The Pleasure Servant

Chapter 1: Prologue/From Poverty to Royalty


Prologue: A Short History of Evoia

There came a point and time in human history when the seven continents were referred to as Asia, North and South America, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and Europe. I will give a brief history of the fall of each:

A climatic change took place, known then as "global warming," which caused the planet to warm to the point that the entire globe's weather changed. Crops wouldn't grow, and in an attempt to make them resistant to the changing climate, chemicals were introduced to many fields of plants, which had an unknown effect. It caused a dangerous gas to be released into the atmosphere that, when coupled with the gases given off by burning fossil fuels, could poison a human. The gas, once breathed in, seemed entrenched in the lungs, and impossible to remove, the victim would soon die of suffocation.

This was first discovered in the Asian continent, in its many polluted cities, but not before the wind currents had carried the poisonous fumes back into the atmosphere. There was nothing to do but wait as the fumes circled the globe. Many tried to shield themselves from the attack with air filters, face masks, and such, but it was too late to save many. Those who suffered the worst were in the South American, African, and Asian continents, where they were least equipped to deal with the blow.

A fourth of the Earth's population was wiped out in this way. Society began to dissolve and civilization took an apocalyptic turn. Neighbors turned on each other and fought for what survived, whether it were land or crops or resources. For decades afterwards, there was discontent and fighting, but out of the quarrels have risen five nations, or huge mega-countries:

Asia and Europe fused together and became Soalla; Africa and Australia became Zaaxl; Antarctica was South Jozzru (the northern arctic ice caps became its sister nation, North Jozzru); South America became Frascalia; and North America became Evoia.

Evoia was ruled by the family that had brought it together, recorded as the Ressio Dynasty, which produced four kings and six queens, five of which ruled jointly. This is probably a good time to mention in my tale that notations of decency and propriety held by former peoples have since been abolished; that is to say, homosexuality is no longer seen as a "sin." Two of the queens were married together, and ruled together. But this is side-tracking from my tale.

The Guura Dynasty shortly succeeded this, and brought a slew of bad rulers, which were happily succeeded by the present Vaavion Dynasty. This dynasty has only been in power for a few generations: first under King Jonas, then Queen Bellatrix, then Queen Catherine, and finally jointly King Nikolai and his wife, Queen Maybelline. They had one son, named Adam.

And Adam was called to rule shortly after his father's death when he was merely sixteen years of age. His mother, in her grief, was unfit to reign, and at first called for his temporary then permanent replacement of her. She had married into the royal family line for love of the king, not any wishes of power or royalty, so she was not inclined to keep her title of queen. When he became eighteen, Adam was named King, and was and is a fair ruler, bringing peace and prosperity to his land.

As I stated before, earlier notations of propriety and decency have seen much change. As I stated, homosexuality is no longer "bad", and prostitution is also no longer considered a wicked occupation. It is by no means a respected situation, as it requires little mental exertion, but it is seen as a fair trade to earn one's living by. And as a king is also a human, and desires what a normal human desires, is it a surprise that he should want a companion to fulfill those desires, in lieu of having a partner? But, of course, the king isn't to use common prostitutes. That would defeat the purpose of my little romantic tale. No, he will look through his country's poorest, most pitiful boys, in the worst conditions, to find a proper beauty to keep him company. That is the end of my history lesson, and now we shall delve into the world of my fantasies, the world of Evoia.


I was marched through the massive walls of the royal palace along with a group of other young men my age, flanked by regular military, which were replaced by palace guards. We passed through many corridors and hallways, until I was completely baffled. Sure, even from the outside I could tell it was a huge place, but I had no idea it was such a maze within. I wondered briefly if they were leading us through so many different places just to confuse us, so we couldn't escape, and then I wanted to slap myself for being so suspicious. Why would any of us be trying to escape? It's not like we had something great to run back to. I had learned, in our brief captivity, that we were all sons of some of the poorest people in Evoia, which didn't surprise me. I knew I was poor.

We were taken not exactly like prisoners, but definitely not of our own free will. I had been roughly forced into the transportation vehicle when I didn't immediately obey their order to enter it voluntarily. The reason they took me was simple enough: our family was too poor to pay our debts, so I would work in the palace until our debts were repaid. I wouldn't mind it so much, if I hadn't been scared almost out of my wits. I had no idea what servant work in the palace was, and I was a small person for my eighteen years—only about five-feet-and-six-inches tall, and skinny as a rail. Part of my stunted growth was from malnourishment I suspected, but I also took after my mother, who was small too. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to perform whatever tasks they assigned me, and then they'd… well, I wasn't sure what they'd do then, and that was what really scared me. The unknown.

We finally entered what I could only assume was the throne room, where the King met visitors or gave televised speeches. It was decorated in art that depicted the history of Evoia, and the King himself sat on a magnificent throne made out of rich wood and upholstered in some of the finest fabric I've ever seen. The King himself was no less magnificent. He stood up as the guards brought us into the room, and I saw that he towered over me. He had to be at least six feet tall, not an uncommon height, but much taller than me. He had long black hair and olive-toned, flawless skin. He was muscular, as I could plainly tell under his well-tailored, finely-made clothing. He had a prominent brow, deep blue eyes, and lips that were large but in proportion to the rest of his face.

As he walked towards us, he was flanked by two royal guards, who were obviously of a higher rank than the ones that were guarding us. Our guards made us stand in line, side-by-side, in front of him. I was near one end. He slowly started at the opposite end and walked down the row, looking at each of us. He looked somewhat interested at first then mildly disappointed as he progressed closer and closer to me. I nervously looked at the ground as he approached. His sharp-looking leather boots paused in front of me then turned to face me, taking a slight step in my direction. I would have naturally taken a step back, had there not been a guard behind me. That guard ordered me to look up, so the King could see my face.

I timidly looked up at him, not making eye -contact out of respect. He looked at my face earnestly, seeming pleased, though I had no idea why. What was so special about me? I was pale compared to most of the olive-toned boys around me, not nearly as muscular or as masculine. I had feminine features, with my slender body, small lips, and large eyes framed with long eyelashes. Still, the King looked happy with what he saw. He gave the rest of the line a half-glance then dismissed them.

The guard behind me put a hand on my shoulder, holding me there while the rest of the young men were herded back out of the room. I looked at the floor again out of habit, but the guard forced my head back up to the King. I must have looked at frightened as I felt, because he gave me a sympathetic smile before beckoning me to follow him. He walked back to his throne and sat down, and then he ordered a bench to be brought from me. One was produced and placed a few feet in front of him, which I sat down on. I sat as straight and still as I could, trying to appear proper and not quite so tiny.

The King had an arm propped on the side of his throne with his head cradled in his hand, observing me through narrowed but not unfriendly eyes. His voice shocked me when he spoke, mostly because I had expected something harsh and commanding. Instead, he sounded gentle and concerned as he asked me why I looked so nervous. He said it in a musing way, and I was half-sure that he was just wondering aloud, when the guard that had been standing behind me nudged me. I almost couldn't get the words out fast enough in my haste to reply and not anger the King.

"My King, it is impossible not to be nervous in your presence." I stumbled out, sounded just as afraid as I felt. My voice was even more high-pitched than usual from fear, making it squeaky and weak. I took a deep breath to steady it, hoping the King wouldn't laugh at my lack of courage in addressing him.

"Why is it impossible?" he asked, tilting his head quizzically, almost like a child.

"I…" I started, unsure what to say. The guard nudged me again. The King waved him off.

"Give him time to collect his thoughts." He said, and the guard bowed his head and retreated a step back. The King turned his gaze back on me. "While you do so, tell me some things about yourself. What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from?"

"My name is Dominic Curjes, and I am eighteen years old." I said. "My hometown is Feri, from the southeastern region of Evoia, only a few hours' journey to the capital."

"I know of Feri," said the King, smiling. "Such beautiful country around it."

"Yes, sir. We're a farming community, and the groves are beautiful this time of year." I replied, surprised at how easily I answered him. He had a natural calming aura around him, seeming to make everyone in his presence relax with his friendliness.

"Well, Dominic, you're probably confused as to why you're here." He told me, sitting up a little straighter. "Obviously, not to being in my palace, since you know you are here to be a servant to pay for your family's debts, but as to why I have selected you to be in my presence without the young men who were brought in with you, I suspect you are in the dark."

I nodded respectfully, hoping he had the intention of enlightening me to my current situation. He smiled at me. "Have you ever heard of a pleasure servant, Dominic?"

I shook my head, a little ashamed at my ignorance and scared at what being a pleasure servant entailed.

"A normal palace servant does, well, normal things, such as cleaning or cooking." He said. "A pleasure servant has…other duties. They would be solely for the King's use; no one else could touch them. They fulfill his other desires, his more I guess you could say human desires. Do you understand?"

I nodded as it slowly started to dawn on me. Was a pleasure servant like a royal version of a prostitute?

"Well, for some time, I have been wanting a pleasure servant, not only for those…desires…but also for…companionship." He said, taking his time to pick the correct words. "I get quite lonely, you know. A companion would be nice. Would you be willing to be my…companion?"

I was quiet for a minute. Was the King of Evoia asking me to be his prostitute?! I guess I was taking too long again, because I heard the guard step forward to nudge me, until a wave of the King's hand sent him back.

"You are allowed to refuse, you know." He said, and he said it so truthfully that I felt he must be being honest. "I won't begrudge you. If you don't want to be my pleasure servant, you may go catch up with the other young men, and you'll work here with them until your debts are paid. Though I will tell you, that the pay for a pleasure servant is higher than that of a normal palace servant, and therefore you would pay off your family's debt faster. But this is entirely up to you."

I let the idea sink into my head for a second. I could barely talk to the man, much less sleep with him! He was giving me the choice to refuse him, something I didn't understand. He was the King! He could order me to sleep with him if he wanted to, right? So why was he giving me the choice if he wanted me? And why did he want me anyway? As I stated earlier, I was nothing special. There were too many whys and not enough answers.

Even though he had given me the freedom of choice, I didn't feel entitled to take advantage of this freedom. How could I refuse the King of all Evoia!? It was unheard of. And besides, if what he said was true, then I could be home with my family again sooner if I was his pleasure servant than if I was a regular servant. I didn't have a great home life, but I loved my mother and sister, so I wanted to be back with them and help them, because I knew that they would still be struggling, even if I was here to get them out of debt. Plus, a small tiny part of me that I'd never realized was there before, was excited at the prospect of doing something so…foreign to me. I was a virgin; I'd never even seen another person naked. Not many people can say they lost their virginity to the damn King of Evoia. So, I mustered all the courage I had, and looked up at the King.

"Yes, my King, I will be your…pleasure servant." I said quietly though surely. He smiled, looking happy with my answer.

"And my companion?" he asked.

"Yes, sir." I said, not sure what the difference was.

"Excellent." He said, seeming truly pleased. He waved his hand and a servant stepped forward. It was a young girl, probably my age, in simple yet clean attire. He said to her, "Take him to my chambers, and explain to Daniel what his position is to be. Tell him to have him fed and cleaned, and prepared for me tonight."

She nodded in assent and, after the King formally dismissed me with a bow of his head, I followed her through many more chambers and corridors and hallways until we reached what I assumed were the King's chambers. She scarcely said a word to me, though I suspected she was just shy, because she scarcely said a word to Daniel either, besides the required information that she was to impart with him.

Daniel turned out to be an ebony-skinned man of about thirty. He was a little taller than me, though not as tall as the King. He had dark eyes and his hair was shaved down to a short stubble. After the girl informed him that I was to be the King's pleasure servant, she departed and left me alone with him. Daniel introduced himself as the King's chamber servant, and told me the difference between a chamber servant and a pleasure servant, which I at first guessed to be the same thing. A chamber servant cleaned the King's chambers and helped him get ready, things like that. Kind of like a housekeeper or butler, I guess.

It was also part of his duties apparently to get me ready for the King. He had me thoroughly bathe in the King's bathroom, something I was a little wary of until he assured me that I would be expected to share the King's living quarters with him. I asked if this was usual, and I was surprised when he shook his head.

"In normal circumstances," he said, "you would share my chamber with me, which is just next to the King's for his convenience, and you would come to him on the nights he required your services. But, as he wants you for your companionship also, he said he wanted you to share his chamber with him. That's a big honor."

I nodded, quietly reflecting as I sat in a magnificent marble tub, lathering my body with expensive, rich soaps. I had gone from poverty to royalty in mere hours! It was a little hard to take in, but I didn't have long to reflect on this, because as soon as I was done with my bath, Daniel was bustling me in front of a vanity. He had a plate of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with cold meat and some juice for supper. The food was some of the most delicious I'd ever had.

After we were done eating, he had the dishes cleared away and set to work on the preparing me for the King part of his instructions. This involved a little waxing, trimming my shaggy blond hair, priming my nails, and applying all sorts of cleansing washes and moisturizing lotions to my skin. From there, he had me stand up while he took measurements of me. He said this was so I could have clothes made for me. For now, I would borrow some of his, since we were roughly the same size, though he was a little larger than me. He assured me that he had some older clothes that were smaller. Then, he worked on putting makeup on my face.

Richer people wore makeup; it was really only for special occasions in my poorer community. I remembered my mother had a tub of bright red lipstick that she would wear on the few occasions we had to celebrate, like births or marriages. If it was really important, she might put a little blush on me and my sister. Now, Daniel started by covering my face with foundation, then put bronzer and blush on it, followed by eyeliner around my eyelids and a touch of black eye-shadow in the corner. He also touched the tips of my eyelashes with mascara. Then, he gave me some clothes to get dressed in. They were simple black pants and a silky blue shirt that draped over one shoulder and left the other bare. I couldn't make my dainty feet fill his large shoes, so he said I wouldn't need any tonight anyway, since I wouldn't be leaving the King's chambers. I blushed as he said this then asked why he had such nicer clothes than the other servant I'd seen so far. He said this was because he was technically considered higher up on the food chain so to speak than other servants, and that the King was a very generous, rewarding man, and knew he had a liking for pretty things. He also told me that the King had a liking to what he called pretty boys.

"He generally likes a small, gentle boy, with delicate features and a beautiful face, like you." He told me as he gave my hair some final touches. I blushed again, and he said, "Perfect, that's all you needed: a little natural blush. And some lipstick." He added as he dabbed the neutral shade onto my lips, giving them a nice sheen. "Now, you're ready for the King, which is good because he should be coming back to his chambers for the night in a few minutes."

With that, he led me back into the bedroom part of the King's chamber, bade me to sit on the bed, and left me all alone. I sat nervously twiddling my hands in my lap, looking at the luxury around me in awe. I jumped when I heard the sound of the chamber door opening, seeing the King himself enter. He looked around and immediately saw me, and he smiled, his eyes devouring me as he took in my form with pleasure. He closed the door behind him, kicked off his shoes, and came over to the bed and stood in front of me. He ran a hand through my hair, pulling it back from my face so he could look me in the eye. His blue eyes sparkled back at my green ones.

"I'll have to thank Daniel tomorrow. You look beautiful," he said, making me blush and look down. Unfortunately, his crotch was in the same direction. Was it always that prominent?! I swallowed nervously. I wasn't completely naïve in the ways of sex, and I knew tonight I would be penetrated…for the first time too. "Of course, you were beautiful before. I just consider this as enhancing what was already remarkably pretty."

I didn't know how to respond to his flattery other than a muttered, "Thank you, my King." He shook his head.

"In public, you must call me that, as all servants are required to." He said. "In these chambers, you are not just my pleasure servant, but also my companion. In here, you may call me by my real name, Adam."

"Adam…" I couldn't help trying to name out, letting it roll off my tongue. It felt nice to say. I also couldn't help smiling as I said it, which in turn made him smile. Then, he leaned down and kissed me.

I wasn't really expecting that to say the least, and sat still as stone until he pulled back with a slight frown on his face. I looked downcast and almost whimpered in shame. Here was my first chance to prove that I could be a faithful servant, and I let him down. But how was I supposed to have sex with him when I couldn't even tolerably kiss him?

"I'm sorry, my K-I mean, Adam," I said, looking up at him pleadingly. "May I try again? I promise I won't disappoint you twice."

He laughed, but kindly, and he comfortingly stroked the side of my face. "It's okay, Dominic. I need to remember not to expect so much of you. You need to time become familiar with me and the idea of being my pleasure servant. I'm not mad at you. Come, let's get undressed and just lay together for a while. We can try the companion part of this arrangement. I want you to tell me about your day."

I stood up and blushingly started to undress, but he stopped me.

"No, I'm sorry, but I think I shall still reserve the right to undress you," he teased and helped me step out of my clothes, letting his hand linger on my body. I was as red as a tomato, but I held my own surprisingly well, enough so that I was able to return the favor and undress him at his request. I may not have let my hands touch him as intimately as he had touched me, but I did have to admit that he was extremely handsome. His nude form was muscled and tanned beautifully, and he had tattoos on his arms and back. They were very becoming.

We lay together on the bed, and he pulled my body close to his as he covered us with the luxurious blanket. The sheets were silky smooth, and, coupled with his warm body, I couldn't deny that I was extremely comfortable, despite my nervousness. He asked me how my day went after I was taken back to his chambers, how I liked Daniel, and the clothes, and makeup, etc…. I honestly told him how I liked Daniel, how all the luxury dazzled me, and how I couldn't believe I'd gone from poverty to this in one day. He listened to me as I talked, stroking my hair in a sort of rhythm. He actually seemed interested in what I had to say. Partially out of cordiality and partially out of true interest, I asked him what he had done today.

"Lots of business," he said with a laugh. "You would be bored by it."

"Not true." I frowned. "I am very interested in politics."

"Are you?" he asked, again chuckling. "Then, what's your stance on the current movement for a voucher system in our public schools?"

"I couldn't tell you; I'm not your advisor." I said, looking up at him. "You aren't seriously forming your opinions based off mine, are you?"

"Who better than a citizen of Evoia?" he asked. "But no, I just wanted to know your opinion. You are my companion now, so your opinion matters to me. And, as a citizen of Evoia, your opinion also matters to me. A king is nothing without the support of his people."

I lay my head back on his chest on pondered this, subconsciously running my finger up one of the lines of his tattoos. I asked him why he got them.

"Tattoos are much more common in the higher classes than the lower ones." He said. "And they are especially popular among royalty. I got my first one when I was sixteen, two years before I became old enough to take over the throne, as all heirs do. That was this one." He pointed to the one on his left arm. "Then, soon after when my father died, I got the one on my other arm. It is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic for protection." He motioned to the tattoo on his upper right bicep. Underneath it was a silhouette of the country of Evoia, which he explained as his promise to his father when he died that he would protect and lead Evoia. "There are some on my back too, but I'll show them to you later. I'm much too comfortable right now."

He pulled me closer, burying his face in my hair. I was comfortable enough with him to allow this without turning bright red, but the blush crept its way up onto my cheeks as I felt his growing erection on my outer thigh. I had refused to look as I had undressed him, except in a glance—a glance that assured me of its size. He wasn't so huge that I was scared of being split in two, but it did make me swallow hard when I thought about being penetrated. I was nervous, to say the least. I think Adam sensed this, because he started stroking my back comfortingly. He also started kissing me again—not on my lips but the rest of my face, covering my forehead, cheeks, and nose with tender pecks. This made me blush deeper, causing Adam to stop his attack on my face for a moment of observation.

"That blush," he said, smiling at me, "is one of the reasons you stood out to me. Such lovely, flawless pale skin, almost as white as snow, except for that blush on your cheeks."

This, of course, caused me to blush even more. What doesn't make me blush? I wanted to hide my face, but Adam had a hand cupping my head underneath my chin so I couldn't. He was looking earnestly at my face, examining it.

"I love your eyes as well." He mused. "They're green—not murky brown-green or blue with a hint of green, but a true stark green. I can see a hint of gold around the irises, but that just adds to the beauty of them.

"And I like your lips. They're small and proportionate with your other features, but yet plump and naturally a rosy pink. And your nose and ears, they're elfin almost; I like that. I honestly can't find a feature that I don't like."

"You're just saying that," I muttered, fighting a pleased smile. I didn't want to seem vain, but I was really flattered by his compliments on my person. I didn't think myself a beautiful person, and to have someone disagree for once was surprisingly delightful.

"No I'm not. I meant every word I said," Adam said as he shifted. He rolled me onto my back and hovered over me, propped up one elbow. He brought his free arm up to stroke his fingertips down the length of my slightly exposed chest. I couldn't help quivering at his touch, and I was surprised by a feeling in the pit of my stomach, like something tingly and warm was building up in there. He let his hand rest on my chest, over my heart, as he leaned forward and brought his lips to my own. I wasn't taken by surprise so much this time and was able to respond more appropriately. I had never kissed anyone like that before, and I was scared I was doing it wrong. But Adam took control of the kiss from the beginning, and my lips seemed to move in sync with his.

Adam ran his tongue across the length of my lips, and I was knowledgeable enough to know that he wanted me to open my mouth. I spread my lips and he pushed his tongue inside my mouth. I was a little surprised by the taste of him, but it certainly wasn't a bad taste, though I couldn't exactly describe it. The more I tasted him, the more I wanted to taste him. I gingerly reached forward and cupped the back of his head with my hand, letting my fingers tangle in his hair, which I found to be as soft as the fur coverlet. He in turn brought the hand that had been resting upon my chest up to cup my cheek, using it to angle my head to give him better access.

He pulled his mouth away from mine to place a line of kisses down my jaw and neck. By this time, he had moved one leg over my hips and was straddling me. As our growing arousals touched, I couldn't help letting out a half-moan half-whimper sort of sound, a sound I'd never uttered before in my life, but Adam seemed to like it.

"Mmm," he groaned as he kissed the side of my neck, and I felt the vibration of it pass from his lips to my sensitive skin. He made his way to my collarbone and ran his tongue over the flesh before gently biting down. I jumped a little at the unexpected feeling of his teeth on my skin, but I had to admit that it was a nice feeling. I squirmed a little underneath him, taken over by a sudden urge to wrap my legs around his hips. But he was straddling me so I couldn't, and a whine escaped my lips when the urge didn't go away. Earlier, I was scared of the idea of having to spread my legs for the King, but now I felt these urges I had scarcely known before creeping up on me, making me desire him. I could feel the weight of his body on top of mine, and, to be honest, it was quite arousing…

When I let out that whine, Adam paused for a moment to look at me curiously. I blushed at the sound I had made and looked away, pursing my lips so no other embarrassing noises could escape, but he put a finger underneath my chin and made me look up at him. He kissed me sweetly for a few moments then broke to look me in the eyes.

"Don't ever try to silence your voice," he whispered, his lips tickling my ear and making me shudder. "I love the sound of your voice, whether you're talking or moaning or whining, and especially when you say my name."

This of course caused me to whisper his name into his ear, and he kissed me again.

"Tell me what you want, Dominic," he said between kisses. He moved his way from my lips back to my neck and then down my chest. He placed a kiss over my rapidly-beating heart before moving down to my stomach.

Uh oh, danger zone; I'm extremely ticklish. He started laying butterfly-soft kisses on my stomach, and I couldn't help letting out a whimpering giggle. Again, he couldn't help looking up at me curiously. I muttered embarrassedly, "I'm ticklish there." He chuckled but moved back up to my neck, placing a kiss where my jaw and ear connected.

"I'll remember that," he promised in a way that made me shiver, partially from a little fear but that was quickly overpowered by excitement. It was like I was happy at the prospect of having that used against me… Wow, I haven't even had sex with him yet and I've already turned into his happy little pleasure servant. Not that I was complaining at the moment, of course.

Again, he whispered in my ear, "Now, tell me what you want." I found that he wanted an answer, so I said the first thing that came to mind.

"I want to wrap my legs around you." I mumbled, embarrassedly and unintelligibly, so he had to request me to repeat myself, which I did with a rising red blush on my cheeks. He couldn't help chuckling, but it wasn't mocking, and he moved himself so that his knees rested between my legs, our hips still touching. I tentatively hitched my legs up around his hips and curled them to where my ankles touched, locking him between them. He seemed to enjoy this position and moved one of his hands to stroke up and down the length of my thigh.

Growing a little more adventurous, I placed my hands on his chest, letting my fingers run over the dark hairs that dusted over it. He wasn't very hairy, but he did have some hair on his chest, which I found very attractive. I moved my hands up and down the length of his chest, feeling the strong muscles underneath his warm skin. Eventually, my hands came to grip his broad shoulders as he kissed me again. My grip tightened as I heard him groan into our kiss. It was deep, like his voice, and made me shudder. I felt the weight of his body on top of mine and was seized by a sudden urge to thrust my hips forward against his. It was almost an involuntary reaction, but my reaction caused him to have a reaction as well. He pressed his lips so hard against mine that I thought they would bruise, tightened his grip on my thigh possessively, and groaned again, this time louder than before.

I liked this response, and it felt good to grind my hips against his. So I did it again, at the same time as he decided to thrust his hips forward against mine. The combined pressure, mixed with our touching arousals, sent us into what I can only describe as a different realm of pleasure. It was a wonderful, almost indescribable feeling. My privates throbbed and the sensation in my stomach I mentioned earlier that had been building, building, building was becoming unbearable. I whimpered a little, wanting some relief from this pleasurable torture.

Adam started slowly and rhythmically moving his hips against mine, grinding our arousals together with each thrust. I could felt the heat coming off his persona almost in waves washing over me, and I moved one hand up from his shoulder to his now slightly sweaty hair, running my hand through the luxurious tresses. As the pace quickened with our increasing pleasure, I found myself arching my back, pushing my body closer to his.

We were both panting and grunting and moaning. I moaned his name, and it rang clear through our pants. His lips crashed down upon mine, forcing his tongue between my lips to taste me. I didn't really know what to do with myself, so I continued whatever it was I was doing: a mixture of squirming, humping, and moaning. And that was basically what we were doing, humping each other like dogs in heat. But dammit, it felt good too good for me to care what I looked like at that moment. I felt a prick of pain as his nails dug a little into my thigh, but it was an arousing kind of pain and made me latch my lips onto his neck, sucking and biting like he had done earlier.

"Fuck," he cursed as I bit down, though not hard enough to leave a mark. He gripped my hair in his hand that wasn't seemingly inseparable with my thigh and used it to tilt my face up to look him. Between kisses he said, "You're just…mmm…too damn good…Dominic." I was writhing beneath him at this point, a whimpering, quivering mess. He finally let go of my thigh, only to move that hand to my ass. He cupped one of the cheeks and, as he thrust forward with extra friction, gave it a sharp squeeze.

This was my point of no return. I was lost in some world of pleasure then. The technical term is an orgasm but I still think it was some form of other worldly paradise. My eyes seemed to roll back into my head for a minute, but somehow I could still see Adam. All I could focus on were his piercing blue eyes locked onto mine. All I was aware of at that moment was Adam. I heard him groan out my name as he too came. He continued to thrust our hips together as he rode out his orgasm. I lay beneath him, non-opposing and spent, as he finally stopped and seemed to collapse on top of me, catching himself on his elbow so not to squish me. We were both panting heavily, trying to catch our breath.

Our seed felt warm and sticky on my stomach. After a few minutes, he rolled off of me and lay on his back next to me, running a hand through his hair. Our arms were pressed together, and his hand found mine and gripped it, rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb comfortingly. I continued to stare at the ceiling above me for a while until I felt the burn of Adam's eyes on my face. I looked at him to find that he was curiously looking at me, an inquisitive smile on his face. I cocked an eyebrow and he laughed.

"What's so funny?" I asked with my voice soft. I liked hearing him laugh.

"You're smiling." He said. This of course caused me to frown.

"I am?" I asked sheepishly. I had been completely unaware as to what I was doing.

"You were." He correct and kissed me again. I laid my head on his shoulder and he started stroking my hair again. I was tired and closed my eyes. My thoughts wandered. I realized that he hadn't penetrated me, like I had thought he would. In my mind, sex and penetration had been essentially the same thing. But I wondered if there were other ways to have sex without him penetrating me.

Of course there are, you dumbass. You just let the King hump you into his mattress; I think that counts as sex. He may not have wanted to penetrate you tonight. It'll come sooner or later.

These, coupled with a few reflections on how nice it was to cuddle after sex, were my only thoughts as I went to sleep. Adam was still lazily stroking my hair as I drifted into subconscious.

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