Flatmates Forever


Jakes Point of View (POV)

Oh crap, I'm late. Not just late, very late. Like times a thousand, maybe even a million. Now don't think I'm crazy or anything but I'm getting kicked out of my apartment, OK maybe not my own apartment but still, my flatmate's apartment. Now you're probally wondering who the hell is Jake. Well my name is Jake and I have two, yes, not one but TWO older brothers, Sam and Nat (I know very original names) who are unfortunatly really lets just say not the brightest but apparently really good looking (don't ask me I'm not gay)and one high and obsessive older sister, Natalie. Now although I'm the youngest, my father being a father as he is and my mother being my mother being a mother, decided to give their 35 billlion dollar company to me, yes me. So now I'm a random heir to a random company and girls flock around me just because:

a) Top of the Class

b) In the Top of the 'Top 25 under 18 Bachelors in your Country'


c) I apparently have a perfect family.

Like I care about being in the 'Top 25 under 18 Bachelors in your Country'. And you'd also think that my older brothers and sister would complain but:

a) Nat is in America with his latest girlfriend, Larna and doesn't speak with his parents. Amazingly he is in collage.

b) Sam is also, suprisingly at the same 'American' Collage and although he still does talk his parents, he doesn't really care about the company. All he cares is about girls, sport and movie directing. Surprisingly he does really well in that area.

and Natalie? She being all responisble and stuff wants to become a university proffessor at Cambridge. Leaving me, I got no choice and no room to move. Not that I really mind, I like directing, investing and finance. Call me a nerd but yes I really do. Now to make matters worse I'm being shipped off from my little 14 arcre homestead in Australia to America, I don't know what I have against this country but I don't find it particually, umm small. And if that wasn't bad enough I have to attend the same collage as them, I'm all in for education, just not the same collage as them. But to tell you the truth thats the least of my worries. Why? Because I have just been kicked out of a flat. And now do you ask? Matt (my flatmate) is going to Paris and wants to sell the apartment (it's under his name). Luckyly for me (I'm a very lucky person) my manager, Tim Write (yes I do have a manager scince I'm underage I can't invest in the stock market without him)has found a new apartment for me somewhere in America.


Matt screamed stumbling down the stairs. For someone who is a State runner he is really quite clumsy.

"I have NEWWWWWWWWWWWWSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Did I also mention loud, very, very loud?

"What now Flat Mat?" Matt smirked at the sound of his very old and very lame nickname.

"Well, Jakeywakey I'm NOT moving to Paris so-"

"Does that mean that I can stay here?" I was jumping on the couch, cazy with anticipation.

"Can I finish my sentance?" Matt asked annoyed at my outburst. I thought he was used to them now. "Annnnnnny way, sooooooooo I'M comming with YOU!" He finished with a flourish of his had and looked at me, expecting me to jump with joy.

"Oh, I'm still going to AMERICA?" I asked glumly

"YEAH! and your coming with me!" Matt hopped up the stairs four at a time went to his room.

"CHOP CHOP! we have to start packing!"

I growned. Did I also tell you that Matt was really enthusiastic, like a girl at the best of times?