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I like being alone. There is just something about the silence that makes it all worthwhile. It lets your thoughts drift and you come up with masterpieces you never thought you would. I tend to lock myself in my room, just for the silence. You see, my house is loud. Very brothers run down the hall tackling each other and just being plain stupid. I'm just kidding; I love my brothers, they are just too loud for their own good. Speaking of which…

A loud shriek startled me out of my thoughts. I swung my legs off of my bed and started towards the door.

As I opened the door, I saw my brother lying on the floor, a string of curses spewing from his mouth.

I knelt down gently beside him and shook him, "Logan, why are you in front of my room shrieking in pain?"

He stopped cursing and sat up, pouting slightly, as he glared at a colourful block beside my door.

He scrunched his face up, "Since, when was that there?"

I rolled my eyes, "Since yesterday, when you and Kayleb thought it would be fun to have a Lego fight."

He whimpered, "It hurts."

"That's great to know."

"But it really hurts!"

"You're eighteen years old Logan."


"Oh suck it up."

He huffed and stood up, "I'm two years older than you. You should trea-"

I raised an eyebrow, "I should what now?"

He flushed and stepped on his foot experimentally.

"Oh, I guess I'm better now… Thanks Lily!"

He grinned and ran down the hall.

I shook my head and went back into my room. My brothers are crazy. Speaking of which…

"Lilith! Have you seen my blue button-up!"

I turned to see my brother… shirtless.

I clapped my hand over my eyes, "My eyes! It burns!"

Tyler huffed, "Haha, very funny."

I blindly stuck my tongue out at him.

I could imagine him rolling his eyes at my stupidity.

"Tyler, have you tried the dryer?"

… Silence.

I lifted my hands off my face.


There was no one there…

I snorted; I guess he didn't check the dryer. Well, now that that is over…

I stumbled and the floor was suddenly right in front of my face. Ow, what the hell?

I groaned and attempted to stand up. No such luck, a shooting pain was sent through my ankle. I turned my head to see what had made me trip.

That stupid Lego block.

I saw Logan racing down the hall, "Lily! Lily! Lily!"

I groaned and turned my head to look at him, "Whaaat?"

He looked at me, then the Lego block, then back at me. Suddenly, he smirked.

"Hurts, doesn't it?"

I stuck my tongue out and attempted to stand. The searing pain was back.

Logan saw my face twist in pain. He was instantly at my side.

"Are you okay?" His face was one of concern.

I merely waved my hand airily, "I'm fine."

He shook his head, "No you're not."

I huffed, "I am!"

He raised an eyebrow, "You are?"

I nodded.

He smirked, "Then stand."

I bit my lip and stood up slowly. Just as I put pressure on my right ankle, I collapsed.

I let out a cry of pain. All of my brothers rushed upstairs. I could hear all of them shrieking.

This didn't help at all.

"Logan! Tyler! Kayleb! Christopher! Lysander!"

They all shut their mouths and looked down at me.

I glared, "This isn't helping very much."

They looked wary. Then, my eldest brother spoke up.

"Logan, wrap Lilith's ankle. We'll see how bad it is after."

Logan nodded silently and picked me up on his back.

As we, descended down the stairs I noticed my ankle was at an unnatural angle. It was already swelling twice its size.

I groaned, "Logan, are we there yet?"

He chuckled and set me on the counter. I winced when my ankle accidently brushed against the cupboard.

I watched Logan rummage around for the first aid. I then remembered that Logan had been calling me.

"Logan, why were you calling me?"

He shrugged and walked over with the bandage.

I glared at him, "Why were you calling me?"

He continued bandaging my ankle; ignoring my question.

"Logan John Taylor! What were you going to ask me?"

He just tightened the bandage. Just as I was about to shriek again, someone strolled in the room.

Julian Damien Drache aka my brother's best friend, the most popular guy in school…

"So, how did the midget here take the news?"

Or the biggest jerk in the world.

I scowled, "What news?"

Logan refused to look at me.

"Logan, what news?"

He still refused to look at me.

I swung my leg in an attempt to hit him. I ended up hitting Julian instead.

He hissed, "What the hell Caroline!"

I scowled deeply. My first name, I absolutely despise it. It sounds so stupid and foreign, but ultimately it is my Mother's name. Excuse me, my LATE mother's name. She died five years ago, that doesn't change the fact that she was a skank. My father was too good for her. He was such a good person.

"Your fault Damien"

He scowled back. He hates his middle name. Absolutely despises when I call him it.

I reverted my attention back to Logan.

"What news?"

He stammered and shifted his eyes, "Well, you see…"

Damien spoke over my brother, "I'm staying here for a week."

My eyes widened and my jaw set. No, he is not staying here. That would be absolute hell. Waking up in the morning and seeing his obnoxious face. No way, no way in hell.

Logan touched my arm, "Please Lilith? His parents have skanky people over."

… I swear my brother can read my mind or something. I scowled at him.

I jumped off the counter and immediately regretted it. My ankle did not support my weight and I instantly started tumbling towards the ground.

I yelped as an arm caught me around the waist. I was suddenly upright on my feet or… foot I guess.

I heard a mumbled 'idiot' before the arm retracted.

I flushed and glared at him. Just then, my doorbell rang.

Logan shrieked, "I got it!"

He left. He left me with this jerk.

I continuously glared at the floor.

Damien cleared his throat, "You're going to need to get that checked."

I scowled. I forgot. His mom is a doctor.

"How bad is it?" I asked.

He smirked, "We would classify it as a Grade 2 sprain. You'll probably need an air splint."

I groaned. This is ridiculous. I need a flipping air splint for a Lego piece.

Suddenly, arms were hoisting me upwards onto the counter.

I shrieked as Damien started prodding my foot.

He mumbled something.

"Hmm?" I asked.

He cleared his throat, "My mom needs to look at this. How the hell did you sprain it?"

I flushed, "I just did, okay!"

I could hear Logan's laugh as he entered.

His chuckling hadn't ceased when he said, "She tripped on a Lego block."

Damien's laughter rang throughout the kitchen.

I glared at the both of them and attempted to get off. I stumbled again causing my ankle to twist again.

I shrieked and an arm reached out to set me right... again. This is seriously becoming annoying.

Logan grinned like a Cheshire cat. His eyes were holding mischief that only a young child could imitate.

I let out a groan, "What?"

"Let's go see Julian's mom."

My eyes widened, "No."

He grinned and moved towards me. You see, Damien's mom and I have an interesting relationship. I'm pretty sure she thinks I am meant for her son. I mean seriously, whenever I pick up Logan's stuff from there, her face just lights up and she ushers me in. It's tedious. Damien's mother is quite kind and hospitable considering the fact that her son and I hate each other's guts. One time, she locked is in a room together, to 'further improve our communication'. It ended up with me kneeing him 'there'.

As I stood there contemplating how to run, my brother just picked me up and brought me to Damien's car.

I squeaked as I was set into the back seat. Damien and Logan sat in the front chattering away. I noticed Logan had a bag of Girl Scout cookies. So, that's who was at the door.

I waited the entire 20 minute ride in silence. It was torturous. I couldn't even shift my body the slightest bit or pain would shoot up my leg.

After the horrible 20 minutes we finally reached Damien's house.

The first thing I noticed was the fancy cars parked in front of the house. Well, actually I would like to say that was what I noticed at first, but sadly it wasn't. The first thing I noticed was that some big-chested girl was trying hard to flirt with my brother. It was entertaining.

I watched Logan try to pry himself away from her. It sadly wasn't working.

Damien swung my door open and chuckled.

"Looks like Logan's busy."

I looked at him warily, "Mhm."

He rolled his eyes, "I'm not going to kill you."

"You spilled chocolate pudding all over my shirt last week." I pointed out.

He suppressed a sigh, "That's one thing."

I chuckled, "Four days ago you told some homeless guy that I would love to go out with him. Three days ago you spilled a cherry slushy down my shirt. Two days ago you sent me flying into the lockers at school. And finally, yesterday you threw a freaking soccer ball at my head because you thought it'd be fun."

He glared, "Alright, alright. But remember it's either me or that skank over there.

I looked at the girl trying to smother Logan, then at Damien, then at the girl, then Damien.

I sighed, and lifted my arms.

His arms went under my knees and his other arm steadied my back.

When we reached the door, Damien looked at me expectantly. I raised an eyebrow.

He laughed, "My arms are kinda full here."

I flushed and scowled as I pressed the doorbell.

There was some rustling before Mrs. Drache opened the door.

"Julian! Lilith! What are you doing here?" She asked with a smile on her face.

She then noticed my ankle which now looked really fat.

She ushered us in, "Come in, come in. Is Logan here with you?"

The two of us grinned and nodded.

As we were walking up to her office she spoke, "Where is he?"

Damien grinned, "Rachel's got a hold of him."

Mrs. Drache rolled her eyes, "Your cousin really does love flirting with guys. It doesn't help that the Taylor boys have that special charm to them."

I widened my eyes and wrapped my arms around Damien's neck tighter hoisting myself up.

"That thing is your cousin!" I whispered.

Damien looked down at me, "Sadly yes."

We finally reached her office and Damien placed me on the extra bed she had in the room.

Mrs. Drache took my ankle and started to twist at different angles. It hurt like freaking hell.

Tears sprung to my eyes and I tried to force them back.

For a good two minutes she kept putting me in this incredulous torture. Finally, she let go of my ankle and whispered something to Damien. He left the room without a word.

She turned her eyes to me and smiled, "It seems you have a Grade 2 sprain and you're going to need an air splint to hold into place until it heals. You'll need to keep it on for about two weeks. After, just exercise regularly and you should be fine."

Damien came back with the air splint and Mrs. Drache taught me how to put it on.

After, she decided to ask me a question I'd rather not answer.

"How did you sprain your ankle?"

Damien suddenly laughed and I glared at him.

Mrs. Drache looked taken a back, "Did I say something wrong?"

Damien just continued laughing.

I scowled slightly, "I might've tripped on a Lego block."

A giggle escaped her lips, "Oh... that's difficult?"

I scowled deeper and just as I was about to retort the door slammed open.

My body jumped as I saw a very pissed off girl. She stomped towards Damien.

"You leave here and expect me to take you back?"

Damien scowled, "I never wanted you back."

She looked surprised and a frightening giggle escaped her lips, "Of course you do."

He rolled his eyes strode over to the girl, plucked the key out of her hand, and walked back calmly.

Mrs. Drache grinned, "Finally, you broke up with her!"

He groaned, "I know, she only liked me because I had money."

I just sat there confused to what just happened.

He sighed, "Let's go Caroline?"

I scowled, "Fine."

As I moved to get off the bed and walk, two sets of arms pinned me back down.

I blinked, "What?"

Mrs. Drache spoke, "You should rest your ankle for now."

Damien grinned and picked me up again. My arms lay limply at my chest.

I scowled, "That's no fair!"

He continued down the stairs ignoring my protests.

Just as we were about to exit the door, we saw something that would probably scar us for the rest of our lives.