Ohh yeah. ;)

"Hey Christine!"

I turned around to see my two best friends come up to me. I smiled at them. "H-hey guys."

"You're going to school?" Alex, a chubby grey-eyed 8-year-old asked. "Finally! We've missed you! You know, just because your Da―OW!"

"Yeah, we missed you a lot. Your twin kept making a ruckus at school, crying and trying to get the attention of the teachers." A purple-eyed boy, by the name of Matthew, cut in.

"Sorry, guys," I apologized, looking at the ground. "Mom's really depressed right now. She doesn't even talk. So I have to make sure we have something to eat."

"You cook?" They both said in unison. I looked away, "Dad taught me." I whispered.

From the corner of my eye, I saw them elbowing each other. I can't help but smile, though it wasn't the usual. "Let's get going then." I said, "Last one to school is a sore loser!" I shouted then dashed off.


"Christine! Christine Terry!"

I awoke with a start. I was in History class. The class with the worst-tempered teacher. "Yes sir?" I asked, aware of the laughing eyes around me. "I know that History is boring. And just because you are a highly intelligent student, I expect a senior in her last year of high school to pay attention to her studies. Please refrain from doing this again." She said, nose high up in the air, chest out, stomach in.

"You know Sir, I know you hate Chris, you don't have to hide it by giving her compliments." A very familiar voice said from behind me. "Isn't that right, my dear sister?"

Laughter was heard bursting through the room. I was used to it by now. A whole 4 years.

I looked behind me, my sister, a carbon copy of myself except for her long bone straight hair and almond eyes. I had wavy hair and big expressive eyes. Other than that, we look exactly the same.

But by popularity in school, we differ greatly. She was high in the food chain, and I was at the bottom.

She smirked, stuck her tongue out and gave me the finger. I looked back at the chalkboard. The current commotion has died down. I sighed. When did life turn upside down?

The next day, I woke up early and in a good mood for once. So I took a quick shower, dressed in an oversized hoodie, baggy jeans and a pure black Vans slip-on. Tying my dark bluish black wavy hair up in a messy bun, I grabbed my bag and headed out the door with a bagel in my mouth screaming 'I'm leaving' to my mom. Swallowing the half-bagel that was left, I rode on my scooter and drove off.

That was basically my everyday routine. I headed to a place I knew all too well since elementary. Matthew's house.

To say his house was big is a huge understatement. His house was almost castle-like. Almost.

Going straight inside―greeting the butler―and heading to the grand swirling stairwell to the second floor, I went straight to his room and opened the door.

He was changing.

Screaming an apology and shutting the door. I sat down and thought.

That wasn't normal routine.

Usually, when I come up to his room, he'd be dressed and sitting with his computer chatting with his 'other' best friend. You'll find out about him later.

After a few minutes, the door opened, revealing a guy, with dark hair tied to a ponytail at the nape of his neck, wearing a leather jacket over a purple shirt and skinny jeans with some black converse. "D'ya get a good view, my dear?" Matt asked in his usual 'flirtatious' voice. Seriously, why am I best friend's with a guy that watches more porn than eating?

"Shut up, dumbass."

"Ah ah ah. Watch your language, we do not tolerate any rude behaviour in this house."

"Oh, so that's why you're so freaking holy, God treats you to dozens of women." I retorted, sarcasm deeply evident in my voice.

His dark violet eyes brightened as he raised his eyebrows then chuckled, "Aren't you here a bit early?" I looked at him then looked at my watch, it was 7:15. School doesn't start for an hour. Great.

"Well, since you're here, let's grab some breakfast at the usual." He smiled and gave a hand to pull me up.

I took it, grinning. "Yeah, I guess."

As we reached the school in Matt's car since I left my scooter at his place, we separated, heading to each of our lockers. I opened mine, stuffing my bag and grabbing the things I need, I headed to my class.

That is, until I saw my twin sister glaring at me. Again.

She walked straight to me, pushing me against the lockers, leaned in and whispered, "Just seeing your face makes me want to throw up. Try not to show your face to me in school," Her tone dark and cruel she added, "It's bad for my image."

I grimaced, I'm not tough, I don't like fights, and I'm not good with words, add it to my low self-esteem; I never could stand up against my sister. Moments later, with her throwing crude remarks at me, I heard two sets of footsteps coming toward us.

"Cathy, you shouldn't waste your time with Ms. Ugly Whore-ling. Come on, we'll be late for class." a high-pitched female voice said, instantly recognizing it as Diane. She has long auburn hair up till her back like mine and brown eyes.

Another female voice, this one several octaves lower said, "She's right; Alex's probably looking for you." Her name's Sara; short blonde hair, hazel eyes and a form that rivals my sister.

"Fine," Cathy said, turning back to me, "I'm keeping my eyes on you." then walked away.

I slid down, my back against the lockers, trying to control the erratic beating of my heart. 'Why? I never did anything to her.' Most of the time, she ignores me in school, occasionally beating me up to do her school work. The encounter a few minutes ago made my blood run cold, she threatened me, all the while speaking shit about me. That wasn't the first time though. Thank God it's almost Graduation.

After school came with nothing bad happening, except for the glares Cathy and her friends sent me. Seriously, just because I don't wear any short skirts or shorts or what-nots, doesn't mean they can make fun of me all they can. As soon as I got out of my last class, I hurried off to my locker, stuffing my books and grabbing my bag. Closing my locker door, I ran to the stairwell seeing the worst possible thing. Or person.

Alexander Rivero.

My sister's boyfriend. He had long black hair, perfectly toned muscles and dazzling grey eyes. A recent snag by Cathy, Alex was my best friend. Keyword being 'was'. Elementary and Middle school, we were inseparable; me, Matt, and Alex. During freshman of high school, everything changed, he started ignoring me. I never knew why he changed. It tore me apart.

And the worst part is...

I was in love with him.

"Hey Tine," he greeted in his low gruff tone, that was the nickname he gave me when we were kids.

My eyes glazed over, tears threatening to spill, and panic settling in my heart. He never approached me. This was a first. He walked towards me, stopping a step higher than me; I was halfway down the stairwell. He looked at me with those startling grey eyes filled with cruelty and something else that I couldn't name and whispered; "Ugly bitch." before pushing me down the flight of stairs. Landing on my back with a sickening thud, my things flew everywhere. I looked up to see Matt, screaming. Apparently he saw me being pushed down, and scolded Alex.

They were best friends, like I said earlier.

Sitting up and striving to hear what they were talking about despite the ringing in my ears, nausea filled my senses, and then everything went black.

Ooooh. Burn. Isn't that sad though?