So, uhh, LiberryBooked reviewed something about JD's personality. I made her a bit different from the usual cliché assassins that are emotionless and all that, she matches her emotions with the person she's targeting. Though, JD does have a perfect poker face, doesn't mean she doesn't have a sarcastic attitude, I guess growing up with an eccentric french man can give you that kinda attitude, huh?

Enjoy. :)

"...You were holding a gun."

Time seem to have stopped right there. The only thing JD heard was the steady beat of her heart.

She smirked, Nice way to find out, pretty boy. We're all alone in my hotel room...I could easily kill you off... She looked at Julian, the latter avoiding her gaze.

"Just kidding." He joked, "As if a puny little woman like you can hold a gun." And as childish as it seemed, he stuck his tongue out at her, earning a groundshaking glare from her.

"You are gay." She off-handedly commented.

"Better than getting shot in the leg."

And once again, she was caught off guard at his simple comment, he seemed sharper than he looks, no wonder Master Pierre hated him, she chuckled, "How did you know?"

"I'm not stupid, you know. I can see your leg bleeding since we entered the hotel, especially wearing short skirts like that, I'm surprised no one else saw you." He started, grabbing her leg and putting it up on the bed for inspection, "Oh, just a graze, huh?

"Yeah, you don't have to worry about that."

"Who said I was worrying?" He said, a serious expression on his face as he grabbed the first aid kit and took out a few cottonballs, alcohol, gauze and tape.

"I don't get you, seriously."

"You don't have to." He muttered, taping the gauze to her ankle, and to finish, he slapped it.

She yelped, a prickling pain going through her leg, "You're such an ass!" She stated, "And I've only known you for two days."

"Takes one to know one, my dear." He heard her mumble something quite close to 'Stuck-up billionaire asshole' before standing up and heading to one of the nightstands where she scribbled something and handed it to him, she grinned, flashing her pearly whites, "That's my number, I'm gonna hunt you down if you don't call me." she winked before pushing him out the door. "Are you that dead set on me-" Julian winced, she slammed the door in his face! "...insensitive little devil." he mumbled before walking to his room for much needed sleep. She's different, he thought, she wasn't like any of the girls that went after him. When rejected they'd either not care or start crying non-stop begging him to take them back. "That's why I hate one night stands..." he muttered, throwing himself on the bed. His flight was tomorrow, marking the end of his supposed vacation; he thought he would at least get laid. JD sank down in her bed, smiling once the door was shut, "I got you now, pretty boy." She uttered, standing up and fixing herself a can of beer, time to flush the adrenaline out of her system.

She walked to the balcony, mindful of her ankle as she crouched down and watched the scenery of people coming and going below her. People that struggled to keep order in their life, people that didn't want change. She didn't get it, change is needed for success, for everything. Human nature really did confuse her, there's no use pondering over that thought, she mulled over.

She flipped her phone open, she did say she needed to talk to Pierre, "Might as well do it now," she said to herself as she started dialing a number she knew too well.

Five rings. It took him five rings to answer the phone.

"Do you know the time difference between Havana and Paris, mon cherie?" The usual french accent greeted her.

"No." She said plainly, letting her butt fall onto the cold balcony floor as she listened to her Master blabber about etiquette and the such.

"There is a six hour difference, love. Meaning, while its ten in the evening there, its an ungodly four AM here." He muttered, and she can imagine him pinching the bridge of his nose and rolling his eyes, "Now please tell me you have something important to say."

"Not that of importance. I'm reporting in to say I've met the unknown."

Silence met her on the other end, and when she was about to continue on, he said, "Did you find out who?"


"I want you to find out who he is and eliminate him before he does Dales."

"I know."

"Good. I expect the best from you." And with that, he hung up.

"I'm not done reporting though." She complained to the dial tone, standing up and taking out a few clothes to change in, Julian was supposed to be leaving tomorrow, she'll have to check him first thing tomorrow before he leaves.


She knocked at the door, "2201." She read, glancing left and right just for the heck of it, it became a habit, looking everywhere, she was so paranoid that even the slightest movement makes her jump and grab for her gun or knife.

Like the sudden opening of the door, she jumped, whirling her head to the door to see Arjay, the friend Julian was with the other day, "Ahh, you're that new lady friend of Julian, come in." He said politely, moving away from the door to let her in.

Polite, she thought, I wish Julian was like this, makes it worth it to actually grab his attention.

"So, Julian," Arjay said as he walked back in, "Would you mind continuing your story of how in all seven hells you got shot in the hand?" He exclaimed, holding his voice at a steady level yet with power in every word, "And you got a pretty lady stuck in your situation, good going."

And as JD entered, she was in time to see Julian pack a small revolver into his carry on bag, "Be thankful I didn't get her killed, right JD?"

"I guess," she said, and while the two kept arguing about getting a lady caught up in his affairs and his enemies, she looked around Julian's room for anything suspicious, then she looked at him, "So what time are you leaving?"

"In a few." He said back.

"He's leaving as soon as he fixes and checks everything." Arjay told her, a smile on his face. For some reason, she had a bad feeling about that smile.

"I see, I'll go with you guys then." She blurted out, not actually thinking about what she said.

"You'll what?" Julian asked, incredulous to what she said, "Are you sure you're not my stalker?"

Oh crap, she thought, what kind of blunder is that? "Well, you live in Manhattan, right? I live there too," she stated, mindful of blowing her cover, "'Sides, I can't leave you alone, can I? You're just too special." She said in a sarcastic tone, earning a glare from him.

"Cat got you tongue, huh Julian?"

"Can the both of you shut up?" Julian muttered, closing his suitcase and hauling it off the bed, "Jay, go call a cab."

"Right away boss."

"How many luggage do you have?" He asked, turning to JD.

She smiled, "Just one, but I have to make a stop somewhere, so you'll just have to meet me at the airport." She said, walking out to the door, "What time's your flight? And both of you's seat number?"

"Ten sharp, 10C and D. You don't have a ticket yet?" He asked, making her stop by the doorway, "I can get you one, if you want."

"Oooh, getting friendly, are we? Isn't that a bit too close already?" She teased, "Don't worry about it, Mr. I-can-afford-business-seats-quickly, I have my ways... 10E it is." And with that she left the suite.

There was a thirty minute drive from the Cohiba to the airport, it was already 8AM, if she wanted to get that seat, she'd have to make a call, and pass by the shipping station to drop off her artillery. She quickly grabbed her phone, flipping it open and dialling as she entered her room. Putting it on speakerphone, she set it down and started disassembling her tools, from the sniper to the knives, leaving everything into unidentifiable pieces. And by the time she finished, the squeaky voice of Jason answered the other line, "You need something?"

"Seat 10E, American Airlines, the flight leaves at ten sharp, I need it ASAP."

He sighed, "You're so vague, get the flight number if you want it ASAP."

"I don't care, give me the ticket before boarding time, or else I'll report to Master how you've been so very helpful in eliminating his most hated enemy."

"You're so high-strung on this case, never seen you like this before."

"Everything's on the line here." She said as she stuffed the weapons into the duffel bag.

"You'll get within an hour, I'm gonna have to pull some strings here, seats already taken, you know."

"Call me when you've got it." She hung up, grabbing her suitcase from underneath the bed, strapping on her KA-BAR knife in her right thigh, but this time her .45 in her purse. Really, security never really got to her, the security in airports are really quite weak, just a little aluminum and everything's good to go.

She took up her suitcase and purse, her long black hair flowing until her lower back, she wore a ruffled white blouse with no sleeves tucked in a floral skirt that reached her knees. Checking herself in the mirror, she grabbed a black leather jumpsuit and put it on. One has to be ready when riding on a motorcycle, she thought slipping on her aviators as she left her suite.

Saying it was uncomfortable was an understatement, having that much clothing inside a jumpsuit was suffocating! But JD was used to those kinds of situations, she couldn't afford to lose anymore time than she already did. As she got on her bike, she checked the time, ten minutes until 9AM. She had about thirty minutes to deliver her shipment. And with that thought she zoomed out of the hotel into the bustling streets of Havana, Cuba.


"Do you think she's gonna make it?"

"Don't really care. I think she was joking when she said she was going with us." Julian said, leaning back in the comfortable chair of business class, "I mean, its already boarding time, and I'm quite sure this seat beside me is already taken."

"It is taken."

He whirled around, accidentally banging his hand against the armrest. He yelped, "You!"

"Who else is it gonna be?" JD asked, a smile on her face as she placed her luggage on the carry on, "Besides, I told you I was gonna be here, right?"

He mumbled incoherent things under his breath, cradling his hurt hand.

"Lighten up, Julian," Arjay piped in from beside him, winking as he greeted JD, "Glad you could make it."

She smiled at him, grabbing her purse and placing it beside her, locking her seatbelt in as well, "Well, I did say I might as well go with you guys," she said as she pulled on a lever, making the chair push back, "Though I never planned it." She whispered.

"I can't believe I'm stuck with these two unbearable creatures for three hours." Julian sighed, and with that, the plane took off. I'm re-writing the first few chapters, c\use once again, I found errors. xD See ya, loves! :)