7 June 2011

My, uh, therapist said I should start a diary. You know, like, for therapeutic purposes. He says I have low self-esteem. I think that's crazy. Low self-esteem? Please.

I just lack talents, intelligence, and the ability to perform well in any aspect of modern day life. Is that low self-esteem?

Anyway, I thought the whole diary thing was a real dumb idea—who writes diaries nowadays, huh? I mean, we live in the 21st century...everything's typed, right? Facebook, Twitter, hello? Internet blogging? Duh.

I mean...duh.

So, here I am, writing about my life for all the world to see. You know, not that the world cares about Danny Urie.

That's, uh, that's my name. By the way. Danny.