STORIES IN 6 WORDS: (Composed June 16, 2011)

CHAPTER 1: (FIRST COMPILATION; they are not related to one another.)

(first 20, Stories in 6 Words)



To be successful, is to dream.

To fly, first is to walk.

Pain, so deep in my soul.

Sad face, behind the sweet smile.

Sad eyes, smile with your laughter.

Broken hearted, seeing your child smile.

Child, held securely in helpless arms.

Hopeless, powerless to do a thing.

Hopeless, to eyes that seek help.

Light arms that try to comfort.

December, is not in our door.

Clean shoes for the clean feet.

Death, is just a breath away.

Tears, for frozen lakes to melt.

Tears, caught in a bleeding heart.

Frozen time in my own nightmare.

Your death locked and shackled me.

Your life, is in your breath.

Autumn comes for buds to grow.

Today, beyond yesterday, a new tomorrow.