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Elena leaned against the towering willow tree. The long hanging leaves reflecting the sadness of the tree. It was the appropriate tree given the depress feeling Elena felt since all the events transpired. Her long hair blowing slowing in the wind, getting in the way of her mouth as she ate her sandwich. She pulled her hair away and angrily put her lunch down giving up on her meal. Without thinking Elena began running her hands through her scalp. Her mind replayed all the events that had happened between her and Kyle.

"So is this how it's going to be Elena? After everything we've been through? You're seriously just going to leave me like this?" Kyle said dropping all tenderness from his voice as he cornered Elena in her yard.

Elena was taken aback by Kyle's harsh tone. She wondered where his remorseful act had gone. All his pleads from the week before. "What do you expect Kyle? You didn't even bother telling your dad I was your girlfriend before the trip? Then when he does find out he treats me like I'm scum. But worse of all I find out your dad brought your fiancé to our trip? How stupid of me to think your father might accept us?" Elena said pushing against Kyle. "Just drop it Kyle, I don't want this anymore. I don't deserve to be humiliated. Our relationship was a joke from the start! ", Elena added trying to free herself from Kyle's hold.

Kyle threw Elena with a hard force she landed on her back. "First of all Elena, you knew my father didn't know about us and we agreed we would tell him on this trip. Yes, I should have told him before but he is never around. I tried to defend you against my father on this trip. I was always by your side. You're the one who has pushed me away" Kyle yelled picking Elena up by her arms ignoring her whimpers of pain. "You're tired of me. Well I'm tired of your bullshit! You always overreact and push me away. Did you even care about my feelings? Did you take my feelings into consideration when you left Hawaii without an explanation? Did you even care about all the times I tried to reach out to you this week and getting no response? You put me under so much stress our whole relationship. I was better off when we weren't together!" Kyle said, shaking Elena aggressively.

"Finally the real Kyle comes out! What are you done with your sorry act? Let me guess you're tired of playing the repentant boyfriend? I should have known your father was right. You deserve Ally and I hope you both end up really happy because I can't see myself marrying you ever!" Elena shouted, struggling to get Kyle to let go of her elbows.

In the heat of the moment Kyle didn't realize he felt a force push him off, tackling him to the ground. "Don't ever touch my daughter again" Todd screamed getting off of Kyle rushing to check on Elena. "Keep away from my daughter, you punk! I swear if I see you talk to her again. You will live to regret it!" he threatened.

Kyle watched as Todd cradled Elena, he felt a little guilt but his anger was overpowering all his emotions. He hated when Elena acted this way. First she leaves him in Hawaii with no explanation as to why she left. Then didn't answer any of his calls. It didn't matter anymore he was done; she played with his emotions long enough! Without another look he got up and left.

Amanda watched Elena's hands digging into her scalp, she noticed the same emotionless gaze in her brown eyes that she had every lunch period since they started the semester. For she knew it was better to let Elena wallow in her thoughts then talk. Amanda waited for Julian to get back with her Coca-Cola soda, which she was badly craving. In the past few days Elena hasn't spoken much, not since the first day back. The first day back to school wasn't what she expected.

Julian wrapped his arms around Amanda hugging her from behind. "It's nice to be back at school with you babe" he said smoothly pressing a kiss to the back of Amanda's neck as they waited in the courtyard for Elena and Kyle.

Amanda closed her eyes leaning back on Julian, inhaling his strong cologne. His smell consuming her as he snuggled into her. "Oh Julian, me too. I missed you so much after you left me home last night. I needed to hold you again" Amanda said turning her neck to kiss Julian. She could feel the passion in his kiss and never wanted it to end.

Julian slid his tongue inside Amanda's mouth. Both were unaware of the stares they were getting from their classmates.

"Get a room Julian!" said Brent, a built tan guy wearing a football jersey.

"Ha ha, don't be hating man" Julian laughed throwing his fist to collide with Brent's fist, like their own greeting. "How was your vacation bro?" Julian asked his teammate

"It was alright, I went to the gym every day. I beat out my last record on the weights. I'm benching 200 now" Brent said flexing in front of them. "How'd you guys spend your vacation?" he asked noticing a few girls that were walking by them.

"Amanda and I went camping and stayed at her parents lake house by the woods" Julian said smiling at Amanda.

"It sounds like you two love birds had a romantic mini honeymoon" Brent chuckled at Julian and Amanda. "I guess you're the only one on this team who is whipped" he said making a whipping sound.

"What do you mean by that?!" Amanda asked a little angered by his comment.

"I meant Julian's the only single guy in this team that has a girlfriend since Kyle is now flying solo" he said beginning to shy away from Amanda's narrow glare.

"What do you mean Kyle is flying solo? He is in a relationship with Elena!" Amanda said on the verge of slapping Brent.

Brent took a timid step away from the angry beauty with his hands up in surrender. "I'm just saying it looked pretty over, judging by the girls that were clinging to his side at his locker this morning" he said carefully moving further away. "Anyways, I'll see you at football practice today, Julian" he said running away from Amanda.

"What did Brent mean by this?" Amanda said beginning to get worried. She couldn't believe Kyle would even look at another girl that wasn't Elena because he loved her. "That does it, I'm calling Elena! Something must have happened to them!" She said reaching for her cell to dial Elena's number.

Julian spotted Elena walking towards them and nudged Amanda. "Babe look! There's Elena" he said pointing. "Wow she looks like she's been through the ringer!" he noticed shaking his head.

Amanda's jaw opened as she looked at her best friend. She noticed her hair was wild and untamed, even her clothes weren't the same. She wore a long black skirt that reached her ankles with a matching black long sleeved blouse. It looked like she was coming out of a funeral. There was something different in Elena. She appeared to be so frail and nonchalant at the same time. Amanda couldn't see the same confident Elena that was her friend. "ELENA!" Amanda screamed running towards her.

Elena slowly looked at her best friend. "Hi Amanda" she said weakly avoiding eye contact.

"What happened between you and Kyle? Did he do something to you?" Amanda asked with anger. She searched through her best friend's eyes but there wasn't any emotion.

"Yes I broke up with Kyle over the vacation" she said with numbly.

"What do you mean you broke up with Kyle? What happened? Why did you do it?" Amanda demanded, unhappy by the lack of details.

"It just didn't work out, Amanda. I realized we are going in different directions" Elena said beginning to walk away. "That's all I have to say about that. Please don't push me any further" she said putting her head down leaving Amanda concerned.

Amanda didn't bother to push her. "There's something she's not telling me. I know it" she said to Julian looking at Elena's retreating behind.

The lunch bell had just ringed and Kyle looked out the window. He saw the view of the weeping willow tree and Elena sitting there with Amanda and Julian. He was in a trace by watching Elena. She looked so beautiful in her long white dress. Suddenly he felt a pain in his heart, it was the same pain he felt whenever he looked or thought of Elena. Part of him was begging to run to Elena and force her to take him back. But he knew, she wouldn't. Even though their relationship was complicated and she could be so unforgiving at times, he couldn't live without her. He missed her kisses, her hugs, and her love. He knew he screwed up any chance of her taking him back by what happened on the first day back.

"Kyle you got so sexy over spring break" Candace moaned swinging her long brown hair over her shoulders. Her fingers running over Kyle's back as she leaned into his locker.

Kyle shrugged nonchalantly, his mind somewhere else. He was completely oblivious to this girl's flirtatious attempts. Based on all the attention he was getting from the ladies, he knew word must have gone out that he was no longer with Elena. Before it never mattered that every girl wanted him, the only girl that he had eyes for was Elena. But now they were over he was wondering if maybe he should just move on. However, he couldn't picture himself being with anyone else besides Elena.

"Ew! Would you look at how ugly Elena looks" Candace said looking at Elena with disgust. She drew closer to Kyle.

Kyle's eyes widened in shock from seeing Elena. His heart racing and emotions all over the place. He noticed the look on Elena's face as she saw Candace clinging to him. He couldn't do anything but just look at his love. He began walking towards Elena, unsure of how she would respond given what happened last time. He could see distrust in her eyes as well as a little bit of fear. He wondered if she was afraid of him. It broke his heart to think she was afraid. "Hey Elena" he said gently approaching her.

Elena narrowed her eyes at him and took a step back. "What do you want, Kyle? I thought my dad told you to stay away from me" Elena said quietly looking at her feet. She felt so small and defenseless.

Kyle was hurt by her attitude. She appeared to be so fragile and weak. Never in his life has he ever seen her this way before. Even when they were enemies, she still had a fire and sass, but now she looked broken. "I'm not here to hurt you Elena. I just wanted to apologize for what happened in your yard. I didn't mean to push you. I let my temper get the better of me" he said, hoping Elena would understand.

Elena didn't say anything while she fiddled with her fingers looking at the floor.

"Listen Elena about Candace. I'm sorry, she just came on to me and…"Kyle said but was interrupted by Elena.

"It's fine Kyle. What's done is done. There's nothing either of us can do to take back what was said. I think it's just better if we don't talk to each other anymore and try to move on with our lives" Elena said softly, looking up slowly into Kyle's remorseful eyes. "And as for Candace. Who you see is no longer my business. You're free to date whoever you want" she said indifferently. "Good bye, Kyle" she added and turned to leave.

After that day he finally realized how over they were and his heart was wounded more than it already was.

"Come on Kyle, we're going to be late to class" Candace said grabbing Kyle's hand as she dragged him away from the window.

Kyle looked at Elena one last time before leaving reluctantly.

Todd drove his daughter back home from school. He turned to look at Elena and found her looking intently at the window. Her eyes gave away no emotion. For the past week his daughter hasn't spoken and he didn't know what to do to help her.

"I'm going to go over that SOB's house and beat him to the ground!" Todd said pacing back and forth in his kitchen. He had just gotten Elena to sleep after hours and hours of her crying over Kyle.

Juanita looked at her husband with concern. She never liked violence and hearing Todd talk like that, only made her worry more. "Todd, you did what you could. You have to let it go for now. I don't think Kyle meant to hurt Elena, my darling" she spoke holding on to Todd's arms. They shook with anger.

Todd narrowed his eyes. "You can't be defending Kyle after what he did to your daughter!" Todd hissed pushing Juanita's arms away.

"I'm not defending Kyle, honey. But I've worked for Kyle since he was 13 years old and I know he loves my daughter. I see it in the way he looks at her all the time. He would give her anything to make her happy. I also know he has a temper, but he has a kind heart deep down inside of him. This isn't over between them. They're going through obstacles. Every relationship has obstacles and this will only make them stronger" Juanita said patting Todd's shoulder.

"You always see the best in people, Juanita. But I can't let this slide" he said turning to wrap his arms around Juanita, bringing his hands to cup Juanita's face. "You and Elena mean everything to me. I don't like it when anyone causes the women who I love pain" he said looking into his wife's eyes.

"I love you, Todd. I couldn't have asked for a better husband or father for me and my daughter" she said on the verge of tears,

Todd captured Juanita's lips in a passionate kiss. His arms bringing her body closer so he could mold curve of her body onto his.

Amanda sat cheering for Julian after he scored a touchdown for the team during practice. She was so proud of him and happy to see what a good player he was. She turned and noticed a few girls staring at Julian. Even though Amanda trusted Julian, it still bothered her when other girl's noticed her boyfriend.

"Hey babe, did you see me?" Julian bragged, placing a kiss on Amanda's cheek.

"I saw baby! You are a pro at this game babe" Amanda smiled getting up to walk with Julian off the bleachers.

"Yea soon he's going to take Kyle's spot and be captain" Brent hollered from the side. While the other players nodded in agreement.

"Let's not go that far" Kyle added looking over at Amanda, receiving a glare from her. "Catch you in the locker Julian" he said nodding at Amanda.

"Yea man" Julian responded turning his attention to his girlfriend. "I'll meet you in the car babe" he said handing over his car keys to her.

Amanda narrowed her eyes. "Fine" she said rolling her eyes.

"What's wrong now babe? Why are you so angry?" Julian asked wrapping his arms around Amanda.

Amanda let herself be held by Julian. "I don't like it that you and Kyle are still okay with each other. You act like everything is normal" she scoffed rolling her eyes.

"Babe, he's my teammate. We have to get along and he hasn't done anything wrong to us. Yea he's not dating Elena, but that doesn't mean that we have to shut him off from our lives. Then what kind of friends were we, if we cut all communications because of who he isn't dating" Julian tried to reason.

"Whatever Julian" Amanda said untangling herself from Julian. "I guess you boys are different than us girls. I'll meet you in the car" she said giving Julian a quick kiss on the mouth.

Kyle watched Julian coming into the lockers. "Amanda still hates my guts, doesn't she?" he asked getting his shoes on.

Julian shook his head. "Yea bro. I mean you know how girls are. Elena's her best friend and she's going to side with her. Just give it some time man and it will all blow over" he said opening his locker.

"Does Elena ever mention me?" Kyle asked suddenly.

Julian got quiet for a second. "No, she doesn't really talk at all" he said noting the look of concern on his teammate's face. "Elena hasn't spoken at all. And if she does it's a few nods. Or she's say "I'm Fine" "Everything's ok", and "That's good". Even Amanda is a little worried about her" Julian added pulling off his jersey.

Kyle was saddened by what he was hearing and felt guilty. "You think I should try to talk to her again?" he asked with hope.

Julian was completely naked by now with a towel around his waist, showing his nicely tan six pack. "You're my bro and I'm going to keep it real" he said seriously."Elena needs time. She's so confused and I don't think she wants to talk to anyone. Give her time to sort it out" he said patting Kyle on the back.

Elena eyes were pacing quickly from top to bottom, reading through her History book. She was on the verge of finishing the chapter of the Cold War even though her class wasn't at that chapter yet. There she was on the floor near her bed, with piles of books and paper scattered everywhere. She was in the same routine as always. It wasn't until she heard a knock on her door breaking her concentration. "Come in" she said her attention still in the book.

Juanita watched her daughter while she read her school book. She knew it was a hard time for Elena, and liked that her daughter wasn't moping around, but being productive with her time. "Elena you have a visitor", she said smiling.

Elena's heart skipped a beat. Her eyes widened as she looked at her mom. "Who is it mami?" she asked wondering who it was. It couldn't have been Amanda orJulian because they were on a date.

"Why don't you come downstairs and see for yourself" Juanita said grinning walking over to hold her daughter's hand.

Elena allowed her mom to lead her down to the living room. She wondered who could be here to see her this late on a Friday. When she reached the living room her eyes widened and for the first time she smiled. Her eyes brightened by who was sitting on the couch with her dad.

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