Chapter 4: STORIES IN 4 WORDS Part 2 ( Composed on June 17, 2011)

(Compilation of 24 Stories in 4 Words, they are not related to one another)



Stroked with an iron.

Mirrored by your guilt.

Flashes of life gone-by.

A tree for air.

A bag of leisure.

Alone in my death.

Dance like the fool

Secured in a cage.

Bag full of goodies.

Lights in the shadow.

No time to spare.

Fueled by your anger.

Waiting for your silence.

Books on the table.

Written in my blood.

Death, so long due.

Dark shadows that follow.

Willing to be tainted.

Open notebook, dried ink.

Opened window for adventure.

Locked in my arms.

Inside your golden cage.

A breath of hope.

Living a sheltered life.