A twenty-some man once lived in the woods
Until one night, came the boy with the hood.
The child, he was no more than eighteen and a day
And the twenty-some man allowed him to stay
In his home in the woods on a rainy day.

"Thank you, dear stranger," said the boy with the hood,
"Could you perhaps spare some drink and some food?"

"I have some good wine, and a piece of warm cake,
And some fish that I caught this morn in the lake.
Will that help your hunger?" The man inquired.
The young boy just nodded and smiled.

So the man cooked the fish and poored the good wine
Then looked at the grandfather clock for the time.

'Oh, dear, it's quite late,' he thought to himself,
as he set out the table and got the cake from the shelf.
He meant to tell the boy it was time for his leave
But the young man just smiled and his body seemed to weave

"I'm not ready to go, I cannot be left,
"You'll take me to your bed and clasp me to your breast."

The words of the boy made the man blush bright red,
"But you're just a child! I couldn't take you to bed!"

"I'm eighteen, no longer so young,
"And I want to see what tricks you can perform with your tongue."
The young boy moved forward and the man moved away,
"You want me to go with you, you want me to stay."

As the child said it, his eyes glowed pale blue
And all protests from the man's mind flew
And he nodded his head, his face flushed red
And away to be fucked into the bed he was lead.

The next morning the man looked around for the stranger
Who had awoken desires in him that screamed danger
But he was not beside him in the bed
Sometime before morning, the stranger had fled.

But a gift he had bestowed upon his new prey:
Two wholes in his neck, visible all the long day,
And a note, on paper white as the moon:
Hope you enjoyed last night - I'll come after you soon.