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He looked and nodded he knew what I meant we both got up and Dean hit the back of Daren's head. "Ow what the". Daren said. "Bro you need to get somewhere else to make out with a chick like that". Dean replied. I sat down next to Shella she knew exactly what I meant. "Try to learn from me lame". I said. "Hey I've had experiences". She defended. "No way with the way he was leading you have had no experiences". I replied. "Fine ok first time I've ever kissed a guy and making out with him". She admitted.

"Sis that was getting way too serious for a movie theatre". I said. "Yeah ok I had a feeling it was getting a little too serious". She replied. She and Daren got up and left we smiled and I sat on Dean's lap again. "Where did we take off?" He asked. "Well maybe it is time to get home". I replied. "True". He said. I smiled and we left the movie normally I would've stayed and watched the rest of the movie but now the double date was done I made one exception. We got home for the night obviously knowing what we were doing. The next morning I could feel the cold breeze coming in through my window I shivered. I heard the window being shut so I opened my eyes. Dean's hot naked body shutting the window I crept up and wrapped my arms around his stomach.

"Morning babe". He said smiling. "Morning". I replied. He turned around and kissed me I smiled while his lips were on mine. "What are we doing today?" He asked. "School first then maybe we can do something". I replied. "School are you serious?" He asked.

"We don't have long babe". I replied. "Doesn't matter". He complained. "Fine see ya". I said. I walked out of my room thankfully with some clothes on and went downstairs. Dean came up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist I smiled and he turned me around. "Ha ha knew you would agree". I said. "Hmmm well I want something in return". He replied. "Ok". I said. He leaned down and tried to kiss me when I turned and he kissed my cheek I smiled. "I hate it when you tease me". He complained. "You love it". I replied smiling. "Yeah I do". He said. I smiled and we went to school Kayla was waiting for me as usual and we got to class.

Lunch came around I didn't eat at all something inside me wanted to get out of school just go into the water and have fun. "Ivy". Dean said snapping me out of the trance. "Hmm". I replied. "You aren't eating what's up?" He asked. "Not hungry". I replied. "Ivy you miss it don't you". He presumed. I nodded and sank into my chair I knew I had the rest of the year which was a few months but now I felt like I wanted to go.

"Oh look who it is the boyfriend stealer and the liar". Pearl announced. "Lovely to see you little miss whore bag and her pose of hags". I replied. Pearl wanted to hit me I could tell but she kept restraint and walked off. "She has never walked away from a fight". I said. "I know but she has something up her sleeve". Dean replied. "Who cares I'm just glad I finally met my family". I said. He shook his head knowing I didn't care at the moment. "Dean we'll worry about it a little later don't you want to enjoy life not fear it". I said. "I fear for you". He replied.

"And I love you for it but I'm fine". I said. "I love you too Ivy just please be careful". Dean warned. "I will I promise". I replied. Dean gave me a small kiss on my cheek I smiled. That afternoon I went to the beach in the hippie place I smiled as my lungs inhaled the ocean smell. I jumped in unaware someone was watching me I swam to my cave I smiled. It felt nice and quiet then I felt eyes watching me. "Who's there?" I asked.

No answer so I went back home feeling a little edgy about it. The next day I woke up then turned on the TV. This morning a 17 year old lady Pearl gave us footage of a girl as a mermaid. She was swimming in the cave west of Opal Beach. "What is the mermaid's name?" "Her name is Ivy she has always been a mermaid from birth". We have heard that the president has ordered for her arrest so she can be tested. Many people are shocked by this and want answers to this impossible phenomenon. My heart stopped I began to tremble no this couldn't be happening.

I heard the door open down stairs I felt like screaming I was frozen I didn't know what to do. My door opened Dean stood there tears rolled down my face. "Ivy thank god". He said hugging me. 'I...I don't know how..." I said. "Don't worry about it babe its okay we need to get you out of here". He replied. "You aren't taking my daughter". Dad yelled. "By order of the president we are to take your daughter to our lab and do tests". A man replied. "NO". I said shaking my head. "Come on Ivy we need to go now". Dean replied.

Then the door bursted open men in white suits came in I looked at Dean horror on my face. They grabbed my arm roughly then pulled me out of the bed. "DEAN". I screamed struggling to get out of his hold. The men restrained Dean we were both struggling to get out. I got free then hugged Dean with all my might. "I love you". I said. The man got me again I began to tremble tears rolling down my face. "I will find you Ivy I swear". Dean vowed. Then he was out of my sight. I felt a needle in my arm they injected me then I felt sleepy. I hope it won't hurt I thought before darkness took over me.

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