In less than three hours my whole world had been turned upside down. Or right side up, though that was still debatable... I mean, I'm only fourteen! I can't even get a learners permit, let alone get married! Well, at least I got a kick-butt mermaid best friend...

'GAH!' I ran into something very large and rather hard. Stupid, inexcusable daydreams.

Then again, I thought as I looked straight ahead into a set of real, live, ten pack abs, maybe you're still daydreaming.

Wonderful way to meet someone, you know, running into them whilst they're shirtless. Though, most guys seem to do that around here.

'Hello. Um... You alright? I mean, it's not like I think that my chest's hard, that'd be conceited but... I'm rambling again, aren't I? Don't answer that. My name is Xavier, yours?' I looked up at a grinning blond dude who looked like he belonged on Muscle Man Monthly (heh, alliteration), and he looked a little familiar... Then again, everything around here was now.

'Oh! Hey Mel! You're back! You seen Hy yet?' He smiled broadly and squished me in an overwhelming hug.

'Um, yeah... Sorry, but who are you?' I managed to wheeze out, my lungs had been squished.

I just found it a little weird that he didn't seem to even notice my confusion as he let me out of his strangle hold and said, 'You got amnesia? Awesome! I already told you I'm Xavier, but I suppose you forgot that I'm married to Hy, I like gambling, and I ramble. A lot.'

I had already figured out the latter, but at least he could admit it... I hate it when people can't at least say they have problems.
'How's life for yah?' He asked.

'Confusing,' I told him, figuring that as long he was such an honest person, I might as well be honest to him, 'Does everyone get married young here? And must every guy go shirtless?'

He laughed (I got the sense that he could take anything in stride) and said, 'First- what's your definition of young? Second- Yeah, what ELSE would we do? Wear a bra?' He gestured to his ten pack.

I replied, chuckling a little, 'How about a shirt? Or are all the men here in love with their own abs?' Then I mutter more seriously, 'But, yeah... Anyone under age eighteen?'

He looked amused, 'No. That's weird. And no, you'd be getting married young if you were under two hundred. But you should know that I do have a particular adoration for my abs.'


'I don't get why you're flipping out... My abs are pretty awesome. Even if you have a fiancé you can admit that.'

'NO! The marriage thing!' I yelled. I couldn't contain myself.

'You're practically an old maid! You're like, what, thirty-five hundred years old? Why are you even worried about this?' He nonchalantly took a swig from a little flask in his hand.

Great. He was an alcoholic too.

Although I was still wondering just exactly how one could drink anything but water underwater, I repeated my previous question. 'Again... uh... WHAT?'

'Yeah, you're like an original siren.'

I got really quiet and mumbled, 'I gotta go...'

'Okay! Have fun! I hope your face isn't bruised!'

After that really disturbing and rather informative conversation, I continued on my way humming Justin Beiber songs. AS IF!

I moved forward, sobbing my heart out about suddenly being really old. Now that I look back on it, that was kind of a stupid thing to cry over, but you get the point. I finally just lied down on the garden path and sobbed my heart out, until eventually Triton came along.

'LEAVE ME ALONE!' I screamed wildly.

'Melody... What's wrong?' He sounded concerned which softened my next blow.

'I'm old...'

'No, you're not. My grandpa is old.'

'How old is he?'

'A million give or take.'

'Oh. Well that makes me feel better.' I mumbled sarcastically, then paused and figured asking the obvious might be helpful. 'How old are you?'

He looked thoughtful, 'Four thousand, give or take a few hundred years.'

'How can you not know your own birthday?' I asked, now completely distracted.

He shrugged, 'It doesn't really matter much to me.'

'But… That's so sad. Don't you ever even eat birthday cake?"

"I've never had cake before."

I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped about mile when he said that. How could anyone go their whole lives without eating cake? Especially if they're four thousand years old.

'Like, never?'

'Nope. Although I would like to try it someday…" He gave an airy sigh.

'I can make you some. All I need is an oven and some ingrediants!'

'I'd like that… but there's a problem with your plan."


"Ovens don't work underwater." He started to laugh.

I slapped him lightly across the back of the head.

'Hey now! Don't killing me before I can take you to my father!' He straightened me up as he said this and began to drag me towards the largest building of the castle.

I went without arguing. The truth was, after I thought about it, that I was more nervous than I had ever felt before.

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