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The day of Graduation.

A symbol of being part of society. For gaining the ability to make a choice and a change for either bad or good. For me, it's a change for the better.

The whole ceremony, I tuned out whatever the principal or the administration said. I thought about time, how long my childhood felt. From crying when I was first made fun off to finding the best people and losing them, and to finally gain the courage to leave my customs and venture the world. It seems so weird, I finally felt complete, standing up on stage, not minding the looks I got. I received my diploma, and a few scholarship offers. I was grateful, but I've already made up my mind. I'm gonna change; everything. I'm leaving, and that was final.

"We're Graduates! Tine, we finally graduated!" My best friend exclaimed. He was bouncing around, tossing his cap up and cheering, "I can't believe it! We did it... I did it... I thought I wouldn't be able to do this after what happened... I seriously owe it to you and Alex. Thank you." he smiled.

I returned his smile with one of my own. "You're welcome. What are friends for, right?" He hugged me. "I just can't believe you're leaving." he said, letting go. "If ever you need help, don't hesitate to call me, alright?"

"I will."

"Good. Well, I'll be going. Will you be going to Alex's party?" he asked.

"No, of course not." I stuck my tongue out at him. "You know how scared I get just seeing him." I shivered remembering.

"Alright. I'll have him apologize to you though. You're leaving tomorrow evening right? I'll see you then." he said, walking off.

I turned to go home, just as I saw my sister with her two foolish friends and Alex. Great, real peachy. I tried turning around before they saw me, but apparently that was futile. "Hey babe, it's your sister." Alex pointed out. Geez, what a devil. I wondered why the hell I fell in love with a guy like him, but that was the past. They came to approach me, surrounding me with all their 'glory'. "What's up, Cathy's sister?" Oh, so he doesn't know my name anymore?

"Don't waste your breath on her, Lex. She's really not worth it." my sister piped in from beside him. "I can't even believe the idiot teachers let her graduate. It's unnerving."

"I know, right?" Diane said, flipping her hair behind her, glaring at me. "I mean, have you looked at her? It's graduation, and her clothes are jeans and a shirt. Seriously?" she scoffed. I started backing away, scared. That was until I bumped into something small, that something or someone being Sara.

She screamed at me, "God! What's your problem? You stepped on my shoes! They're new, you know? From Prada none-the-less." What is it with these people? Before I can say something, she pushed me, hard. And once again, I found my back colliding with the ground. I winced, the bruise from my back wasn't gone yet and I just found out I got a gash from before, which is gonna scar. When I glanced back up, they were walking away, laughing. I saw Alex looking at me, emotionless. I don't know why, but I pleaded to him with my eyes. He shook his head as if saying, 'I'm sorry'. That was weird. It left me confused.

Then I realized I was still sitting down on the ground in front of the school. Apparently, people who saw didn't care and were now staring at me as if I was the one wrong. I got up and left, tears threatening to fall from my pale face. I chose to walk home today instead of taking the bus. Mom didn't look good this morning, so I told her that she didn't have to go to the ceremony, my sister couldn't care less. As I was on the curve which my house was, I bumped into someone.

And felt coffee spilt all over me.

Seriously, can this day get anymore worse?

"Oh shit-Whoa, sorry! Are you all right?" a deep masculine voice asked, I couldn't look up, having hot coffee spilt all over me preventing me to do so, I could feel him panicking though. "Fuck, I just got here and now I spilled coffee on some girl. Can this day get any worse?" he muttered to no one in particular, fussing with my jacket and unzipping it, taking it off in the process.

"Hey, talk to me. Are you alright?" I finally looked up, to stare at bright blue eyes, as to mine was a dull deep blue, his was a bright one filled with life. He was handsome too, jaw set, and pearly white teeth when he grinned at me sheepishly. He had long black shaggy hair and bangs that reached his eyes.

Snapping out of my thoughts I saw him hold a hand out to me, I took it, thanking him and blushing profusely. "I'm really sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." he apologized again. A gentleman. "How can I make it up to you? Can I take you out to dinner? If that's alright with you of course." he smiled, his blue eyes brightening some more. I was confused, a stranger just asked me out, but of course that was because he wanted to say how sorry he was, but isn't dinner too much? So, basically, he was asking me out on a date, right? Weird.

"I don't know." I whispered, I didn't know the guy, though he really looks good. "I mean, it's a good offer, but I don't exactly know you." I laughed, uneasily, looking down at my shoes, suddenly finding the sidewalk interesting.

"Oh! Don't worry, it's not like I'll be doing anything to you." he chuckled, easing the tension out of my shoulders. "Besides, I need to pass the time tonight, my boss won't be back until tomorrow, and I can take you home. So, later? 7? I can pick you up." I was still doubtful, but I nodded nonetheless. I might as well spend my time happy until tomorrow.

"My house is just a few blocks away from here. Number 4869." I smiled at him. "I'm Christine by the way. Christine Terry."

"Skye. Skye Thompson." he introduced, even bowing and grabbing my hand to place a chaste kiss. I blushed. A lot of people treated me badly and this guy was treating a stranger, an ugly stranger, like some kind of jewel. He let go, standing straight and pleasantly told me, "I'll take you home." and started walking the direction I pointed out to him. "Besides, I also need to tell someone from your place about what I did, unless, you're living alone?" he added. At first, I gaped at him, wondering if he was crazy, he asks me out on a date, and now he's taking me home?

Closing my mouth, I followed, making sure I'm a few steps behind him. This was a really weird. We reached my house a few minutes after four. I reached down my bag, grasping for my keys. I breathed in, scared of what was going on inside my house, if Cathy saw me she'd make fun of me and Skye would call the date off. Exhaling, I opened the door... only to be greeted by silence. I came in calling for Mom and Arthur. Cathy didn't seem to be anywhere. I forgot, tonight was Alex's party. Though he's stuck up and rude, he's the second son of the owner of Rivero Financing; a company in control of most corporations here in Japan. So it's practically normal for him to throw grand parties in his huge mansion. I vaguely registered Skye entering the house and removing his shoes, following me. When I went to the living room, I found Arthur watching TV.

"Why didn't you answer me? I thought you were gone, and where's Mom?" I asked, gesturing for Skye to sit down.

"I didn't hear you, Chris. My bad." he grinned. "Mom's in the kitchen, she was wondering if you went to the party Cathy was going to, and who's this?"

"Of course, I'm not going. You already know why." I scowled. "His name's Skye, I bumped into him just now." "I know. I just don't understand why they do that to you." he said, his eyes sad. Then, turning back to the cheeky boy he is, "So you're bringing in strangers now?" He giggled.

"I don't know either. So can we drop it?" I demanded, ignoring his last comment, the scowl not leaving my face. Apparently there was someone observing me, so I turned to Skye to find his eyes glued to the TV. I told him to follow me and I'll introduce him to my Mom so he can leave.

In the kitchen, Mom was baking apple pie. I always loved her cooking. "Hey Mom," I called out. "Someone wants to talk to you." she turned around, greeting me and turning her calculating gaze towards Skye.

"That's a weird way of putting it." he said to me, then turning to my Mom, "It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Terry. My name's Skye Thompson, and, well... earlier this afternoon I... spilt coffee on your daughter, so I came with her to apologize to you, too. I'm really sorry."

"My, my, you didn't really have to come all this way just to apologize, my dear." she chuckled, her slender hand covering her mouth, "Besides, Chris isn't one to get mad easily... Now, what were you really here for?"

"What?" I interrupted, "Mom, he just came here to apologize, what kind of-"

"No, she's right. I have another reason." he smiled at me, then turning back to Mom, "I also asked your daughter out to dinner tonight. First to make it up to her for spilling coffee on her jacket. Second, because... well, she really caught my attention when I looked at her. Like, I wanna get to know her. If that's alright with you though."

My Mom smiled. A genuine smile for the first time in weeks. "I'd love to let her, she hasn't gone out in a long time, only going to school then coming straight home." her eyes showed guilt in which I didn't understand, why would she feel guilty? "Well, if it's fine with my daughter." she chuckled, the guilt leaving, being replaced by amusement.

Apparently, amusement at my blush. "I already said yes." I squeaked. Earning a chuckle from both of them.

By the time he left, it was almost five. "You should wear something pretty, like a dress or something." he said before leaving. So here I was, sneaking in my sister's closet, looking for a modest dress. But obviously, modest isn't in Cathy's dictionary. So, leaving my sister's room, I went to my closet, rummaging, until I found it. A plain white spaghetti dress, that hugged my figure until the waist and flowed out from hip till just above the knee. The last time I wore this was prom during middle school. It was a wonder why it still fits me. Before actually getting dressed, I took a shower, humming to myself, if only people in England would be like this. I hope so. Entering my room once again, I saw a pair of black heels by the bed. Mom, I thought, chuckling. I started changing, laughing at myself. I feel so eager because of this date, and how my date is a really handsome guy, while I'm Miss No-sex-appeal. After changing, I went to my sister's bedroom again, checking myself in her full mirror. I didn't know if I looked good or not, I was never one to care about my looks, since I don't know what looks good and what doesn't. I let my hair down, bangs almost covering my eyes, hoop earrings, dangling bracelets, a black clutch purse, the dress and the heels my Mom brought in. I rummaged through my sister's make up, slowly applying eye liner and mascara, so I won't poke myself and some lip gloss. Nodding to myself in the mirror, I checked the clock, it was 6:30. I was too excited, so I went to my room, and lied down.

I didn't know I dozed off until I heard a soft knocking on my door. I panicked. It was ten past seven. Slamming my door open, I saw Mom startled. "Oh my." she cleared her throat. "Well, dear, your date is sort of waiting for you downstairs. What were you doing?"

"Sorry Mom, I fell asleep." I grinned, "Is he mad?"

"No." she chuckled, it is kinda weird for me to be fussing over some stranger. "But you should get going, you wouldn't wanna make him wait, do you? Enjoy yourselves." she smiled at me, waving me off and headed to her room. I met Arthur halfway down the stairs, his childish eyes staring me down. "You look great, Chris!" he complimented, "You should wear these kind of things more often." he emphasized, doing hand motions. I chuckled, I love this kid. If only I could take him with me. I hugged him tight, afraid of letting go.

He hugged me back, confused. "Sis..? You okay?"

I let go. "Yeah, I'm fine." I laughed, "Well, I'll be going now, make sure you behave with Mom, and Cathy might not come home tonight, so lock the door, I have my keys." I finally waved going down the final steps of the stairs. I peeked around the living room. Noting how Skye sat silently clicking at his phone.

"Hey." I greeted. He jumped, almost dropping his phone, "Oh shoot! I'm sorry! I didn't know you'd be startled." He laughed. As in full blown laughter. What the?

"You're cute. Especially when you blush like that." he winked. I blushed some more, I was never complimented like that, it felt nice. No wonder my sister's ego is so big. Then, he stared at me, as if seeing me for the first time, and gaped. I think he was like that for a few minutes. I cleared my throat, it felt awkward to be ogled at.

"Think we should go?" I asked, looking down at my hands. He also cleared his throat, he looked especially beautiful tonight, more so than when I bumped into him a few hours ago. He was wearing some jeans, a white button up shirt, and black shoes. His whole look just screamed 'Hot!' while I probably look like some creep. Dammit.

"You look really beautiful." he said, gliding over to me. "Shall we?" he offered his arm, I took it, blushing again.

This date seemed a lot more significant than the Graduation just hours ago. I sighed, unintentionally, why did he have to appear now? Apparently hearing my sigh, he asked me if I was alright, I said I was and that it was just really weird being asked out by a total stranger on a date.

He helped me pull on my coat and then he put his coat on as well. We kept joking about the whole stranger thing until we reached his car. In which, I gaped at. It was a dazzling black Dodge Viper, and it was convertible! Damn, if he was one of those jerks that takes a girl out to take advantage of her, I'm gonna feel so damn worthless. After ogling at his car, I glared at him. Is he mocking me? Obviously confused, he looked at me questioningly. "Oh, we can't put the roof down, it's too cold." I sighed; he didn't get it, and then pointed at his car. He chuckled, his deep and sexy voice making me shiver, and I liked it. It was pleasant. "If you're glaring at me because you think I'm rich, you're wrong. I got this car from my savings. Meaning, I earned it." I glared at him some more, before finally giving up, he doesn't seem like the 'I-take-advantage-of-random-girls-I-bump-into' type.

"You earned it?" I asked as he opened the door for me and went to the driver side. He nodded, starting the car, and driving off. "Wait. How old are you?" I asked, if I was going out to dinner with a guy ten years older than me, I'm gonna scream. He chuckled again, amused. Gods, I love his voice.

"Don't worry. I'm just 23." he explained, turning on the radio, Contagious by Boys Like Girls playing.

"Oh. I see." I blushed, of course he wasn't ten years older than me.

"And you're 18, right?" he glanced at me before looking back at the road.

"How did you know?"

"I interrogated your brother." he laughed some more, his voice filling my ears and making my knees weak, good thing we were sitting. Wait, interrogated? He uses the weirdest choice words. I smiled... Before looking at him, glaring. He just questioned my brother about me! "And I also found out you graduated today. Why didn't you go to the party your brother was talking about?"

I laughed, bitterness in my voice. He flinched at that. "Well, I wasn't invited. I'm kind of like the loser of my school." I sighed.

"Oh. I'm sorry," he glanced at me again. "Why though? You seem kind and you're pretty."

I laughed again. "Please don't try to flatter me." I stated, my eyes going cold and almost turning black. I looked out the window, the streetlights zooming past us and making pretty lights. Pretty, I mentally scoffed. As if. The whole ride lasted for about twenty minutes, without the both of us talking. That was fine, the sooner this is over, the better. As we stopped in front of the restaurant, I felt more pathetic. 'Italia Kismet'. It was grand to say the least. Though we weren't financially suffering; my family can afford luxury, but not as fine as Matt's or Alex's. Meaning, we're just above average, not overly rich. But the restaurant I'm in front of spelt 'Rich Bastards' in big bold letters. I'm suddenly thinking this date wasn't a good idea...

I was startled out of my thoughts when my door opened, revealing a smirking Skye. Gods, his smirk was contagious. I smiled, forgetting the doom I felt.

"Shall we?" he offered his arm again. I took it.

"Are you sure this is alright?" I asked, starting to get really confused. "I mean, this is just to make up for the spilt coffee, right?"

"Hun, this is a date. Don't worry, just relax, let me lead tonight."


And we entered. As we finished ordering―Skye some random pasta his eyes first laid on the menu, and me ordering the same, he also ordered white wine, winking at me―he asked to go to the washroom and left. While he was there, I felt people staring at me, I felt dumb. When a lady waitress came by and saw me fidgeting, she told me that they were just jealous because I looked really pretty. I felt even more pathetic. How can that be when everyone in my school called me an ugly whore? After a few chitchats with the Lady waitress she left, and I found out that this particular restaurant located around the borderline of Mississauga, is a four-star. I sighed again.

"You know, I'm starting to think you aren't enjoying yourself." Skye's voice interrupted my thoughts as he sat down across from me again. I smiled, though half-heartedly and shook my head. "Then why do you keep sighing? You make me feel sad." He pouted, he looked cute, I noticed.

"I'm sorry, it's just that… I'm not used to these kinds of treatment," I muttered, Shit, now I'm telling my life to complete strangers. Fuckity-fuck. Oh well. "I was more or less treated as an outcast ever since I was little; I was made fun of, bullied and everyone hated me for some reason I never knew."

"Not everyone can hate you." He stated. "I mean, you have your family, right? Your brother, your Mom, a best friend I heard. Doesn't that make your life worth something?" he smiled, another dazzling smile.

He knew how to cheer me up. It was weird, but wasn't unwelcome.

Finally, someone other than Mom and Arthur and Joshua comforting me. I smiled. "Thank you." I said sincerely staring at the glass of wine the Lady waitress poured for me a while ago. Then, I looked at him. "What else did you ask my brother? Or did you also ask my Mom?" I pouted, he got to ask things about me, but I don't know anything about him.

"Oh." He laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck, "Well, your Mom did tell me some things. But mostly your brother did. He told me about your twin sister starting some rumour during first week of high school. And how she stole your first love or something?" I blushed. He paid attention to everything my brother blabbed about! "Ah, well…" I stuttered. "Yeah, I don't know what the rumour was but… after that my best friend or first love, whatever, started hating me." I sighed again.

"That was your fifth sigh tonight." He smiled, though it felt bitter and sad. "You know, with every sigh, you lose a moment of happiness." He grinned. Why in all hells does he pay attention to every little thing?

"I guess, I'll try not to sigh anymore." I smiled, genuinely this time and not half-heartedly. "When's the food coming?" I asked, changing the subject. He seemed to get the message and told me that it would come in about two more minutes. He really paid attention. It's like he memorized every single detail about things.

"So… tell me more about you. You know the basic things about me." I asked, hoping he would answer, and I wouldn't feel like an open book he can read at. "Unless you're some kind of spy working for some underground organization, or something." I joked. His eyes widened a split-second and I wondered if I was just seeing things. Clearing his throat, he chuckled.

"No, silly. I work at a real-estate agency." I nodded, "Well, I'm here on vacation since I've always loved Japan, my Mother was from here."

"Oh." That was weird. Didn't he say this afternoon that his boss was coming tomorrow, and he wasn't doing anything until then? Why lie though?

"Yup…" then silence. The food came right then and we both smiled, the awkward silence gone. We looked at each other before he grinned then dug at his food. I can tell he liked eating. He reminded me of someone, almost everything he did reminded me of someone. And that someone didn't really bring any good memories.

"…You okay?" I heard him say with a mouthful of fettuccini. I laughed; even that aspect reminded me of him...

I shook my head. I have to stop thinking of him, I'm leaving. I can't afford to just think of him and the heartache I feel.

I nodded to Skye before eating. The food was heaven. It was awesome that I just attacked it. I didn't notice the way he looked at me, some kind of fondness in his eyes, when I looked up, he was smiling, the fondness gone replaced by amusement. "You like it?"

"Yeah! It's great! Thanks, seriously." I burped, then blushed. "Sorry." He laughed.

"It's perfectly fine. At least you aren't one of those bitches that act all stuck up. It gets annoying how they keep clinging." He mused, seeming to be deep in thought.

"Well, I should thank you, for coming with me." I blushed again; I probably looked like a tomato from all the blushes. "I know I shouldn't be imposing on you… but I was curious." He started, really slowly he said, "But I heard you were going to England?"

"Oh." I looked down at my lap, trying to avoid his gaze, apparently my brother also blabbed about that to him, I wasn't planning on telling him about that.

"I'm sorry."

He reached out to hold my hand in his―his skin tanned, given a golden glow from the candles on the table―his thumb making circles on my palm, comforting me. "You shouldn't say sorry. It wasn't my intention to know about that, but still… I was just curious."

I looked up at his smiling face, his blue eyes flickering with the candles.

"Well, if you knew, why did you still take me out to dinner?"

"I can't say no to a pretty young lady." He grinned.

Pretty young lady.

I smiled.

"Thank you."

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