A gentle breeze sweeps through the room.

Longing casts on my heart its shadow of gloom.

This shadow isn't evil or dark or terrifying though.

This shadow keeps expanding as my feelings grow.

Baby, my longing for you is steadily escalating.

Have I finally found what I've been long awaiting?

I feel like I'm home- I feel so safe, so at peace.

I feel so comfortable; I'm always at perfect ease.

The breeze tickles my face with my own brunette locks.

The room is echoing with a silence that silently mocks

This contrasting feeling of joy and longing in my heart,

Pausing for a moment before it intensified and restarts.

I'm smiling to myself while just thinking about you.

Then I'm drowning in the longing like a little drop of dew

That's falling into a turbulent yet mesmerizing sea.

Can you believe it- what have you done to me?

The room is so quiet I can hear my own thoughts.

Is that the sound of my heart missing you a lot?

Or is that the sound of laughter drifting from a future that I hope exists?

Is time standing still right now or am I the one who's been transfixed?

My ears are filled with the tiptoeing sound of the rain.

Your thoughts are tiptoeing back into my mind again.

Everywhere I look, you're the only thing that I can see.

Can you believe it- what have you done to me?

A/N: ugh way too sappy for my liking :P