Chapter Two.

[ Information Overload. ]

"What do you mean he's already out looking for her?"

"I'm telling you, someone must have already tipped them off. Xavier's in the field already."

"Shit!" — there was a pause — "Okay, well… We're safe here, he won't look for her here, but now we've really got to be careful."

I didn't understand what the voices were talking about, but all the same, I hung on to every word. And I told myself it was because I needed to cling to something real, not because I recognized one of the voices.

"Careful? Man, if you wanted to be careful, you shouldn't have kidnapped the damn girl!"

"You know why I had to, Link, don't give me that! What we need to worry about now is Xavier, not regrets you have about our plan."

"Exactly! Logan, do you hear yourself? Xavier is looking for her. And man, he's not just the best tracker in the world, he's her brother. If he finds you, he will kill you."

Logan! I groaned inwardly at the mention of the name, my memory connecting the voice to the name, just as the events from last night (or, was it last night? After all, I had no way of keeping track…) poured back into my mind.

I also took a moment to question exactly how many people this asshole had kidnapped, because I was an only child, and they had apparently also kidnapped some girl with a brother named Xavier. Yeah, as if my day couldn't get any worse, I had been kidnapped by a serial-kidnapper. Maybe a murderer, too; you never know.

"She's awake," Logan's voice stated matter-of-factly, and I didn't bother trying to deny he was talking about me.

I mean, actually... he could totally have kidnapped multiple girls before, and who knows? I might not be the only girl he kidnapped last night. He did seem rather tired of my questions last night... almost as if he had heard them before. But yeah, probably not.

"Because you two idiots are incapable of having a conversation at a normal volume," I complained, blinking open my eyes finally. It took me a few blinks before my eyes focused clearly again, but even then, I had to wait for my eyes to adjust to the lighting. There were a few small lamps lining the edges of the room, but each gave off only a small flicker of light.

Slowly, as my eyes adjusted, I turned my attention to the two men standing only a few feet away. Logan wasn't even looking in my direction, whereas his companion was staring directly at me. I, of course, stared right back, showing that I wasn't going to back down easily. Or, that's what I was trying to convey, at least. I suppose it also could've conveyed something along the lines of 'oh dear god, you're a really attractive man.' Or, better yet, 'you're a psycho.' I don't really know which message he received.

"Yes, I can see what you meant. There's no doubt in my mind at all. Why, all this time, and nobody even knew!" the stranger commented, dumbfounded, as he turned his attention back to Logan.

I took the chance to look over my body, and found that I was lying on a couch in what appeared to be a living room. There weren't any other kidnapped girls lying around the room either, by the way. There were also no chains or anything to confine me, so I was free to move as I pleased, but a little warning voice in the back of my head said that I shouldn't get up right away. But, really, who would actually listen to that voice in my situation?

I got to my feet quickly, pushing off the couch, before suddenly hissing out in pain. Both men in the room turned to me in surprise, watching as my hand flew to my head in a poor attempt at stopping the sudden throbbing.

"You hit me with something!" I spat, turning to Logan with thinly narrowed eyes and pointing the index finger of my free hand at him accusingly.

"You wouldn't shut up," he stated matter-of-factly, and then, turning to the other man in the room, continued: "Yes, and it took a lot of digging to uncover, Link; she was well protected."

"And informed of anything?" the other man, Link, asked. Logan shook his head once in response. Looking over me in curiosity, Link continued: "Perhaps you should inform her, then, Logan. She might have… other characteristics of the Royal Bloodline that you'll never know about, unless she's fully aware of everything."

"Tell me what?" I asked, dropping my hand from my head as my gaze flickered between the two of them. And what 'Royal Bloodline' where they talking about? We were in the United States of America, for crying out loud! We didn't have a royal family; we had a president! "Your friend has a point, Logan. And, you should tell me where the hell my parents are," I added, remembering the explosion and the flames.

"For the hundredth time, Princess, your parents are safe," Logan replied, his eyes scanning over my face, as if judging whether or not he should tell me anything more.

"Can you stop fucking calling me that? I. Have. A. Name!"

"As you wish, Alastrina," he responded tauntingly, his eyes still narrowed in thought.

"Okay, this is fantastic! Obviously, you have the wrong person, so you can take me back home now," I said, without any hint of sarcasm in my voice. "Wait, better yet, just give me directions to the nearest bus stop, or get me a Taxi, and I'll be on my way. We can put all of this behind us. I won't even have to call the cops. We'll just move right on. Doesn't that sound nice?" So, perhaps my questions were popping up so quickly that I probably sounded slightly hysterical, what's your point?

"No, he doesn't have the wrong person," Link said, drawing my attention back to him for a moment. Who the hell did this guy think he was, interfering in everything? For all everyone knows, Logan there could've been nodding his head in agreement to my plan, and there this asshole goes, encouraging Logan to continue on with his delusion.

"My name is Sarah Jacobson, not what's-her-face," I informed calmly, taking a deep breath and trying to sort this whole thing out.

"You're very misinformed, Alastrina Róisín Mac Conmara," Logan said with amusement, obviously overjoyed by the fact that he knew something I apparently didn't.

"Sarah Annette Jacobson," I corrected, my tone patronizing as I looked at him like the idiot he was.

"With all due respect, Princess, you don't know what you're talking about," Link interrupted, receiving a death glare from me. I was really starting to hate the mockery I was being faced with. I really hated being treated like an idiot. Honestly, what had I ever done to them? And yeah, my main concern was with how I was being treated, not with the fact that I was basically being held hostage.

"I think I know my own name, thank you very much," I retorted angrily, barely able to tare my glare away from his face when Logan cleared his throat.

"We can either let you go on living in your delusional state, or you can find out the truth. Which would you prefer, Alastrina?" he asked, making a point to call me by what he claimed was my 'real name'. I snorted; why should I believe anything he says? He'd probably just make it up anyway. Or maybe he'd actually believe the nonsense, but that didn't make it any more than his own delusions. However, no harm could come from listening to him, could it?

"Fine, I'll humor you; go right ahead."

"Like I said, your name is Alastrina Róisín Mac Conmara... well, Princess Alastrina," he began, correcting himself mid-sentence, "and you are the only daughter of King Remington and Queen Gwendolyn—"

"Right. And you're the pope?" I interrupted sarcastically. He hissed, obviously not partial to being interrupted.

"Do you want to hear the truth, or not? Because I honestly couldn't care less," he stated, eyes narrowed into slits as he waited for me to make a decision.

"Truth? Oh! Sorry, is that what you're trying to tell me? I couldn't tell," I retorted. "How do you expect me to believe that? I'm a princess? Of what, exactly? England?"

"Man, you weren't kidding when you said she didn't know anything," Link commented, running a hand through his short black hair. He locked gazes with Logan for a moment, before flicking his attention back to me.

"No, not England, Princess; not even of any other country. Of the entire species, really," he attempted to explain Logan's point, choosing his words carefully.

"I'm the princess of all humans? That's fantastic. Especially because no one else seems to know I am," I muttered sarcastically, running a hand through my hair before continuing to mock the pair of idiots before me. "You know, it would have been nice to know this like a week ago. I had this killer English test, you see, and it would have been nice to get out of that one. 'Sorry, I'd love to take the test, but I've got subjects to attend to. I'm sure you understand, Mrs. Calloway.'"

"See what I meant when I said she wouldn't shut up?" Logan asked, turning to Link before sending me an annoyed glance. "No, you twit. Of vampires," he snapped, turning and pacing across the room.

Yeah, this all made perfect sense now.

"Okay, yeah. I completely understand now," I said, voicing my earlier thoughts, my tone holding absolutely no sarcasm, "You're both completely insane. Yupp, that's it. That's why you kidnapped me, and that's why you're both delusional right now."

Honestly, it was quite a breakthrough for me; I was proud of myself.

But then, out of thin air, Logan appeared before me, slamming me into a wall mercilessly. Anger was evident in his gaze as he glared directly into my eyes, before leaning forward, his breath hot on my neck.

"Don't!" he snapped, just as I was about to kick out at him. I froze, my knee poised and ready to be introduced to a part of him that wasn't really too keen on meeting it. I wasn't planning on listening, and began to coil the muscles in my leg again, until I felt something sharp brush over the tender skin of my neck. I froze. "Princess, you've insulted me, and I don't particularly like that." I remained silent for a moment, as I felt his breath traveling up and down my neck, that same sharp object scratching against me along the way. He growled, and I couldn't help but blink my eyes shut for a few seconds, trying to calm my racing heartbeat.

"Sorry if I hurt your feelings," I managed to reply bitterly, "I should have seriously considered the sensitivity of my kidnapper before speaking."

"You just don't know when to stop, do you, you overly confident bitch?"

I lashed out; I couldn't help it. That had pissed me off, and I made sure he understood that. My fists slammed against him and I kicked out, ignoring that I was hurting myself in the process.

He allowed me only a few seconds of this, however, before he roughly grasped the back of my neck with his hand, stepped aside, and threw me to the ground. I yelped softly, out of a mixture of surprise and pain, but I did nothing else as I heard footsteps heavily exiting the room. I took a few moments to compose myself, counting silently in my head as I waited for the pain to fade.

"He's not one to be patient," Link said, walking over and offering his hand. I refused it, taking another second to compose myself before slowly getting to my feet. I hid the wince of pain on my face by leaning over and carefully pretending to brush of my clothes. And when I returned his gaze, my face was free of emotion.

"Clearly," I retorted curtly, though I knew it wasn't Link that I was frustrated with. Wait, actually, it was. He was helping to keep me here, wasn't he?

"Look, Princess," he started, receiving a glare from me at the title, "I'm just warning you; don't test him. This is him being extremely lenient as it is, and I think he's about done allowing you time to adjust…"

I laughed. "This is lenient? This is allowing me to adjust? Why the hell do I have to adjust anyway? Why can't I go home? Oh, wait. I know why. You blew up my home, you assholes!"

"Actually, that was all Logan," he corrected, dropping down comfortably onto the couch I had been laying on moments before, "and in his defense, it was just to cover his tracks."

"Oh, that makes me feel so much better." With a sigh, I too dropped down onto the couch, though I was careful to sit as far away as possible from him.

"Glad to help."

I looked up, expecting to see a sarcastic smirk, but instead, I was greeted by a boyish grin. And what set it apart even more was the fact that it actually appeared sincere. I couldn't really stay mad.

"Yeah, I'm sure," I said, giving in. "If you want to really help, you'll bring me back home."

"To… ashes?" Link asked cautiously, obviously not wanting to piss me off completely. "Logan would kill me, even though there's nothing for you to go back to. I'm sorry, that's just the one thing I cannot do for you. How about I explain everything, instead?"

I waved my hand for him to continue, which he quickly did.

Apparently, like they tried to explain before, I was the princess of all vampires, and my parents, being the king and queen, had hidden me away without anyone knowing I had even been born. According to Link, this was to keep me safe, because I had been born a mortal. Which, of course, I had already been well aware of. But anyways, apparently a mortal child was only recorded to have been born once before, and she was also a part of the Royal Bloodline. Every other vampire-child-thing had been born immortal, and grows at a regular rate, until they hit twenty, when they stop aging. To be turned into a vampire, apparently you had to be around the age of twenty, and so I had been hidden away, but when I turned twenty, I was going to be brought home again, and turned into a vampire.

Or something like that. I'm not entirely sure; it was a lot to absorb, after all. And it was all complete bullshit, so can you blame me for not remembering every crazy little detail?

And then there was a bunch of knowledge about vampires that I also managed to acquire. They definitely did not sparkle. Big shock there. They, in fact, could only step into sunlight after applying a hell of a lot of special sunscreen stuff they had recently invented. Link didn't call it that, by the way, that was a name I gave it. They also did not sleep in coffins. Crosses and holy water did have an impact on them - it pissed them off. Supposedly, that was just because they took it as an insult, and it had no actual effect on them. And, as I had already learned, vampires could have kids, who were born immortal. Except for me, and that ancestor of mine, that is. Oh, and the stake through the heart thing was true. I'm not entirely sure why he told me that, but hey; who's complaining?

Oh, and the reason I hadn't been killed yet was because vampires were able to keep their thirst in check by regularly drinking blood, to avoid going into a rampage of murder. However, I was warned not to piss Logan off, because apparently angering vampires made their urges harder and harder to control. Oh, and they did have venom, but they injected it only on will, though it can only change people when they are around the age of twenty. Something about the way the body changes, or DNA, or something age-related made it that way. I don't know, I was a little in shock at that point, and it's not as if Link spoke scientifically enough for me to actually think he knew what he was talking about.

And, perhaps the most interesting bit of information I learned was that I had a brother. Alexavier, or, as many called him, Xavier.

And the Xavier they were talking about earlier? The legendary tracker? Yeah, one and the same.

At least I have some hope of being rescued.

Figured I'd give you guys another chapter to consider. Still not sure how long I'll let myself toy with this idea... But for now, I've a muse and the time to write, so... (: