A nation run by the media and politicians

Instead of leaders and common sense.

It wasn't always like this.

Back in WWII, when we were saving the world,

Something was growing inside everyones' hearts,

It was pride, the pride of being American.

Then when this nation liberated the world

Something else grew, comfort.

That comfort led to a more massive entertainment industry,

But are we alone?


The Romans, and the Greeks, fell the same way.

Comfort and politics.

The romans developed an entertainment industry that blinded

Its citizens from politicians taking the throne.

Same with the Greeks.

They were overcome by their massive need for politicians.

But are we different?

All three civilizations have/had pride, comfort, and politicians.

But whats different about America is,

That it has pockets of right minded people,

Just waiting for their chance, and unlike the romans,

We have opportunity.