A new story I'm working on. You see, I love secret agents and assassins and similar things like that. :)

He walked down a dark alley. His pace was too fast. He knew someone was following him. Past experiences have taught him so. Now, he can even hear footsteps behind him. He placed his hands above his belt, grabbing his gun. He turned around pointing it. But suddenly lowering it, realizing who it was.

"Fuck, JD, what the hell are you doing?" he exclaimed, startled to see his secretary behind him, a girl with long raven hair that reached up to her back, dark brown eyes filled with mischief and a sinister smile. She was wearing a black leather jumpsuit, a black trenchcoat and black boots, her hair tied up in a high ponytail. "You fucking scared me!"

She kissed her teeth twice, "What do you mean?" she asked, innocent, "I've been following you for ten minutes now." She chuckled, earning glare from the man before her.

"Goddammit, I told you to stay in the base." he said, rolling his eyes and approaching her. "I have a deal with the company I told you earlier." he smirked, grabbing her hips and slamming her body into his.

She scowled. "Ooh, seems nice." she said reaching to her pockets, "But sorry to ruin your fun. My Boss gave me the signal."

He laughed, throwing his head back, "Your Boss! Is that a joke?" he exclaimed, "Fuck, that was funny, I'm your Boss, you dumbass." he chuckled some more.

"Uh, it's not a joke," she grabbed his hand from around her shoulders, twisting it to his back, holding him. "My Boss is the President of the company you're gonna make a deal with." she laughed, slowly bringing her hand up.

He twisted his neck around to see her just in time, her hand holding a small sharp white with gold lining KA-BAR knife, slicing his neck. "WHAT THE FU-AGH!" he grabbed his neck, trying to apply pressure as much as he could. "HOW COULD YOU? I TRUSTED YOU!"

She chuckled. "This is my game, I get close to you, get your trust, then...kill you." she smiled, her dark eyes glowing.

"Shit." he tried his pockets, looking for his gun, but found it nowhere. He looked up, feeling helpless, seeing his gun in her hands pointed directly at him. "Wait! Can we talk about it?" he tried desperately.

"Are you that dense? Think about it... I never worked for you." she started, removing the safety of the gun, cocking it to point directly at his head. "Jeremy Johanson, leader of the Brotherhood mafia, you are annihilated for making a fool out of Master Pierre."

"Pierre? Pierre Trudeau? That asshole?" he coughed, panting, "You work for him?" he coughed up some more, spilling blood on the pavement.

"Ugh, I hate messy kills." she scrunched her nose, disgusted by the blood. "Well, it wasn't nice knowing you, Goodbye." she blew a kiss to him, at the same time pulling the trigger.

"Very well done." a deep, gruff voice with a deep French accent asked. "Merci, mon élève favori."

"Please stop with the French." JD said, rolling her eyes. "We're not in France, Master."

Pierre laughed. He was a stoic man, tall, greying hair, green eyes, and a face that spoke years of experience. He was wearing a pinstriped suit with a yellow dress shirt underneath and a green tie. He has the weirdest taste. JD thought.

"Well, enough of that." he started, his face becoming serious again. "I'd like you to rest in your room since you just came back. Come back here after an hour." he said, turning around to face the huge windows of his office.


"You have a new assignment."

Oooooooh. Exciting? I'm excited. It's just the prologue. ;)

mon élève favori = my favorite pupil.

I re-edited a few concepts, they all seem absurd. So yeah.