The Girl Who Talked to Walls

"Your objective is to first secure the hostages, and then take out your target. You will be given three minutes. The operation is to be carried out at 13:08."

Amelia Hamilton nodded. "Roger that."

"It's imperative that you don't allow any casualties," her supervisor said, "however, your main priority is ensuring the death of the target."

The wind whipped her hair in front of her eyes, but she made no move to brush it away. "I understand, Supervisor."

"We're recommending that you bring the A9-Z as your main weapon, along with two Erron-54s and a howling dagger. The final decision is up to you, however."

Amelia nodded again. "I suppose I'll use the Hatter-B," she said thoughtfully, after a moment of silence. "The recoil may be more intense, but with the new tracking system Dr. Adams implemented, it'll ensure a more accurate shot. It'll allow me more time to take the hostages to safety."

"Alright then." Her supervisor nodded. "Just remember that everyone else is out in the field right now. We don't have anyone to send in if things go wrong."

"I understand."

"You have less than ten minutes before the operation begins."

"Yes, Supervisor."

"Load your weapons."

"Yes, Supervisor." Amelia broke eye contact for the first time and crouched beside the box she'd brought along. She opened it, and carefully pulled out the massive Hatter-B, as well as an Erron-54 and their respective magazines. Supervisor watched in silence as she took them apart, then put them back together and reloaded them, wordless all the while. A pile of empty cartridges rested at her feet.

Then, the bell rang. A shrill buzz that sent everyone around her running for the building. Amelia remained calm and continued to put the last of the bullets into her Hatter-B.

"Amelia," a voice said suddenly, from behind. Amelia quickly shut off the video stream and whirled around, Hatter-B still in hand. The girl who'd called her name stood a few feet off, giving her an odd look. "It's time to go back in," she said, shuffling her feet. "Are you coming?"

Amelia lowered the gun and nodded. "Yes."

"Um..." The girl scratched her arm. "Were you just talking to that wall?"

Amelia blinked, her expression remaining empty.

The girl looked to the ground - at the sandwich, the bag of chips, and the milk carton. And then to the banana in her hand. "Why is your lunch all over the ground?"

"I cannot divulge that information."

"Okay. See ya." The girl gave a strangled laugh, then ran off towards the building.

Amelia waited a moment before turning on the video stream again. Supervisor was waiting.

"My apologies for the interruption," said Amelia as she holstered her guns. "I'll report back at once after the operation's completed."