A/n: This has been floating around in my head for a couple of days...I tried to make it a hetero story, but it just didn't fit. These characters were boys and that was that...so here goes my first dive into the slashy world...Let me know if I should continue? :D

A/n 2: I just got a beta reader. (Thank you, RedLadyPheonix!) So, sorry if you're on alert and you get lots of emails because of the revisions!

Hardly Star Crossed

Chapter one -Chemistry

Ok, so I know what you're thinking...Here is another story about a nerdy whiny emo/punk kid whom the star football player miraculously falls in love with. Well, you're wrong. I am definitely not whiny...I'm not! As for nerdy...meh, I get by. Emo/punk? I prefer unconventional...but yeah, some people would probably call me that. As for the Star football player, you ask...He is so not my type. What with his curly sandy blonde hair, square jaw, muscles in all the right places, and classic good looks...Okay! I lied, but you'd have to be blind for him not to be your type. I'm definitely not his type though, seeing as I too have a penis.

Therefore, you are thinking, oh boy, he's gay! Right? Well, I am not gay...I just like other dudes, so yeah okay...maybe I'm a little gay. So, sue me! I'm not like effeminate or anything and this one is true, or least I don't think I can add that to my long list of apparent denials.

Speaking of the gorgeous football star, some idiot teacher thought it would be a great idea to partner us together...probably in hopes that I'd get him through, and he'd actually pass. Because while Tyler Marshall may have been an expert at tackling, or kicking, or whatever in the hell else football players do...a chemist he was not. In fact, while I was stuck in my own thoughts, waiting on our experiment to cook down, said jock had been goofing off, and now the entire experiment was aflame.

I jumped up; adrenaline pumped through me, making me move faster than I normally could have, and I yanked the fire extinguisher off the wall. I fumbled with it shortly, before releasing the white foam all over the burning experiment, and all over you guessed it, Tyler Marshall. Out of shear anger, I released another blast of the foam right on him.

"Oops, sorry dude," I muttered, pretending it was an accident, just as the teacher made her way over sputtering, not able to form words yet in her shock and fury. The whole class was staring at us, and many of them had started laughing. Tyler flashed an award winning smile at the giggling girls, before sobering at the look on Mrs. Cook's face.

"Marshall! Erickson! Principal's office, now!" She apparently was beyond forming actual sentences. I scratched my head, I could have swore she said Erickson and Principal in the same breath...but that didn't make sense, because I'm Erickson.

"Both of you go! Now, hurry up!" I cringed. How had I gotten myself pulled into this again? I started packing my book bag, giving Tyler the evil eye as I did so. He was ignoring me. Maybe, I was crazy, but I could swear he looked nervous as he packed up his own things. Impossible, Tyler Marshall didn't get scared or did he?

We started walking down the hall together, heading towards the office. I was still peeved at him. Even if he was gorgeous, he also was a major pain in the ass who had just ended my streak of good behavior. In fact, I may look like a juvenile delinquent, but I'm not. I do my homework and mostly follow the rules. Yup, that's me, the good boy, and this moron had just ended all of that for by setting the freaking chemistry lab on fire. I cut my eyes at him, narrowed. He was biting his lip, and looking utterly adorable. How could I stay mad at that? Honestly, its beyond my mere mortal abilities.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked, trying to sound bored as if I didn't really care. He looked at me, and blinked as if he had just realized I was there. Figures.

"Ugh, coach says if I get in trouble again, I'm off the team..." He hesitated, "I think he meant it this time...and the team will suck without me...and everyone will hate me!" He sounded like it was the end of the world, but then for him it probably was. He'd never known what it was like for everyone to hate him. Mostly, these days, particularly after I started lifting weights and took up martial arts, everyone just left me alone, but freshman and sophomore year had been hell for me. However, Tyler had never been picked on. No, he was usually the picker.

I sighed. I'm stupid. I mean stupid, because this is what I said next, "And that's why we're going to tell Vice Principal Smith that this whole incident was my fault. I mean, I look like I could have done it, right?"

He stopped dead still in the hallway and looked at me, as if taking in my appearance for the first time, even though we had been lab partners for half the year. My hair is black and I spike it in weird artful angles, my eyebrow ring is blue and shiny, my jeans are black and baggy, and my black t-shirt says AC/DC...yeah, I look like I could have set the chemistry lab on fire. Especially, if compared to Mr. Preppy in his khaki cargo shorts and blue button down shirt, even if it wasn't tucked in. I know how people stereotype. Even though I had never been in the principal's office before, and Tyler had been there hundreds of times, Mr. Smith would believe that I had done it.

"You...You would do that? For me?" He sounded surprised. I shrugged. I am such a push over...what can I say?

"No, it's because I care so much about the football team." I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, I guess, I've never been in trouble before so maybe they'll go easy on me."

I thought, for one shining moment, that he was going to hug me. Instead, he just made an odd sort of twitch and then raised his hand for a fist bump. I bumped back. What else could I do in this situation?

Someone, stop me from making a fool of myself, please?