She saw him tying his horse to the trunk of a dogwood tree and she that just watching him wouldn't be enough.

His buckskin gelding nuzzled his shoulder before scrounging around for tufts of burnt out grass for lunch. Dusty had pulled his own meal out of his saddlebag and had taken it to a grassy mound near the stream that snaked through the valley. The water supply nurtured it to a healthier shade of green like lima beans and she knew from experience, it made a soft cushion for any cowboy hoping to rest his heels for a spell.

But Dusty wasn't just any cowboy, he was what she called eye candy because she had watched him grow up from a scraggly teenage kids with attitude to a leanly muscled adult male who filled out nicely even as he grew up. His face appeared carved out of granite having lost its baby fat and his eye matched his wardrobe of faded jeans and a workshirt.

He could tote haybales one after the other from the truck to the barn, all afternoon if necessary and his body had known riding horses since before he walked. After finishing high school, he had split his time between working the livestock over his daddy's spread and attending business school two towns away at night. That didn't leave him much time for anything else at least until the weekends but Dusty had always been the focused type ever since his mother died. She'd taken sick one night and had died three days later, leaving him without her guidance most of her life.

Now she on the other hand had parents she had chosen to leave when she turned 15 and got herself emancipated. She had been hired to work the ranch the next day and bunked in the cabin which she had managed to fix up quite nicely with Dusty's help. He'd been like the big brother she had never had or wanted, in fact because what she wanted from the brawny man…

She bit her lip and rode her chestnut mare up to the clearing so she could tie it up next to Dusty's horse. The mare nickered when she saw her friend, the gelding and even though it made no sense, the two horses had always gotten along like family. She dismounted and pulled her own lunch out of her saddlebag including a bottle of water which slid down her throat nicely removing the coating of dust that had left it parched.

The weather proved to be arid most of the time in the valley and on spring afternoons like this, could get quite warm, pushing the envelope on the arrival of summer. That season never failed to produce an insufferable blanket of heat and humidity that could choke those who worked the land.


Damn he had seen her and sure enough he sat there looking at her having just finished his sandwich.

She walked over to him, feeling comfortable enough in her worn jeans that molded nicely to her lithe figure and her cotton shirt protecting her from the heat. He smiled and patted the spot next to him.

"Come sit a spell."

She looked at him warily.

"I remember what happened in the barn."

His mouth quirked.

"You mean when I kissed you."

She nodded.

"Yeah that and then you took off on your horse like you were challenging me," she said, "and now I'm here."

He appraised her figure, and she felt the heat inside her build in response. Damn him for looking at her like that. Her breasts tingled beneath her shirt, sheathed in some piece of cotton and in between her thighs, well she felt his gaze down there too. She shifted her position because she started feeling uncomfortable. He appeared not to notice but she knew better.

Dusty seldom missed anything. No one could read a horse better than him, or sweet talk a bull into moving back into his pen and what he could do to a woman…

Her cheeks flushed.

Not like she'd know personally because until the morning in the barn, he had just glanced at her in passing while they had remained inside the confines of their working relationship.

"Oh that…well you're here now and that's what matters…"


She had started to talk and then he swooped in for the kill which in her case happened to be the lips that still singed from his kiss in the barn. But this time…whoa, she thought immediately as his mouth descended on hers. Capturing it and claiming it for his own before she could do anything but surrender. His lips felt tender, even as they probed her own, kissing her gently and then intensifying the pressure which send trails of sparks throughout her that were of pleasure instead of light. Her lips burned but she didn't back away from him or back down, kissing him in return while reaching a hand over to stroke his healthy crop of dark hair.

Oh man, she thought as his tongue tried to tease her into opening her mouth to take it inside, where she would just die if he tasted her there. She opened up slightly and he thrust his tongue inside, and it danced inside of her mouth, almost enough to make her sigh if she could. But she just relished how he stroked the inside of her mouth with it, definitely owning it. Her panties chafed against her pussy which had begun to feel wet while they kissed.

"God, you can kiss me anytime," she said, when he released her.

He smiled and picked a strand of grass out of her hair.

"Anytime, any place," he said, "but I want to do much more than just kiss."

Her eyes danced.

"Like what?"

He kissed her again on the mouth, and then his hands started fiddling under her shirt. Before she knew it, she felt their gentle, teasing pressure on her breasts, which pushed up against their confinement.

"Like this…"

He gently nudged her down on the grass by the stream and nudged her legs apart, moving between them. Damn, she felt his hardness against her then, with just a few layers of clothing between them, she felt how aroused he had gotten. She licked her lips as he looked down at her, the grass tickled the back of her neck as he lowered his mouth on hers as he unbuttoned her pants.

She sighed as she blindly reached while still kissing him to push her damn jeans down her legs, so there'd just be some blue lacy panties and then when those came down, only her.

He manuevered himself on top of her after pulling her pants down and working on his own. The next thing she felt was his body wearing cotton and his erection straining against it against the cleft between her thighs. She bit her lip as he kissed her neck down to the hollow of her collar bone, which rose just above her shirt. His hands reaching for her panties, blindly as they twisted together.

"Let me…"

She took matters into her own hand and with a gentle tug, her panties were down and she felt a soft breeze against her pussy which lay nestled in a cluster of soft curls. Then a moment later, her eyes widened because she felt his cock nudging at the entrance of her pussy, hard and naked.

"Wait a minute cowboy," she said, "You're forgetting something."

He smiled then and fumbled around in his jeans pocket pulling out the packet. He deftly ripped it open and sheathed himself up. She just looked into his face while he did that, taking in the intense concentration lining his face, the sturdiness of his shoulders and damn…

Just then he thrust inside of her, stretching her beyond what she thought she could handle. Her pussy slickened by anticipation of this moment hugged him tightly and he groaned as she grabbed hold of him for dear life.

"Oh god…"

She felt him thrust against her, tentatively at first, his cock reaching further into the depths of her warmth with each stroke. He'd withdraw and she'd feel that loss of him before he thrust through her lips once again, increasing the tension building up inside of her.

God knew what it did for him. His body felt slick where the clothing had been peeled away and the scent of his aftershave reached her, heightening her excitement. She cried out as he quickened the pace, his hips flexing and driving him in deeper.


She felt the exquisite pressure threaten to become much greater than she could stand, his thrusts kept coming, relentless in their focus and he nudged her thighs open as wide as they could be pushed apart while partially clothed.

"Oh god…"

She screamed as she felt the surge of pleasure shoot through her as she felt her body become uncoiled, the tension being released until she couldn't stand it. She gripped him hard enough to cause pain but he kept thrusting inside of her until he arched his back and shuddered.

He collapsed against her and they both just lay there as the sun soaked through the tapestry of trees to add to the heat between them.

Oh god, she had done it, they had done it, and elation filled her as his arms tightened in his embrace. But then as the passion ebbed from her slowly like a shadow receding, she felt reality hit her.

The man she had just fucked by the stream had been about to get engaged to the daughter of one of his father's business partners. But surely now, everything had changed now that they had come together. He had wanted her as badly as she had craved him, after all that's why he'd kissed her in the barn laying out a trail to lead to this moment.

His first glance at her after what they had just shared would give her that answer, but she kept her eyes closed now, afraid to look. Not quite ready to look straight at him and inside of him.

So unsure of what she would find there.