Our souls are ageless separated twins
We fit like a fish fits onto his fins
And I don't care if that's sounding odd
We're two weird peas in a weirder pod

Our favourite colours fit our friendship too
'Cause you're deep like the sea and so true blue
And I'm always there for you should you need a place to lean
Plus I'm round and funny looking like the skin of an aubergine

Lots of smiles and a lot more pokes
Our conversations read like a book of jokes
But when engaged in a much more serious call
We hold on with all our hearts should the other's tears fall

We've had our fights and rocky weather
It's like we both grew up together
But though we only met in 2009
Fate brought us close together just fine

I wouldn't ever want it any other way
Standing by each other is where we're going to stay
As we accept ourselves as equals, I'm not beneath or above you
We can laugh and reciprocate when the other says "I freaking love you"