Crash against it all,

The salty spray burns in old wounds,

Breaks apart the poorly stitched seams

Holding my patchwork, quilted heart together,

In the fire,

Consuming it all,

Turning all I have to ashes.

Plastic smiles and plastic eyes,

Spewing out their plastic lies

From plastic lips the Truth does die,

While inside my soul does cry,

As the Devil, he denies,

And Jesus ignores

My cries.

No love inside,

No joy in my eyes,

Just the ashes of the lost




Lucifer conspires,

The ashes form spires,

In my world where the Son

Is my only Light.

Don't leave me here,

Don't shed a tear,

Save me from the fear,

The Morning Star's sneer,

I can feel him near.

Help me make this world


In the meantime,

I will crash against it all,

And bleed away the pain

Until I can feel


6/15/11 12:50pm