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I had a few bites of my dinner and couldn't eat anymore; I slid the container to Ridge and started upstairs. "I'm going to take a shower," I grumbled. I had way too much on my mind, and I wanted to be alone.

I stood in the shower with the water beating on me until there was no hot water left; I had a lot to consider. This is definitely the job for me; investigating things can seem boring at times, but I've always had more than enough patience. I can, and have, sit still for hours waiting for the perfect shot. My concern was Ridge and Drew, they said that we leave and arrive together. Did that mean that I just took on a couple of roommates, and if so…what about intimacy? If I take this job would that mean that I've vowed to never be with a man again? They're both vamps and have a much longer life expectancy.

I turned the water off, wrapped a towel around me and stormed down the stairs and into the kitchen where both men were sitting at the table. "I would like to have a husband and children one day. How do I date when you two are always around?" I snapped.

Both men stared at me. "What?" Ridge whispered.

I began tapping my foot, I was cold and wet and needed answers. "How do I date when you two are always around? Do we get vacations?"

"It's not like we're all sharing rooms," he snickered.

I rolled my eyes at him. "You guys have super hearing and, well, I don't even want the two of you near the house if I'm having that kind of a night." I took a deep breath and tried again. "Look, I'm asking if we get a sabbatical leave."

Drew stood and flashed out of the room before I could say a thing. He flashed back with my pajamas in his hands. "You're cold, get dressed and then we'll talk."

I shook my head at him. I realized that I was asking the wrong people, these were questions for Alistair and Lilly. "Forget it," I grumbled and flopped onto the empty chair. "I'll ask Lilly, she'll understand."

He knelt before me so that I would look at him. "Look, we're not rookies, Ridge has been an enforcer for nearly thirty years and I've been doing this for…a lot longer. I understand, but you're sitting here half naked, wet, and shivering. If you're sick, how can you be at your best? Get changed and, I promise, I'll explain everything."

Drew had admitted that he was a pure vamp; he could easily be hundreds, if not thousands, of years old. I stood and headed back up with my change of clothes in hand. If he didn't have the answers, then Alistair or Lilly would. I've read about them and they have been enforcing the rules together for nearly three centuries. They respect all beings and try not to exterminate without cause. That's why I was happy to have an interview with them. There is one leader that I would hate to meet with, and that is Keaira. From what I've heard, his clan is very large and he's very strict. Since loosing his mate, he's lost his patience and, well, he's not one I would want to meet in a bright alley, let alone a dark one.

I put the ratty old pajamas on and began towel drying my hair when the phone rang. After the second ring it stopped. I figured either they hung up or one of the guys must have answered it. "Precious," I giggled. The idea of one of them answering my phone was absurd. I was sure that the person had hung up, so I finished my hair and put on some lotion before heading down.

Ridge was still at the table eating and Drew was trying hard to be polite on the phone. I sat beside Ridge and whispered, "Who's on the phone?"

"It's some guy named Geoff; he must have said something rude."

"What? Why would you say that?"

He shrugged before shoveling another half a roll into his mouth. I looked at all the empty containers on the table in disbelief. "You ate all those! Jesus, you're a bottomless pit; that's like fourteen cabbage rolls." I laughed in disbelief, and began collecting the containers.

"Hey, Drew ate three of them," he grumbled.

"Bull, he's pure and doesn't have to eat."

I've yet to meet a pure that eats for the fun of it. Heck, in the special unit, we tailed a vamp for three weeks. When he went into the restaurant and shuffled his food around, instead of taking a single bite that was when we knew he was pure, and more powerful than anticipated.

I rinsed all the containers and loaded them in the dishwasher before I rejoined Ridge at the table. We both watched Drew pace and talk on the phone. I couldn't really hear what he was saying, but the growls were loud. Geoff was my ex who had been driving the nice car that I paid for. He must have received the notice that the lease was up. I advised the dealership that I wouldn't be renewing the lease nor would I be buying the car. Although, I did tell them where they could pick it up, and what time of day would be best. I was pretty sure that Geoff was freaking out, that car was his true love, and I was a fool for believing him when he purchased it.

Geoff had terrible credit and when they turned him down, he called me and begged me to cosign for him. He stopped making the payments and I was forced to continue, even though we were no longer together. There was nothing I could do about it, and that car has been his free ride for the last three years. That bastard deserves to be without more than just that car. We had been together for nearly six months and not two weeks after he got the car, we broke up. I showed up at his apartment and he was there with another woman. Three months later, the collectors began calling me. He made only one payment; I was a fool from the start.

"One minute," Drew growled, snapping me out of my train of thought. I looked up at him and he had his hand over the phone. "He would like to speak to you."

I nodded and reached for the phone. "What's up, Geoff?" I asked in my cheeriest tone.

"They took my fucking car!" he shouted.


"And that's my fucking car! They should have called first. They said that you authorized them to pick it up, why didn't you call me?"

"Why would I do that? You never made a payment; are you saying you're going to pay me back every dime?"

"I could have renewed the lease or bought it out!" he shouted.

"Not without a cosigner and I refuse to go down that road again."

"My girlfriend would."

"Then go back to the dealership with her and get a new car, but don't call here again."

"How about you come over and we'll talk about this? I don't want a different car, I want my car and I need your help to get it," he grumbled.

I laughed and hung up. "Wow, some people are just plain stupid," I said in disbelief. I looked up at Drew and asked, "What did he say to you?"

"Nothing worth repeating," he grumbled and walked back to the freezer.

"What are you looking for?"

"I'm still hungry, are there any more of those…cabbage balls."

I muffled a laugh and joined him at the freezer. "You said you were pure."

"I am."

"Then why are you eating?"

He chuckled and began moving the containers around. "I'm hungry."

"How do you know what hunger is?"

He laughed and shook his head. "The blood didn't fulfill the need, the food does and those cabbage balls are good."

"Cabbage balls," snorted Ridge.

I giggled and started towards the basement. "I'm going to get some work done; I have a lot to think about. Let me know when you're done raiding my freezer."

"What are you doing down there?" asked Ridge.

I shrugged. "I don't know yet, but I have a lot of thinking to do." I picked the phone up off the table and started down.

"What if that Geoff calls again?" Ridge asked. I shrugged and continued down.

Once in the basement, I noticed that we left the lab open and the lights on. I walked in and began cleaning up the mess. I removed the needle from the syringe and put it in the sterilizer along with the tweezers and scalpel. I turned it on and began cleaning the blood from the floor and table. The whole lab, besides the floor, is stainless steel and finger prints show up easily. Once I was done cleaning it up, I retrieved Ridge's shirt from the floor by the door, and then shut everything down before locking up.

"Damn it," I grumbled and then unlocked the door. I thought it would be smart to get a couple of extra boxes of bullets for Ridge and Drew. I took two boxes out of the cabinet; again, I locked up, and then brought them to the laundry room along with Ridge's shirt.

"Ridge," I shouted.

He flashed down the stairs within a second. "What's up, darling?" he asked with his gun in hand.

"Impressive." I giggled.

He noticed the shirt and boxes in my hands. "Are those for us?"

"Yes, and I wanted to know if you were planning on having a shower soon. If I wash this right away, I might be able to get all the blood out."

He took the shirt from me and tossed it in the garbage. "There's a hole in it, what's the point?"

He was right and I wasn't exactly thinking straight. "Sorry," I mumbled. A funny smirk crossed his face, and somehow I just knew he was going to do something. I took a step back. "You look like a cat that cornered a fat mouse," I grumbled.

"Hold on tight!" he said as he tossed me over his shoulder. "Come on, darling, you need answers."

"Wait!" I shouted, but it was too late. We were already in the kitchen.

"What's going on?" Drew asked.

Ridge placed me on the chair and took the boxes out of my hands. "She needs answers, pal, and I want a shower. Oh, and look, our girl got us some gifts."

Drew picked up a box and took a bullet out. "These are impressive; where do you make them?"

"In the lab," I said while trying to hold back the nausea.

"The silver…that's expensive and requires a lot of heat; I saw nothing in that lab to melt down the silver."

"That's done off-site."

"Where's that?"

I shook my head. "That's my business, sorry, but you've already learned more than most. Morgan only knows that my bullets kill and that I have an antidote, she wouldn't have learned that except she accidentally shot herself."

Drew chuckled and sat down beside me. "You asked about vacations. Normally, no enforcer is ever separated from their team; we work, live, and fight together. The reasoning is simple; we begin to function as a single unit. We'll know each other better than we know ourselves and, in time, we end up knowing when the other needs to be in a separate area, when they need to feed, if something is wrong without ever saying a word, and most importantly…we can predict each others' moves. Then we'll know when we can or cannot shoot. Our objective is to stay together and to never lose a member of our team."

"Damn it…this was the perfect job for me."

"What do you mean was?"

"Look, you two have an unpredictable life expectancy. You heal fast, and although Ridge can't have children, he can still settle down and live a fulfilling life with another whenever the time is right. You…you're pure and can still have it all. I'm human, I have a short life span, and I'm susceptible to illnesses, infections, and dying. Look, I'm limited on how long I have to have that fairytale life. You know, the husband, kids, dog, and the picket fence. All those things I still want, and when can I do that with you two around?"

He leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Do you already have a mate chosen?"

I shook my head. "No, and I haven't met anyone I'm interested in."

"Then what's the problem? Why not take the job and once you feel that life line being pulled, you then step down. I don't know all the changes they've made, I've been rather busy for the past four months, but I do know that they have created a short term contract. Three years at first, and then you have yearly renewals. If you're injured, I believe you can quit, request a transfer or an extended leave. Besides, isn't a normal courtship a long process for humans?"

"What do you consider long?" I asked.

"Our kind knows right away and we act upon it, but your kind drags it out. I've seen human couples take years before marriage."

I debated on what he was saying. I didn't have interest in anyone right now, and what's three years? I'm only twenty-four and I'm not in a huge rush to have a baby just yet. "You're right, three years isn't so bad."

Drew got up and went to the fridge. He looked over the bottles carefully before selecting one. I muffled my giggled and asked, "Do you two normally eat and drink so much? At this rate, we'll have to go shopping tomorrow."

"Ridge has always been a walking stomach," he grumbled.

He heated up the bottle and that's when I knew. "You found your mate!" I exclaimed in a low whisper.

"I don't know," he said with a shrug.

"What do you mean you don't know? When did this all start?"

"Recently, look, I'm not sure which one it is so I would appreciate a little discretion."

I realized that he was a player; I figured Ridge was the player and not Drew. "Look, if we're going to be a team, we'll need to set some rules. I'm a light sleeper and if you guys are going to bring different chicks in all the time, then we'll need to move to the hotel. This place is small and I don't want to shoot one of your lovers in error."

"What are you saying?" he grumbled.

"I'm saying that if you're not sure which one is your mate; then you're a little too overactive, and we all should be in a bigger place. A place where I can be further away from you guys and all your…relations."

He laughed and left the room. I sat there wondering what the hell that meant. The guy obviously doesn't get it or understand how rude it is for others to know. Most women don't want a whole bunch of people knowing what they're doing, especially their lover's coworkers. I know I would want my partner being discreet about what we're doing in the bedroom.

I got up and followed him into the living room. He was crouched in front of the woodstove adding wood to the fire. He looked up at me and grumbled, "The temperature had dropped and your hair is still wet."

"I think I should clarify what I meant. All I'm saying is that I would appreciate it if you guys were discreet with your female friends. Maybe we should have a code or, I don't know…how are we to explain who we are to each other?"

"Normally, when Ridge brings a friend around, we're known as roommates, but you're female so you'll probably be his or my little sister who's visiting. We never tell our mates who or what we are."

"What do you mean by never?"

"Never, when an enforcer finds their mate, they advise the council and will be reassigned to a less risky position. This is to protect the enforcer and their mate."

"Makes sense," I admitted. I sat on the couch and asked, "How many candidates are there? You said you weren't sure who your mate is." I did my best to keep a straight face while asking. He used Ridge as an example, but obviously he was active.

He flopped on the couch beside me. "I don't know…Ridge and I were discussing it while we were eating. I've met four women in the past day, and it could be any of them. I'm a pure, which means that eating and drinking are the first sign."

I laughed. "You've been with four women in the last day and you used Ridge as an example. I want a separate hotel room if that's the way you guys roll."

"It's not sexual," he growled.

"Oh," I mumbled.

"It means that we're right for each other and our souls know it. Now I have to figure it out. Two were from the council, your friend Morgan, and there was the cashier at the gas station."

I sat up and turned to him. "Morgan's pure! If that's the case then she'll be hungry, and she has no food in her house. She would come back here for food; she knows I would give it to her in a heart beat, and we hold no secrets."

He closed his eyes and took a deep cleansing breath. "She didn't tell you about the job," he grumbled, "you're having lunch with her tomorrow; well…we're all having lunch tomorrow. We'll know then. Please, let's keep this between our team. We'll meet with Alistair and Lilly, work out and then have lunch."

"Deal," I giggled.

"What's so funny?" he grumbled.

"We have our first case; we'll be investigating who your soul mate is."

"Its call a life mate," Ridge said as he walked in.


"Because," he grumbled.

"You don't know!" I teased.

"Because we live an immeasurable time, and it's the perfect mate to spend our lives with. That's why we call them our life mate; some never find one and those are usually the ones who turn Rogue, usually after six or seven centuries," grumbled Drew. I could tell this was bothering him.

"I thought they turned Rogue after losing their soul…life mate," I admitted.

"That too, there are many variables and that's what our job is. Depending on the being, we'll consider everything while investigating. You're about to learn a lot about each being and their ways of life. I hope you're up to the challenge," Ridge said in a deep warning tone.

I took Drew's hand and gave him a light tug to pull him off of the couch. "Come with me, you're about to learn a little about your newest partner."

He laughed and slowly stood. "Where are we going?"

I grabbed Ridge's hand too. "My library, come on, boys."

I pulled them to the stairs before I let go of their hands. I started up while explaining, "This is a three bedroom house, but the third room is now a library and a safe room. Call us paranoid, but we are in the country and when you were first exposed, there was a lot going on that the news didn't publish. This is an old home, where the nursery is attached to the master bedroom. Which is now my bedroom or, Drew's for the night."

I walked into the bedroom and opened the closet door, I slid the clothes to the side and opened the door behind that. "The door is steel, but slides easily and can only be locked from the inside," I explained. I stepped to the side and allowed them to enter first.

The room didn't look very big because of all the contents. There was a cot, boxes of food, water, and three bookcases filled with all the information written on the supernaturals. One bookcase held books written by my father and me. They were from my father's scientific discoveries, interviews he had conducted, and information from both my brother and I as cops, as well as my work from the special unit. The other two bookcases were published books, which also included the yearly law books written and approved by COTS. I had every issue from the year two thousand and one to present.

Ridge looked around the room and chuckled. "You're talking about going to a hotel? Girl, we won't starve here!"

I snickered, "Yeah, right! The two of you have eaten all my cabbage rolls for the winter, and if we were to stay here, I'd expect help replacing them."

"I don't cook," grumbled Drew.

"You didn't eat up until recently, so too bad. We're a team, after all," I teased.

Drew pulled out one of my father's books and began skimming it. "This is accurate," he admitted.

I nodded. "We did our best to keep to the facts, but we didn't dig through the personal lives of the beings we interviewed."

"Did you kill them after the interrogation?"

I shrugged. "Some are dead, but they were going to die whether or not they answered my questions. Others are friends of mine and they are living very happy lives."

"Why did you kill them?" grumbled Drew.

"It was while I was a cop or when I was in the special unit. I asked the questions, some answered and others didn't," I said with a shrug. "It doesn't matter; my job was to protect the lives of the innocent, and those that died, died for a reason."

"A druid, I've only known of three that needed to be executed."

"Well, then, either that was one of the three, or a friend of mine."

"You're not friends with a druid," mocked Ridge.

"I guess you'll never know. The point here was to show you guys that I've done my homework, and that I have a little more knowledge than that of a regular human."

Ridge flopped onto the cot. "I could sleep here and then we can skip the hotel."

"No way; you and Drew are not bringing women into this house. We're going to a hotel or renting a townhouse, but we're not staying here and neither of you will be entertaining here."

"The same goes for you," he grumbled.

"Agreed," I said while biting back my laughter. I wasn't about to admit to him how long it's been since I entertained anyone, for that matter.