We were living our separate lives every day.

Completely unaware about what was coming our way.

I was so uncertain, I was so afraid.

I wasn't even sure that you existed.

I don't know yet if you are my soul-mate.

I'm thankful our paths collided, thanks to our fate.

It seems like my life is suddenly at the center-stage.

I swore I won't fall again, but I'm breaking free from that cage.

I know that it is still all so premature.

But there is something that I do know for sure-

Only idiots think that relationships make you deviate from your goal.

When it's real, it makes us grow into a better person, it enriches our soul.

Whatever mattered to me became more important.

I'm so much stronger with the support you've lent.

When I'm tumbling down these days, I'm not afraid to fall.

I know your hand will reach me and pull me up through it all.

All you had to do was say that you believed in me.

All the problems become trivial, it all seems easy.

You bring me so much of happiness.

I've never been so free from stress.

My cloudy sky has been so blue

Ever since I have been with you.

There are so many hurdles but I don't care.

With you, I am never ever scared.

I know my feelings for you are genuine, they are true.

I know for sure that I am in love with you…