(Inspired by a line from Taylor Swift's song "Enchanted")

You walked me home on New Year's in the snow.

Like smiles and sequins, fireworks and Sprite,

that night was sparkling. Don't you let it go.

It frosted your hair in the lantern light,

your gloved hand holding mine (never too tight),

your lashes coated by the melting snow.

Then standing by my stairs, you tried to say

your flight was leaving soon. I told you, "Stay.

This night is sparkling. Let's not let it go."

When I woke up, your pillow was still warm.

The window rattled with the coming storm.

I pictured your cab ploughing through the snow.

When I woke up, I found a grimy load

of dishes and the ashtray overflowed.

Those sparkling nights, how could I let them go?

It's been two months now and you never wrote.

No calls, no texts, no updates, not a note

about that night on New Years' in the snow.

That night is gone. I have to let you go.