I'm different no question but yet I love being different some might call me a freak if they knew I was a mermaid. One guy found out I was a mermaid and then left me I accidently told the guy I was kinda in love with as well which was a huge mistake. My name is Ivy and this is my story.

It starts when I was six my dad and I were on the beach since I begged him like I always did. I put my feet in the water smiling as I always did the water was so relaxing and it gave me a lot of energy. Then I saw a woman come towards me she had a orange metallic tail with a scaled bra kind of thing. "Hello Ivy aren't you a beautiful girl". She said sweetly. "Beth?" Dad asked.

The woman nodded then smiled at my dad I was confused at the time not sure what to do. "You need to go if people see you-" Dad was cut off. "Nonsense my little girl has come of age finally". She said. Then she looked at me her sea coloured eyes looking into mine. "Ivy my only child you have a special gift and over the next few years you will learn how to use and control it". She said.

Then she went to my dad whispered something in his ear then kissed him; then swam away. I had a sudden urge to go right underwater so I did then turned into a mermaid! I had a golden tail shimmering in the sunlight; one of them would've been worth a million dollars each or more. "Daddy is she my mummy?" I asked. "Yeah sweetie she is". He replied. "Will we see her again?" I asked. "Yeah baby we will". He replied with a smile.

Nearly 11 years later I'm in high school and the nerdy girl there which sucks for me. One morning I picked up Kayla my best friend we were driving to school when she said something to me. "Ivy seriously why do you always cover up so much you have a rocking body?" "Because I'm a little scared if something happens my tail will appear". I replied. "Yeah I guess so but you have to be fully submerged a little drop won't hurt you". She said.

I nodded as we got into the gates of our school I got out of my Nissan Pulsar along with Kayla. "God this sucks I hate school all it is; is bitchy cheerleaders and jerk jocks". Kayla complained. "I know but hey that is what school all about". I replied with a small smile. To be honest I totally agreed with her but I knew that it wouldn't change.

We walked to first period when I saw the guy I was sort of in love with. Dean Winches yeah I know what a name like Dean Winchester from Supernatural who is such a hottie but anyway. Dean had longish dark hair, green shade eyes that could make any girl melt. Plus a little tattoo on his neck near his shoulder which made him more of a bad boy.

I remember once he beated up Tristan Headley for some reason I can't remember. Anyway on with the story he looked at me and I gave him a small smile which he returned. Ohmygod he smiled at me! Jesh I'm acting like a little school girl calm down. "Caught ya". Kayla exclaimed. "Shut up would ya". I replied covering her mouth. I removed my hand she just smiled at me then pointed to my cheeks they must've been red. "Shush Kayla".

She just grinned then we got to work. At lunch people were circling around me I was confused then Kayla came through. I walked into the quiet library it was a good place to relax and all. "Hi". A deep seductive voice said behind me. I jumped a little then turned around Dean was in front of me with a small smile on his face. "I didn't mean to scare you". "That's ok sometimes I need a good scaring keeps me on my toes". I checked him out he had dark blue jeans on and a black leather jacket it suited him nicely. "I can see you checking me out princess". I blushed a deep red but it wasn't like he never checked me out I had caught him once or twice.

"So I know you've checked me out a couple of times at least I'm not afraid to do it when you're watching". Dean smirked then walked off that was the first conversation I had ever had with him. I walked into the lunch line people were huddling around Kayla and I's table it was weird. "Uh what's happening?" "Dean accepted a bet to kiss for you twenty bucks". Kayla replied. "Oh hell NO". I said. I got up then ran to the toilets that was ridiculous why would he accept a bet to kiss me what a dick head. "Come on Ivy". "Seriously why?" I asked.

I knew why because I was a nerd and innocent which pissed me off I had experience. Kayla knew that I knew but I wanted to hear it from her. "Ok fine because you are the nerdy girl who allegedly has never been kissed". Kayla said. "Yeah right I have experience even though it was with only one guy but still experience is experience. "I'll show em I can kiss let's go I have some lips to devour". I said full of confidence. "YAY my Ivy let's do it". Kayla replied.

Her and I walked right to the cafeteria I was ready to kiss the bad boy. I walked to him he was sitting in his usual seat with a little smirk on his face. How annoying I thought as I kneeled before him. "You are in for a surprise bad boy". I whispered in his ears. He looked at me a little confused then I crushed my lips on his he was stiff from shock then kissed me back. I could feel his hands on my waist pulling me on his lap.

His tongue was on my bottom lip asking for entrance I was about to submit when I felt something happen inside me. I pulled myself away from him then ran to the bathroom into one of the cubicles. My tail appeared I was shocked then I heard the door open shit! "What happened to you; you were about to go into a good make out session I don't know who was more shocked me or Dean?" She asked. I sighed with relief then she opened the door total shock filled her face. "Holy fuck!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah you said it". "Ivy this is going to be tough". "You think smart ass now I don't think I can ever kiss a guy again". I said. "Don't worry shit happens anyway what are you doing now going to ditch?" She asked. "Yeah ditch but I might just go to the library to cool down a little is always seems to calm me down besides water". I replied. She nodded then I walked off I ran right into Dean I near tripped but he grabbed my waist to steady me. "Sorry and thanks". I said quickly. "How'd you learn how to kiss like that?" "Experience that's the only way you can learn I not a full book worm". I replied. "Why?" "Because I had a point to prove and you just wanted the money and I kinda wanted to kiss you".

He still had a hold on me I shook him off I was afraid what was going to come if I did kiss him again. "It wasn't about the money Ivy". He said. I froze that was the first time he called me by my real name. I felt myself blush and he handed me the twenty dollar bill. "No thanks I don't need it besides you accepted the beat and made it through". He smiled and put it back in his pocket I saw a little of his tattoo. He caught me staring and I looked away and he smirked. "What the hell are you smirking at?" I demanded. "You". "Why?" "Because everyone wants to look at my tat but you have the courage to try to see it". "I guess so". I said. I knew what he wanted to ask why I ran away but I couldn't tell him I hardly knew him even though I was a little in love with him.

I had a plan I decided to put into place if I pretended I hated him the feelings I was having might go away. I walked away from him since it went silent; I decided to skip school and go for a swim to clear my mind. I went to the beach right near my house it was never really busy and my dad was always there except for Friday's so I was lucky. I ran into the water and within a few seconds my golden tail came and I swam to the coral reef. I saw my pet as you would call it Silver come and greeted me. Mermaids couldn't speak underwater well as far as I knew anyway. Silver swam with me I grabbed her fin like I always did and we went through the ocean for a while. I saw the sun setting so I patted Silver bye and I went back on the beach lucky no one was around.

I had dried myself off then got up; I started to walk home when I saw Kayla in a circle of guys. I ran over to her and pushed them all out of the way. "Come on let's go". I whispered to her. "We can't". They were all around us I was ready to fight I had learnt a little bit of fighting so if I did get into trouble I could defend myself. I pushed them out of the way and we ran to my house; dad was sitting on the lounge keeping an eye out for tea. "Dad Kayla needs a ride please". "Of course come on Kayla Ivy please watch dinner for me". "Yeah". While he took Kayla home I went for a shower well bath really I couldn't get the kiss out of my head the bad boy of the school who is so hot wanted to kiss me. Dad knocked snapping me out of my thoughts and came in he smiled at me like he always did and helped me. "Dad the curry is burning". I said. He swore under his breath and ran out I was able to get myself out and dried. It was ready when I sat down dad looked at me I knew that look and I hated it when Kayla would spill things to my dad.

"Ok dad Dean accepted a bet if he kissed me he would get twenty bucks ok I wanted to prove that that wasn't my first kiss. So I kissed him and while we were I felt something happen and I pushed myself back. I ran to the bathroom and I turned into a mermaid". I explained. "Why would kiss a guy who just wants to win money?" "Because I wanted to prove that I could kiss and Dean offered me the money he said it wasn't about the money". I replied. "So you turned when you kissed this guy". "Yeah now I'm afraid the next guy I kiss my tail will appear".

He shook his head he knew something I didn't. "Dad what is going on?" "Nothing sweetheart everything is fine" I knew that tone if he told me now I would freak and it would stop whatever was happening now. "Whatever dad whatever I'm going to go to Owens party". I said. "But isn't that a pool party". "Yeah but I might ditch it and go to the beach". I said. He nodded and I got dressed into some nice clothes since I was going to a party. I got there looking around for Kayla she hugged me I could tell she was happy I was here. "So whatcha up to?" I asked. "Ummm well I'm going to Owens room so I'll see you later". She replied. I smiled and she left with Owen I went to get a drink when some people came up to me.

I felt like stabbing them all then I just lashed out. "Leave me the fuck alone". I shouted. I ran out there and went to the beach and under the jetty usually people came here to make out and other things. I sat on the sand with my feet in the water feeling it on my feet felt good. I shivered it was a little colder here than it was at Owens. I got up and hit my head I felt blood on the back of my head. I stumbled out from under the jetty and started to walk to a any house really as long as I would get help and not die when I fell to the ground.

I was ready to fall hard on the ground and my eyes threatened to close but I wouldn't let them. Strong arms wrapped around me they felt warm and welcoming. "Are you ok?" They asked. I tried to move but their hands had a good grip on me. I was placed on their lap watching the ocean I had no idea who it was and I didn't really care they were warm. I placed my head on their shoulder and closed my eyes. I inhaled their scent it smelt like the ocean and a man's scent it made my mouth water. I opened my eyes a little then I saw a little bit of a tattoo it was a bit of an ocean I think. I thought back to when I saw a little of Dean's it look identical; I looked at their face Dean was staring out to the ocean. I rolled off him and stood up I was a little unstable but I knew I could get home.

He stood up and looked at me I felt myself blush I was on his lap my head on his shoulder. "What the fuck was that?" I asked angrily. "I don't know you have a head wound and you were close to dying so I got you up to the right position so the blood would stop then I place you on my lap because I can't really move you until I knew you had no broken bones. Then you put your head on my shoulder and was about to go to sleep". I turned to walk away when I lost my footing I was a little more out of it then I realised. I was ready to fall and hit hard on the sand but I didn't even feel the wind since Dean was holding me in his arms.

He carried me to the hospital where they patched up my head wound and said I was lucky. I walked out Dean was still waiting for me like he did when I was about to kiss him. I couldn't get it out of my head I felt drawn to him I tried to push it out of my head but it was useless. I walked passed him hoping he wouldn't see me. "Where do you think you're going?" He asked. "Home and away from you". I kept walking I dared to turn back but I didn't I had to keep my ground and not back down. I caught a cab home I saw my dad on the phone to the police I presumed. "Hi dad". I said.

He came over and hugged me; he had a look at me then saw the big patch on my head. He had a horrified look on his face fearing the worst had happened. "What happened?" "Well long story short I ditched the party hit my head and Dean took me to the hospital". "You have to thank him if you lost too much blood you could've died Ivy even if you hate him". Dad replied. I groaned I so didn't want to go and thank the bad boy for saving my life. I went to bed it had been a long night. The next day was Saturday which was my day for spending the day in the ocean.

I went to the beach near my place and who do I find hanging out there smoking whatever. Dean glanced at me and smiled I hated when he did that it was very irritating. I walked passed him and his mates or whatever; I was about to go into the water when I realised I had to go somewhere a little more private. I ran under the jetty and to the other side of the beach it was where hippies and everything would swim and stuff. I was lucky no one was there to see me change into a mermaid. I jumped in then went to a cave underwater but then there was air and that I always went there to think. I lied there floating around thinking of the kiss between me and Dean I couldn't get it and him out of my head I tried to the more I tried to more he invaded it.