This was an old story I revised. I remember writing it in my Math class during grade 9. I dunno how that happened, maybe I was bored out of my mind. xD

Well, I hope you enjoy! ;)

Once upon a time, there were two best friends, a girl and a boy. They were inseparable. Since they were little kids they've been together.

And they had a weekly routine; every Saturday, without fail, Darell goes to Nancy's house to pick her up and go to the basketball court. Even though he knew Nancy hated basketball, he still forced her to come and asks her to play with him, this has been happening for a year now. They were both sixteen.

But this particular Saturday, something different was abound.

Nancy was reading a book, sitting on a bench beside the court. When she was really sucked into a story, she forgets what's around her. She lets fantasy take over her reality.

Darell glanced at her while he was dribbling the ball. He smiled, amused. His bookworm best friend really pulled at his heartstrings. He was still looking at her, his heart beating faster as he saw she flick her hair behind her ear because it was bothering her. As if sensing him, she looked up, then smiled at him.

He turned away, blushing. That wasn't the first time she's caught him staring at her. And whenever she does, she just smiles at him.

He went back to dribbling the ball, going around the court and doing a lay-up. He glanced at her again, building up courage on what he was gonna do. "Hey Nancy!" he shouted, dribbling the ball around the court. "Hey Nancy!" he called again.

"What?" she asked, annoyed, her eyes never leaving her book.

"What are you reading?"

"Since when are you interested about my books?" she looked up, curious to the way he's acting.

"Just answer it."

"Hmph." she turned her head, she should've known, he hated books. "It's Fidelity, by Thomas Perry." she looked back at her book, reading again. (A/N: That's the book I'm reading right now. xD)

"Ohh. Okay." he sighed, he was too frightened to say what he had to say. "Can you pass me my water?"

She grunted, getting really annoyed. She lowered her book in her lap, grabbing his bag and sorting through it, looking for his water bottle, and once she found it, she flung it towards him, hitting him square in the face.

"OWW! What the hell?" he shouted, grabbing his nose.

"Well, if you weren't so noisy today that wouldn't have happened." she countered, raising her book once again. "You seem really weird today, you usually get your own water."

"Whatever, bookworm." he said as he drank, emptying the bottle, and threw it to the nearest waste can.

He sighed and continued going around the court, contemplating. And slowly, a determined look came upon his face. He dropped his ball, walking towards her slowly. He sat beside her, seemingly looking for something in his bag, but instead glancing at her every few seconds, looking nervous. He gulped, lowered his bag and moved it below the bench.


She didn't hear him. That's what he needed. Shaking, he took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly, easing his nerves.

"I looooove youuuuu." he dragged on, whispering. Then without waiting for her response he bounded back to his ball and started dribbling, his heart beating fast in his chest. Then, raising his head, he looked at her.

Seeing her, a shocked look at her face, her mouth open and blushing like a tomato. "What did you say?" she asked, bewildered.

"What do you mean?" he asked, pretending to be confused. But his face was as red as hers. "I never said anything."

"Are you sure? 'Cause I definitely heard you saying..." she looked away.

"Saying what?"

"Nevermind. I must've heard things."

"Ohh." he said, disappointed. Then he face palmed himself, I'm so dumb!

While he was berating himself, he didn't notice Nancy getting up, her book stowed under her arm. She looked nervous, as if she was about to do something. Then whispering she uttered, "I love you too."

She had said it so softly he thought he heard things, but when he looked up, seeing her red face, he knew he heard it right. He smiled. Then slowly approached her, only to have her run away. "Whoa! Where are you going?" he shouted after her.

"I'll see you tomorrow!" she shouted back, turning around a corner heading to her place.

It was quiet, he was peaceful. Then he laughed.

He laughed, grabbing his stomach and almost kneeling on the ground.

It went better than he expected.

Awee, shy love. Ain't that cute? xD