Dear Readers

I'm deleting this version of Elements as i have begun revising and reposting it. If you wish to continue to follow it, it can be found on my profile (as well as more information regarding the change and any questions you may have).

I apologize first of all for seemingly abandoning this story for so long, but I promise it will be worth it (i hope at least) as i plan to catch up and continue on from chapter 9 with the new version in the next month. I urge you to follow it if you'd like to keep up with the story, though some parts may be repetitive. I am changing some important aspects of the story though, so i'd love if you could follow it anew. (My writing has improved as well, especially when compared to the two year old, barely edited version of this).

Thank you,


P.S. I really am sorry, and I promise not to abandon you guys again.