When I was a young girl, my parents would love me. They would care for me everyday. They did what was in their power to please me. Yet they made quite sure not to blind me with mere objects. Love was always top priority in our family. They raised me right. But maybe they were also wrong...

It was a warm spring morning. Unseen birds sang merry tunes as I stepped off the not so crowded train. Just like in the train, only a few people were at the train station, waiting for the next ride. I stood there, looking at everything around me. I was thinking, thinking what would happen to me. I was scared, but at the same time, I was excited. My new life was going to start here.

I clutched my suitcase and took a step forward. And another, and another, and another. I was almost running when I exited the train station. My eyes widened with surprise and excitement as a beautiful town was spread before me. A small town, but beautiful nonetheless. I couldn't wait to explore, so I set off without wasting another second, letting my legs go wherever they wanted to go.

The houses weren't set in any particular order. Some where big, some were small. Some were made out bricks, some were made out of wood. Some where painted, some were not. Some were just one colour, some were practically every colour of the rainbow. To me, they were all very lovely, but one house in particular caught my attention. It was a lonely 2 stories house, placed well away from the others. It was perched on a wide grassy hill. Something about the house told me that no one lived there, and that it had been that way for a rather long time.

My legs eventually took me to the centre of the town where the market place was located. In the middle was a large empty circle with a couple of benches placed back-to-back. Growing palm trees stood on both sides of the benches. I thought it was a nice touch. Unlike the train station, the market place was filled with villagers. It was a warm day, and everybody was well dressed for the weather. Some wore t-shirts and shorts, some wore jogging outfits and some wore summer dresses, just like me. As for the stores, they also differed. There were those that sold clothes and other fabric related items, those that sold candy, those that sold fruits and vegetable, those that sold toys for the little children and many more.

I was eager to arrive at my destination, so I departed from the market place, promising myself that I would explore more of it later. Although the town was small, it took me a while to find the address I was seeking. The house was like most houses here: it was 2 stories tall and had some very nice personal touches added to the front door, such as flowers. Daisies, to be more precise. I knocked on the door and noticed that my hands were shaking a little. I must have been really nervous. The door opened to reveal a woman smiling down at me. She seemed to be in her early 30s and had short black hair. She also wore a professional dress that girls often wear while doing business.

"Hi! Welcome to the town of Wiccarik! Please, come in." the woman exclaimed, beckoning me in her home.

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