I got the idea of this story from Kanna37's Invisible in fanfiction . net

The wheels of the stretcher rattled against the crisp white floor of the hospital hallways. On this stretcher is a young lady, no older than seventeen, fighting and struggling for her life.

She was diagnosed with Acute Appendicitis mere hours ago. Also, mere hours ago she was also diagnosed with Atypical Depression. And now, she struggles for two things, her life and her sanity.

Let go.

Her appendix had burst halfway through school. She had doubled over in pain, falling to the floor, sweat glistening on her face and her pretty brown eyes dilating from unbearable brightness. Even after the doctor had warned her to get herself treated, she still headed out, and now she ended up getting a Laparotomy, an excruciatingly painful surgery.

She is a very caring person. Kind-hearted, humble, responsible and puts everyone else before her. But she's human, she has those times, which seems to be happening recently, wherein she thinks she's invisible. Wherein her friends and boyfriend doesn't seem to notice she wasn't there. Wherein she wants to feel selfish and vain, but she can't since it goes against who she is.

Forget everything.

"Bring her to the OR, stat!" a doctor shouted over the commotion. "We're performing laparotomy on her!" The stretcher's wheels kept rattling. Along with rushed breaths and heavy sobs of the people around it. A friend, a mother, a lover. Loved ones that seemed so distant from her mind, from her life, from her sanity.

"Hope! Baby, hold on." the mother pleaded, tears freely flowing down her cheeks. "You can't give up now! You're getting close to your dream." she pleaded, to the sky and to her daughter.

The friend spoke up next, "Hope, come on, girl! You promised you'd teach me how to ice skate," she said, nostalgic, a sad smile on her face. "You never break promises, remember?"

The boyfriend didn't speak. In his eyes were unshed tears as he pleaded to whatever God was up there not to take her. She was the one that saved him from sadness and consuming insanity. She can't leave him now.

Don't listen to them. Be free. Let go.

As her loved ones were told to stay in the waiting room, the surgery was started.

Slowly, the scalpel was sliced in her abdomen, and though unconscious she felt the pain course through her. The surgeon tending and removing the bursted appendix, all the while applying strong antibiotics to stop the spread of bacteria throughout her body.

Be free. You don't have to feel this pain.

Stitching her up, and finishing the last touches, the nurse had wiped the doctor's forehead from sweat, until a shrill sound was heard from the heart monitor. She was flat-lined.

That's it, now slowly, let go.

"Get the defibrillator!" the doctor shouted to the nurse, he fussed, the appendix bursting was never a good thing. The defibrillator was carried in, the doctor rubbing the paddles and placing them in the thorax and chest, "CLEAR!" a shock of electricity coursed through her sleeping body. The same steps of rubbing and placing was repeated, and the shout of "CLEAR!" and shock of electricity repeating.


The process was repeated.

You don't deserve this. You know that.

Again. "CLEAR!"

I know. But...I can't just leave like this.


Just give up.

"I think you should stop, doctor." a nurse piped in. "She's go-"

Beep. Beep. Beep. The constant monitor started up. The nurses and doctors startled. An unnerving experience.

A smile was pasted on her lips.


The nurse left to inform her loved ones.

I can't give up. They care for me, it's me that was so dense not to see it.

Ever so slowly, as the demon in her head vanished, she opened her eyes, the smile never leaving her face. And seeing her loved ones had never felt so refreshing for her. She wasn't invisible to them.

She was invisible to herself.

For those that don't understand it, the bold-italic is Hope, and the italics is the demon in her head. ;) I just got the idea, not the story, it's totally different, so tell me what you guys think!

Btw, I kinda hit a writer's block on Paper Moon. And I told myself I'm not gonna write Swans until I get a job, sad right? Sigh, I really need a job. :| dsf.