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The Coalition of the Supernatural- otherwise known as C.O.T.S or COTS for us lazy speakers- is the judge and jury to all supernaturals. The enforcers are the strongest, fastest and most deadly of each being. Usually, they are the second or third in command to the leaders of each pack, cult, group, or coven.

Ten years ago, COTS stepped forward and exposed all the different types of beings there are on national television. This was due to a case of misidentification; someone had pointed out a were-animal and accused him of being a suicide bomber. He was dragged into custody in the Toronto airport. He escaped, but not before the cameras caught him changing.

Some were-animals change only once a month, usually during a full moon, while others like this panther, who was a pure were-panther, can change whenever they wish. Most of the security tapes were destroyed; all but one that was sold to a major talk show and that was when the truth came out.

COTS took full control of all the television stations for fifteen minutes, and the only show that aired in that time was the talk show that the were-panther was on. Two enforcers went onto that same talk show with that were-panther. They explained everything: who each leader was, how long they have been active members of society, and their laws. They executed that were-panther on TV for all of us to see. Not one piece of it was edited, they had a point to make and they made it.

They executed the were-panther because he broke one of their laws. Never bring public notice to yourself or your clan. They have very few laws and all are enforced with only one penalty…death.

COTS is always watching their own, they keep tabs and know where they are at all times. My best friend Morgan Green is a vampire. I've known her for twelve years, and five years ago she told me she was a Vamp. She also works for COTS, as do most supernaturals. She works at one of their clinics, in a lab in the basement of a downtown investment building.

Vampires have no problem getting donors; they're attractive and can make the donation highly erotic. However, there are the older ones who still fear going out in public during the day, and then those who have been attacked by a so called vampire hunter. I feel sorry for them. They live by night, hide in the shadows, and don't truly embrace their newly found freedom.

Morgan is a lab rat. She screens the blood before adding whatever additive is required, if it requires anything besides blood typing. Vampires love to live it up just like humans and other beings. Sometimes there's alcohol added or extra vitamins. It all depends on where the blood is being shipped. There is a high demand for diabetics' blood. She described it as a sweet wine, and it's considered a luxury. It's more expensive and normally distributed to powerful vamps or vamps that are hosting a special party. The vitamins are for the ones who didn't evolve properly and require additional immunities. Morgan described it as anemia for vamps.

Nearly three months ago, I was laid off from my job as a cop. I was part of the special unit, something like a SWAT team; I was a sniper and damn proud of it. Now that supers are in the public eye and accepted, our government has discharged over a quarter of us humans from all security related positions, such as Policing, Army, and the Special Forces. They replaced us with supers, and it makes sense considering most supers have incredible strength. The minute I told Morgan about my termination, she dragged me into her lab and demanded that I fill out an application. I laughed at her; the idea of a human working for COTS was insane.

To my surprise, they hired me. Morgan said that it was because I proved that I could keep a secret. I never told anyone that Morgan was a vampire. She is beautiful with long, straight jet black hair, deep, dark brown eyes. She's tall, slim and a perfect ten. The secret is that she has been using foundation for over fifty years; her skin is flawless with a kiss of sun. No one has ever thought of her as a vamp, and there is nothing forcing her to wear a name tag, or any tag stating what type of being she is.

Each day, I update the COTS list, post it on their website and then I notify each town, village, or city of the new visitor. Since COTS first became public, it was made clear that it is the responsibility of the humans to check the list daily. Most major cities have a website, and they usually post their own list of the supers in that area, as well as announce the information on the daily news. Sometimes, I get nasty comments from the smaller communities. I find that funny, since most of those smaller communities have so many were-animals that live in the outskirts of their area, and yet they want to freak about a vamp or fext that's stopping in for a weekend.

The list provides only the first name of the supernatural, the type of being they are, and where they are located. The location is only the name of the city, village, or town, and not the actual address. This is for the safety of all the supernaturals. Yes, even in twenty eleven, there are still hunters out there, and since there is no law preventing humans from attacking other beings (besides humans) without purpose, COTS will not reveal a photo or the address of any supernatural without a court order, and a damn good reason.

Most supernaturals are law abiding citizens, have excellent manners, and are kind to all. We humans could learn a thing or three from them. The only exceptions that I've heard of are those who are Rogue and then the enforcers, apparently they're not very friendly. I wouldn't know since I've never met one.

I work in the same building as Morgan. The front looks like a normal investment brokerage office, and I pose as a receptionist. Technically, that's what I am; however, I couldn't help you with your finances if I tried. If someone comes in looking for an advisor, I simply take down their personal information and have one of our advisors call them. Once or twice a week, someone might walk in, but usually they call the number that's advertised in the phone book. The calls go directly to the advisor's home and never to my desk.

When you walk through the front doors, there is a row of black leather chairs against the front wall on either side of the entrance, and then a large black desk facing the waiting area and doors. That's my desk, and behind my desk is a long hall that takes you to the washroom, kitchen and two empty offices. They are there in case someone from COTS needs them. So far, that hasn't happened; I've been alone since my first day and I love it. Upstairs is a medical clinic for supernaturals, and downstairs is the lab. I have only been there once and that was to fill out the application.

My interview (although I would rather call it an interrogation) was done in the office behind my desk. Alistair Cane and Lilly Bellaire conducted it. Alistair is a master vampire and Lilly is a very powerful witch. The interview lasted over two hours. I had understood the need for confidentiality, but they both felt that they had to spell it out to me in six different languages.

Alistair kept grumbling that they couldn't trust a human, and that my mind should be erased, time and time again. Finally, I was at my breaking point; I stood and demanded that my mind be erased, and not to forget to remove himself. I said that my meeting Alistair was a huge mistake, and that no job was worth this type of ego lashing. I told him that I understood his need to protect his people, and that anyone with a heart and brain could understand that. What I couldn't understand was his need to insult all humans, and why he felt the need to use me as the sole representative. That was when he finally showed emotion, he laughed and hired me on the spot.

Supernaturals are a lot like humans in many ways. They work in a variety of jobs, will soon have their own wing in most hospitals, and have roamed the earth for as long as we have. They're powerful and are in nearly every profession from medical, political, professional sports, actors and, yes…even religious positions. The amazing part is that you never know who is a super and who isn't. I've learned that many supers are actors, and that's why Hollywood has misguided us over the years. It was to protect the vamps and those of magic, plus, it made for a hell of a great story line.