Once upon a time there was a puppet named Pickle. He lived with his puppet master and gave shows to all the little children that lived in the village (which by the way was a village that was praised for its hand at textile work.)

Even though Pickle loved making children laugh, he knew there was something spectacular outside his mundane life. He yearned to be able to walk and enjoy the day just as every other human. But the one thing he wanted most was to talk. He wanted the 'freedom of speech' that every human kept talking about.

One night as Pickle lay in the storing cupboard where his puppet master kept him, he wished to become a real person.

A good fairy came and granted his wish. Pickle, so excited to show off his newfound abilities, he jumped out of the cupboard and stumbled out into the early morning, a heart now beating strong in his chest.

The villagers were rather surprised to see Pickle walking and talking as every one of them. Pickle became the 'talk of the town' and was the most popular thing since the village baker had invented sliced bread.

But soon the villagers grew tired of Pickle. It was not because he was no longer interesting; it was because he would not shut up. When Pickle would begin talking to a villager, he would ramble on and on until the villager fell down, dead of boredom. For example, one afternoon while Pickle was eating a sandwich, little Timmy came and asked what Pickle was eating. "A sandwich," Pickle began. "Do you like sandwiches, because I do, they're the most amazing things in the world. The bread is so soft like the clouds in the sky. Oh the clouds! Yesterday I saw a cloud that looked like a carrot and I got hungry and I thought to myself that I needed a good sandwich with ham and green olives. Green olives remind me of this beetle I saw onceā€¦"

And he went on until little Timmy fell to the ground out of exhaustion.

Enraged, the villagers met secretly to figure out what to do with Pickle. One thought that they should exile him, making him someone else's problem. But that would give some poor undeserving person a life of blabbering Hell. Then, the judge thought of an idea that everyone agreed to instantly: they would sew Pickle's mouth shut.

The next day the villagers cornered Pickle. They attacked him with sharp needles and thick thread, sewing his mouth shut tight.

Pickle, downcast with the feeling of betrayal, he hid in the sewers embarrassed for what had become of him.

Several weeks later, Pickle was scrounging in the sewers when he saw a house catch fire. Because the houses back then were made of wood and pack so tightly, it was definitely an impending danger that needed to have immediate attention. Pickle, still with his strong heart, ran to the judge to alert him of the fire.

Unfortunately, because of Pickle's current status, the judge refused to try to figure out Pickle's charades.

So Pickle escaped from the fire while the selfish villagers were killed in the fire.