31 June 2011

Wow. I fucked up.

I probably should have read my post before going to sleep last night, but I was real tired. I'll explain.

Yesterday began as a bad day. Dad woke me up with this stupid smile on his face, all excited for our trip to the cemetery. He made a picnic lunch and everything.

Anyway when we got there those thugs from before were there again. My dad lost it. He jumped in, screaming a bunch of cheesy, action-hero lines he probably heard on TV, and started beating the snot out of everyone.

I waited a few minutes before stopping him (because who wouldn't want to see a bunch of stoned kids get pummeled by their dad?) but when I grabbed him, and in retrospect I probably shouldn't come in from behind, Dad accidentally socked me in the eye. So.

That gets me to my first point, which was that I fucked up. :) I typed that entire thing with half an eye open so it explains why none of it makes sense. If you change each letter from the last post to the one on its left, on the keyboard that is, then it makes sense. Haha.



P.S. My dad was bitchin' today.