The Pleasure Servant

Chapter 8: Early Morning Adventures


I awoke suddenly to a loud bang. My eyes blinked in the blackness of my bedchambers. It was still dark outside, but I could see a light shining from the edges of the closed bathroom doorway. At first I thought it may be Daniel, but then I rolled over and realized Dominic wasn't in bed with me. I figured it must be him in the bathroom, so I waited for him to return.

He appeared momentarily and tiptoed quietly across the room. He climbed carefully back in bed so as not to disturb me, who he thought was still sleeping.

"Are you okay?" I asked, making him jump. "I heard a bang."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you," he said. "I had to go to the bathroom and I knocked something off the counter."

"It's okay," I said as I pulled him closer to me. He rested his head on my shoulder and placed a hand on my chest, running his fingertips along the contours. I noticed he still had his clothes on and I mentioned it, seeing as we usually slept nude. He laughed.

"You fell asleep before you could take all of your own clothes off," he said. I realized I was still wearing my pants. I guess I'd been so tired that it had completely slipped my mind.

"Oh," I said as I began to run my fingertips through his soft hair.

"How does your back feel now?" he asked after a moment.

"Much better," I answered. "Thank you for rubbing it. I think that really helped a lot. You could be a professional masseur."

He chuckled and said, "I'm glad it helped." We were silent for a little while then he added, "Now that I'm awake I can't fall back asleep."

"Me neither," I said. I felt rested and alert. "I know it's early, but since we probably aren't going back to sleep, would you like to go ahead and take a bath with me?"

"Oh, sure," he said and rolled out of bed. I stretched luxuriously and yawned then went to the bathroom, Dominic following closely behind me.

I turned the water on and stepped out of my pants. Dominic also got undressed. I sat on the edge of the tub and watched him from the corner of my eye, trying to be sly. He could feel my sight on him though, because he blushed and wrapped his skinny arms around his thin frame.

I leaned forward and pulled him closer to me, moving his arms to make him wrap them around my neck. I pressed my face to his chest, listening to his heartbeat, while his fingers played in my hair. He began to hum softly, making his chest vibrate slightly.

When the tub was full, we both climbed in. I leaned back against the side, letting the tops of my bent knees peek out of the surface of the water. Dominic submerged himself completely for a moment then resurfaced, blinking water out of his eyes. I beckoned for him with my hand and he crawled closer, nestling between my legs. He settled back on my chest, his hips pressed against my cock. I wrapped my arms around his tiny torso and he rested his hands on my forearms.

After a moment, Dominic tilted his head back to look at me. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his. We kissed sweetly for several minutes, out lips moving tenderly together. I ran my tongue across the length of his lips and slipped between them. He moaned contently into our kiss, turning his body around to face mine. He placed his hands upon my chest as he kissed his way down my jawline and neck to my collarbone, delicately pressing his teeth against my skin.

"Mmm, harder," I told him. I wanted him to leave a mark. He did as I commanded, leaving an impression of his delicate bite on my skin. Then I brushed his hair away from his neck and left my own mark upon him, careful not to bite so hard as to really hurt him. He whimpered a little at first, but it faded into a soft moan as I ran my tongue over the bite, tasting a tiny hint of his coppery blood. There was definitely something animalistic about marking each other, as if we were each other's property. But something in me craved for it…and judging by his response, I'd say Dominic wasn't too opposed to it either.

After this, I grabbed the shampoo bottle and squeezed a generous glob into my palm. I divided it between Dominic and me, lathering it onto our scalps. Dominic closed his eyes and a content smile played across his features. Next I grabbed the soap and scrubbed his body with it, tenderly massaging his skin. I started to wash my own body, but Dominic shook his head. He took the soap from me and bathed me himself, his hands lingering over certain spots a little longer than necessary (not that I was complaining).

Once we had finished bathing, Dominic leaned back against my chest and rested his head again on my shoulder. I stroked my hand down his back along his spine. He whimpered quietly as my hand moved down to his thigh, and then back up to his more private regions. A breathy moan escaped his lips while I slowly stroked him. As my speed increased, so did his moans. Soon his eyes closed and he threw back his head. I could tell he was nearing his orgasm, so I pinched the base of his member.

"What…? Adam," he whined, squirming fitfully.

"I can't have you spent so early," I smirked. "We aren't near finished yet. We need to make up for missed time last night."

He shuddered at my words. Once I felt his orgasm had been repressed, I released him. Next, I made him sit on the rim of the tub. He shivered as he leaned back against the cool tiled wall. I kneeled between his spread legs and surveyed his dripping nude body, licking my lips as I decided where to begin. His half-closed, lust-clouded eyes followed my movements as I leaned forward. First, I kissed the mark I'd left on his collarbone. Then, I moved down his chest and stomach. I gripped his hips in my hands as I blew a puff of air at his erection. He gasped and bit his lip. He eyes bugged out of his head as I ran my tongue across the head, toying with the slit. His hands gripped the rim of the tub and he whimpered.

"Adam," he breathed as I took him completely into my mouth inch by inch. At times he would watch, mesmerized. Then his eyes would flutter closed as a fresh wave of pleasure would roll over him. Since the actual length of the penis isn't very sensitive, I concentrated on the tip and base, and also on his balls.

After bringing him close to his orgasm once again, I pulled my mouth off his throbbing cock just as he was about the finish. He groaned in displeasure, biting his bottom lip so hard I was worried he'd make himself bleed.

"Please," he whined quietly, his voice sending shivers down my spine.

"Say my name," I whispered in his ear.

"Adam," he instantly complied. "Oh, Adam, please… I need…"

"What do you need, love?" I asked. I wanted to hear him beg me for it. In the back of my mind, it registered in my head that I had once again addressed him as love but I was too absorbed in the moment to give it more than a split-second's thought. My eyes were glued to his face, which was twisted into a beautiful expression of torturous pleasure.

He didn't answer immediately, but moaned pitifully and curled his arms and legs around me, holding me close to him. "Adam, I need…you…inside me."

Desire seemed to flood my senses like a waterfall. I forced myself not to thrust straight into him right then. I had to remember that he was still very new to sex, especially penetration. I could tease him as I had been doing, bringing him close to his peak then stopping before slowly working him back to his orgasm, but I had to be careful not to hurt him or push him past his limits.

I grabbed the soap and lathered a generous amount onto my cock and fingers. I slipped my fingers inside of him one at a time, stretching him. He groaned and pressed back against my hand, driving me deeper inside him. I pulled them out and leaned back against the side of the tub, letting Dominic climb on top of me. He guided the head of my shaft inside of him with his hand and slowly lowered himself down until his ass rested on my hips. His warm inner walls tightened instinctively around my throbbing erection.

"Oh, Dominic," I groaned in pleasure and gripped his hips in my hands. Once he had adjusted him, he began to rock his hips back and forth. I let him find his rhythm and lead, moving in time with him. He fisted my hair and slammed his lips against mine, meaning into the kiss. His hands tangled and pulled my hair, but I didn't mind. It was electrifying to have him take control, even if it was only slightly. The thought of letting him top me flashed into my mind. I had to admit that the idea had its appeal. Maybe we could try some other time. But right now we were a little occupied…

Dominic, who had already been teased and pushed to his edge several times, finished quickly. He rode out his orgasm on top of me, continuing to grind against me until I too came with his inner walls clenched tight around me. He moaned quietly as I filled him with my warm seed, and I groaned his name in release. He pulled himself off of me to where my spent cock slipped out of him then collapsed back on top of me, settling his body between my legs. I wrapped my arms loosely around his waist as he rested his head on my chest. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the tiled wall, a content feeling spreading throughout my body.

After a moment, I became conscious that Dominic was mumbling something. "Hmm?" I said without opening my eyes.

"Huh?" he asked, as if he didn't know I could hear him, and then hastily replied. "Oh, it's nothing."

I blinked open my eyes and looked at him. He blushed and said, "Really, I was only singing. I do it sometimes without thinking about it."

"Singing?" I repeated curiously. "I'd like to hear you sing."

"Oh, no, you wouldn't," he started, but I insisted that I would. That and a pleading look convinced him. He sighed and said, "Well, okay, if you want me to…"

"When the stars are too cold,
Frozen over the globe,
On the edge of the night,
We can be their light.
So give me more than your touch,
And give yourself to the rush,
Just keep holding my hand,
As we're taking off,
I know where we'll land.

"We can escape to a high plane in Nirvana.
Stay where the dreamers lay.
I'll lay you down, lay you down."

"Whoa," I breathed as his voice faded into silence. "That was beautiful."

"It's a lovely song," he assented.

"Well, I was talking about your voice, but the song is nice too." I said. "Will you sing some more? Please?"

He blushed, but finished the song.

"Through the dark there's a way,
There's a love, there's a place,
Where we don't have to hide,
We can dream all night.
So follow me through sky,
And watch the oceans collide,
Just keep holding my hand,
As we're taking off,
I know where we'll land.

"We can escape to a higher plane in Nirvana.
Stay where the dreamers lay.
I'll lay you down, lay you down.
Safe on a higher plane in Nirvana.
Stay where the dreamers lay.
I'll lay you down, lay you down.

"We don't need any diamonds or gold.
Watch the mystic and cryptic unfold,
As we fly high.

"We can escape to a higher plane in Nirvana.
Stay where the dreamers lay.
I'll lay you down, lay you down.
Safe on a higher plane in Nirvana.
Stay where the dreamers lay.
I'll lay you down, lay you down.
I'll lay you down, lay you down.
I'll lay you down, lay you down."

Once he had again let his voice fade out, I leaned down and kissed him sweetly.

"I would have never guessed you could sing like that," I said once I pulled away. "You never hinted at it in the slightest. Did someone teach you?"

He shook his head. "I pretty much taught myself."

"Well, you'd have fooled me," I told him. "You sound like someone who's been professionally trained." I thought for a moment, chuckled, and then added, "So, you can sing and massage…what other hidden talents do you have?"

He laughed too. "I'm not that special," he said quietly. I looked at him seriously.

"Now, I don't ever want to hear you say that again," I said lightly but also sternly. "I don't like liars, and that is a huge lie. You are very special. Don't ever let yourself be convinced otherwise."

He blushed and looked away. I slipped my finger underneath his chin and tilted his face back towards mine. We kissed tenderly for a long time, until finally the water chilled. We got out and dried off, and with a little coercing I was able to get him to use some more of the numbing medicine. Then we actually climbed back into bed. It was too late to go back to sleep, but still slightly too early to get up. I figured we could just lay there and relax until it was time to get up again.

"Would you like to have breakfast with me this morning?" I asked after a little while. He looked up at me in surprise.

"Can I have breakfast with you?" he said questioningly. "I thought you discussed important things during breakfast. I mean, I'd never tell anyone about what I heard, but still you can't just let anyone listen."

"Yeah, you couldn't sit in on the debriefing part," I assented. "That's forbidden. Only the ruler or rulers and their advisors are allowed to be part of that meeting. I believe you when you say that you wouldn't tell anyone, but I still can't let you. We usually don't start talking business until after we finish eating though. You could sit with us until it was time to start the meeting. Then you could leave and go find Daniel or something. I'd really like to introduce you to my advisors. Will you please come with me?"

"Of course, I'll come eat with you," he said. "I just wanted to make sure I could. I'd love to meet your advisors. How many do you have?"

"Just two. Their names are Faye Pepitonia and Thomas Reggon. Faye was my parents' advisor when they ruled, and I promoted Thomas from head guard to advisor after I took over as king. I've known her since I was a child and him since I was a teenager. I trust both of them immensely."

Dominic nodded thoughtfully. Soon after, Daniel came in to wake me up as he did every morning. He was surprised to find us already awake and bathed (though still not clothed). I told him that I planned for Dominic to spend the early part of the morning with me. I also said that we could get ourselves ready.

"Really? Great," he said with a yawn as he retreated back out of the room. "I'm going back to sleep. Dominic, just come by my room and wake me up when you're done with the King, and we'll find something to do."

Dominic and I waited a little while longer, watching the sun rise and listening to the birds fill the air with their wake-up call. Then, we slowly made our way back to the bathroom, not in any particular hurry. I wanted to pick out something nice and special for him to wear. I dug through all of the drawers and pulled out a pair of simple flattering black pants that were made of a rich luxurious fabric. Next I picked out a dusty-rose silk top. It was one-shouldered with jewels on the strap. I thought it complimented his almost ever-present blush. I would have picked out some nice shoes for him too, but I realized all he had that fit him were an old plain pair of flats that belonged to Daniel. I made a mental note to send someone up here to measure his feet and make him several different pairs of shoes.

I put on my normal dark pants, and then Dominic picked me out a blowsy light top to wear with a deep plunging V-neck. He also found me a golden necklace to wear around my neck. We both put on our makeup (I only foundation and eyeliner, him those plus lipstick) then left the bedchambers.

Even though we had started out early, we took our time strolling around the palace, so we were the last to arrive to breakfast. Faye and Thomas were already sitting at our dining table in their usual places, her at the bottom of the table and him on one of the sides. I went and sat at the head of the table, motioning for Dominic to take the open seat across from Thomas. They both seemed surprised to see someone accompanying me, since I almost never brought anyone else to eat with us, but of course they didn't question it. I wouldn't have done anything to them for asking, but you just didn't question the King like that. It was etiquette.

"Faye, Thomas. I would like to introduce you to Dominic Curjes. He is my new pleasure servant. I thought it would be nice for you three to meet and get acquainted." I said. Dominic shyly bowed his head to each of them. Faye immediately set to work to make Dominic more comfortable by talking to him and showing that she wasn't such a formidable character as he seemed to see them both. Thomas wasn't quite so open or engaging, but that was just his way. For someone as quiet and reserved as he was, it was satisfying just to have him speak to Dominic, which he did several times.

Breakfast went along smoothly. I was glad at the progress that was made. I could tell they both couldn't help being charmed by Dominic's kind yet modest nature, and he seemed to be pleased to make their acquaintance as well. When it was time to discuss business and Dominic rose to leave, I was exceptionally happy with the events of the morning. He bowed politely again to the advisors and then started to bow to me. I tucked my hand under his chin and pulled him forward for a quick kiss on the nose. He blushed a shade of red that would put a tomato to shame, but I could see a smile gracing his lips as he flittered from the room.

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