"I don't understand..." Liz mumbled a few words under her breath, starting to feel the world turn its back against her. "How could it have ended up this way? How is this .. even?.." Her crazy bombardative thoughts jolted to a halt. She seemed taken aback, flustered, amazed, shocked and a million feelings rushed through her and out through soft, weak mumbles "no way.. she wouldn't ... she..." She rushed back to Emily's house, silently hoping.

"Em..." She yelled as she burst through the door, and stopped just as she saw her. Her relieved smile was quickly washed away. Emily's naked headless body lay on the floor. It was unmistakable. That tattoo. She stared at that gruesome sight,stunned. Usually, she would be screaming and running away once she saw blood. But now, she knelt down and began to weep. Her husband walked in, bottom half draped with a an old towel. "Emily baby..." His excitement soon evolved into fear. "You!... You killed her!" He shrieked like a little boy who've been caught red handed doing something he shouldn't have. Kelly could've laughed at the stupidity in his tone but she couldn't, not in that circumstance. She was being wrongly accused. "You're cheating on me." She muttered, under her breath, as if she had just come to that realization. He didn't answer. "You cheated on me!" She screamed as she pounced on him, like a hungry predator, and began to strangle him. "I'm going to kill you, you bastard." The calmness of her tone sliced the saw fear in his eyes. She enjoyed the feeling. Finally, she is going to be the one in control. She grabbed his neck, tightening her grip on the flesh, she once adored. She'd always tell him, that she loved the smell on his neck; the smell of honeymusk. Tears began to fall as she loosened her grip. She couldn't do it. She can't. She can't possibly kill a man she loved her whole life. Seeing that she's softened up, he striked. "Crazy bitch." He muttered, wincing as he touched his neck.

Taking his coat, he left the house with a quiet smile and an unburdened heart.

Liz rubbed her eyes wearily and felt a sudden, awkward pain in her chest. A knife was jabbed through her heart. She felt a pang of nausea as she withdrew the knife which was embedded deeply into her chest. She shrugged and yelped with pain as she struggled to get up, her chest still bleeding profusely from a visible hole through her chest, visible through any naked eye. The hole was slowly mending itself. She put a fist through grudgingly and pulled out the overheated wires, grimacing hard at the pain. "Disgusting mortals." With that, her skin started to peel irritably with the sun's heat. Her almond-shaped dark eyes fell out of her sockets, and two eyeballs the colours of the turqoise beads appeared. Her cheekbones became higher and her lips, poutier. Definitely double the sex appeal. The gaudy, tired and sallow-faced housewife soon evolved into a supermodel like creature, unlike anything out of this universe. "Sara Lith, your journey begins again. In this life, you have three hours to live. In this three hours, you must kill the One." A voice trembles within her.

Sirens began shrilling through the silence. '"Time to go." She mouthed, lips cracked from the previous ordeal, or rather, previous life, she thought. Picking up her coat, she walked out of the gory scene, eyes reflecting the pinkish yellow hues around the setting sun. Her ragged yet toned like physique seeped through the backgrounds, amongst horrified bystanders and reporters running amok. "A new story for them." She thought. "But the last one.. for me."