Mischa here! This is Come Back from LeighAnn's point of view. It starts while she is in High School and then continues along the story line of Come Back. If you have not read Come Back, read it now! I mean you! It is written for my co-author and great friend Natalie who shares this account. Enjoy this story it has been so much fun to write and enjoy our other stories!

"Hey LeighAnn I have dinner reservations at eight I'll meet you at the park." LeighAnn smiled at the message and she finished applying her makeup. It had been a few weeks since Mel had told her about her engagement and she had been helping her with wedding plans. It was only a few days away and Mel was getting stressed. LeighAnn was looking forward to some alone time with Steve. She drove to the park and leaned by her car enjoying the sunset. Suddenly her view was cut off by a piece of cloth settling over her eyes.

"Steve?" She said surprised

"Don't worry it's me." He laughed into her ear and LeighAnn relaxed. She felt him lead her to his car where he helped her climb in.

"Where are we going?" She said putting her hand up to the blind fold.

"No peeking." He said putting his hand over hers. LeighAnn settled back into her seat giggling. Soon the car stopped and Steve helped her out. Walking across the grass he finally stopped. LeighAnn felt him untie the blindfold.

"Alright open." LeighAnn opened her eyes and gasped. He had set up a table at the edge of a small lake with dinner set up. She laughed and threw her arms around him.

"I thought you said you made reservations." She said teasingly.

"Well I did have to reserve the spot." He winked and led her over to the table. The sat down to dinner but soon abandoned the table preferring to eat on a blanket on the ground. LeighAnn leaned against Steve's chest after she had finished and watched the stars with him. It was perfect as he rubbed her arms when he felt her shiver slightly.

"Cold?" He said but LeighAnn shook her head and he tipped her head back for a kiss. He paused and pulled back.

"What?" LeighAnn asked her hand on his jean covered knee. He got up and led her to the water's edge. When he got there he got down on one knee.

"Oh my gosh." LeighAnn said and Steve grinned as he pulled a small black box out of his pocket.

"LeighAnn Danielle Lancret will you marry me?" He asked.

"Yes!" She said and she knew he would never have her regret that decision.

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