"MAMI! Where are my keys?", asked Elena while putting on her white flats to match her white strapless dress that looked like it would float in the wind. It reached her mid thigh which showed her curvy legs.

" Right down here mija come down I made breakfast" , said Juanita her single mom.

" Okay mami I'm getting my book bag ", Elena said as she looked at herself in the mirror and caught a glimpse of her long brown curly locks that just flew on her pale complexion. As she walked downstairs she saw her mother in the kitchen cooking for the Marshals. The Marshals are the owners of many businesses. Juanita and her daughter Elena have lived in the Marshals mansion since Elena was 13 years old. Juanita is maid along with three other women who live there in a separate part o the mansion. In the mansion on the east wing is made of small apartments for the workers where Juanita and Elena live.

" Ay mi mijita Elena you look beautiful", said Juanita as she looked at her young daughter.

" Thanks mami I want to look nice on my first day of school being that I'm the new girl" said Elena while pouring herself a class of juice. She had been going to a public school but her sophomore year her grades qualified her to get a scholarship to Rita Private school. She would be going to the same school as Kyle Marshals the son of her moms boss which Elena wasn't looking forward too being that he always picks on her any chance he gets.

" I feel so proud of you I want to you to know that you have what it takes to make something of yourself. You're not like me. You have a brain and I'm so proud that you are getting this opportunity to make it, I love you ", Juanita said while hugging her daughter.

" Thanks mami I love you too" Elena said while getting her keys. She was sixteen and had learned how to drive at the age of fifteen thanks to her cousin Julio who is a mechanic and gave Juanita and Elena a car.

Elena began walking towards her blue beat up 1992 Nissan car. Sure it looked junky but it has been with them for seven years without breaking, it was a durable car.

" So little Elena getting ready to go to her first private school.? Must be a change from that ghetto ass school you came from. At least there you were with your own kind", said Kyle snobbishly and he eyed Elena from head to toe taking in her appearance with his blue eyes and blond wavy hair.

" Yes." , Elena said annoyingly looking straight ahead trying to ignore Kyle's insults which worked for her being that she just wanted to avoid problems. As she began walking ahead ignoring him, Kyle grabbed Elena's elbow yanking her close.

" I don't believe I was done talking to you. You think being as though my father pays your mom you would have some manners" Kyle said holding on to Elena's arm.

" Listen, I don't want any problems. Why can't you just leave me alone" , Elena said while trying to yank her arm from his death grip.

"I'm a nice guy Elena, so nice that I'm offering to give you a ride to school in my car so that you don't have to drive that piece of shit car and get embarrassed", he said with fake niceness while pulling Elena closer.

" No thank you Kyle, I have to get to school now so could you please let go of me" Elena said looking nervous as she continued to struggle out of his grip.

" FINE HAVE IT YOUR WAY!" he said while letting go. "You think you could fool people with that dress. You're a maid's daughter and that's all you'll ever be. I'm the it guy in this school and I guarantee that I will make your year a nightmare. So good luck, my sweet heart ", Kyle said while giving her one last glare and walking away.

Elena quickly tried to compose herself as she walked to her car trying to forget Kyle's threat and the stinging pain she felt on her arm. Luckily he didn't bruise her arm.

She remembered the first time she met Kyle when she was thirteen years old.

"Mami! Can I play outside?" Elena said while getting her ball.

"Okay but try not to dirty you dress we're going to your Tia's baby shower and we're going to take photos. " Juanita said while putting on her make up wearing a red dress that went well with her dark complexion different from her daughter's light skin and honey eyes.

They had just moved to the Marshals mansion and Elena was so happy because it was better than the projects where she used to live with her Tia Carmen.

Elena began walking and dribbling the ball when she heard a boys voice behind her .

"So you must be the new maid's daughter." , Elena turned and saw a blond buy around her age with blue eyes looking at her.

"Yes my name is Elena" , Elena said dribbling her ball.

" My name is Kyle. I wasn't expecting you to be pretty and know English for being a poor maid's daughter. I saw the other maid's looking dirty and dark Mexican, but you look different.", Kyle said looking at Elena.

" My mami and I both speak English we were born here." Elena said getting mad.

" That's not typical most of our maid are from Mexico, I thought your mom and you would be the same" he said snobby. " My dad bought me a new Xbox want to come and try it" Kyle said .

" NO!, I don't like you. Your mean" Elena yelled walking away from Kyle. As she walked passed him he pulled her dress hard from the edge of it that reached her knee and began pulling her towards him.


" LET GO YOUR RUINING MY DRESS!" Elena screamed back.

They must have been playing a game of tug that dress because next thing you know her dress ripped from the ends.

"LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" Elena began to cry and she fell to the floor.

Kyle was about to pull Elena up when he heard a woman calling.


Elena quickly got up and ran towards her mom's voice never looking back before Kyle had the chance to get to her.

Three years later Elena managed never to go outside unless to school which her mother would take her every time. That's how it was and she managed to stay away from Kyle but she knew now that it would be hard to get away from Kyle now that they would be going to the same high school. This was now a sixteen year old Kyle and she was afraid of what he had in store for her.