What are we scared of? They're our friends!

Why do we have to hide it, have to pretend?

Why do we have to sneak behind their backs?

What if our trusts develop a widening crack?

What if we lose everything in this process?

What if we actually end up in a bigger mess?


Keeping a secret like this is driving me insane.

My heart is sending Morse codes to my brain!

And I don't wanna play this hiding game anymore.

How long are we gonna keep this up, gonna ignore?

I think they'd only get mad because of each lie.

I don't think they'd judge the idea of you and I.


Everybody's guessing everything anyway.

Why do we keep up this fa├žade every day?

It'd be so much easier if everyone just knew.

Keeping a secret but I don't wanna hide you!

We're starting to slip, someday they'd find out.

Imagine the hurt, misunderstandings, and doubt.


They're already starting to ask me questions.

When I think of what to say, my body stiffens.

Baby, I trust you blindly, I'll do anything you say.

You're the mature one, you should lead the way.

But I'm not really sure we're in the right path.

Keeping a secret just keeps tearing at my heart.


So what if we tell them? And so what if they are mad?

They can't hate us forever; it can't possibly be so bad!

I wanna look you in the eye and hold you hand.

I know our friends, know that they'll understand.

I'm so exhausted from lying, it's getting so late.

But because I love you baby, I'm keeping a secret.

a/N: lying to friends sucks, right?