Humanity and Me

A is for Alternative, that which I am

B is for Blunder, unfortunately I can

C is for Conformity, we just do what we're told

D is for Desperation, as our icy hearts turn cold

E is for Eternal, the human race's strife

F is for Forever, a never ending night

G is for Gone, those we have lost

H is for Hunger, for love what is the cost?

I is for Inevitable, the pain that we all feel

J is for Junction, at crossroads we all reel

K is for Kill, the hope of all humanity

L is for Lose, my mind to insanity

M is for Monster, which we all are inside

N is for Never, hearing anything but lies

O is for Obtuse, we don't even care who we are

P is for Pain, who mangles and mars

Q is for Questions, WHY DON'T WE ASK?

R is for Reality, we're just wearing a mask

S is for Scars, left from times past

T is for Time, which flies by to fast

U is for Unique, I hope it shall last

V is for Vex, this world dose me so

W is for Wonder, where will we all go?

X is for X, my mistakes written in red

Y is for Yonder, the path that will be led

Z is for Zero, the letters that are left

The End is the end, all my objections met