her things in the class so we brought it back to her... can we see her?"

"She's in... her bedroom. I don't think she wants to see any visitors?"

"You seem unsure Mrs. Masters." Jake said, getting his bearings back. "Can you please tell us the truth?"

She sighed, eyes lowering to the ground. "She's not here." She started, "She didn't come home last night, she does that a lot. I know it's probably my fault, but I... nevermind. If you want to find her, find her yourself, she's not here." She slammed the door.

"Well, that went nice." Brad said, sarcastically. "You sure you want to butt in her life?"

"Definitely, her mom's hiding something big." Jake replied, "And she knows it's something she did to Andrea."

The morning passed and afternoon came, by five, they still haven't found her. "Dude, look, I did say I'm with you, but I'm fucking tired. I'm going home, alright?" Brad said, they were walking down the street headed to the park.

Jake sighed, "Alright, I'm sorry for dragging you all over the city." he patted his back.

"That's fine, what are friends for?" he smiled, then left. Jake sighed again. It's getting late, Andrea's out there somewhere and somehow, he has a feeling something bad is gonna happen. He walked down to the park, thinking, he sat down on the bench beside the swings. He started to wonder, 'Why am I so intent on finding her? I don't like her or anything... right?' he thought, 'But you're interested in her, and for you that's enough.' a small voice in his head said. Before he can think of a counter thought, he heard some rustling in the bushes behind him. He stood up, slowly walking towards the sound, he parted the bushes, a shocked look forming on his pretty face.

There, a whimpering Andrea was lying beneath an old man. Or more like her stepdad.

"Hey!" shouted Jake, grabbing Danny and throwing his jacket over Andrea, "What the fuck are you doing to her?"

"..." Danny looked left and right, but before he could bolt, a punch was landed to his face, his collar was gripped and he found himself face-to-face with an angry Jake.

"You dirty old man." Jake sneered, dropping him and landing another punch in his gut before letting him fall. He grabbed his phone and dialled 911. He tried to, but he felt a hand grab his pant leg. He was about to kick the person, but stopped, realizing it was Andrea, shaking her head.

"What's the matter?" he asked, "Are you alright?" then he mentally slapped himself, 'Of course she wouldn't be okay.' She nodded nonetheless, slowly standing up and grabbing his phone and closed it, handing it back to him. She still had her pants from yesterday but she was naked from waist to top, other than the jacket covering her. He blushed, he didn't know that under the really big shirt she'd have a nice figure, but he also noticed she was covered in bruises all over her arms and back. She seemed to notice where he was staring and faced to an angle where he wouldn't see any if those.

He looked at her, curious. "Why don't you want me to call the cops?" He asked. "You almost got raped, you know."

She shook her head. Then started to grab her discarded clothes, when she pulled it up, she noticed that it had holes in certain places, definitely unwearable. She sighed.

Then a shirt was thrown at her. She looked at it-it was Jake's shirt! She looked at him, he was blushing and looking away. "You can wear that for now, I'm wearing a tank anyways." he smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

He turned back, "Well, I'm not gonna look, go ahead and change."

She shrugged, though he didn't see, and started changing. When she finished she tapped Jake. He turned around, "Okay then, are you sure you don't want to call the police?" he asked. She nodded. "I see, do you know this guy then?" he asked reluctantly.

She looked away from him. Then, ever so slowly, she nodded.

His eyes grew wide, "Wait... don't tell me this... this person is your... Dad?" he exclaimed, bewildered.

She shook her head, looked down. Then started walking away.

He followed. Leaving Danny out cold. The sun had set already, he started wondering where she was gonna be staying the night.

"Hey," he started, "Uh, you wanna... you wanna... comestayatmyplacefortonight!" he blurted out.

She caught what he said anyway, her eyes grew wide and she stepped back, afraid once again.

He slapped himself. "I didn't mean it like that." he chuckled uneasily. "I doubt you'd want to stay at your place tonight so I thought you'd want to stay with me for now. Is that okay?" he then noticed the backpack she left yesterday at school still sitting on the bench he sat on a while ago. He ran to it, grabbed it and ran back to her, "Besides, I still have your things." he smiled.

She smiled.

Finally, she seemed to open up with that smile that reached her eyes.

"Thank you."

Sooo. It has an incomplete plot. Jake didn't find out what was happening to Andrea, but I planned this as a One-shot, so I'm not continuing it. But if you want, you can, just make sure you send me a link of your story when your done. :) Well, please review! ;)